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President Hichilema commended for supporting fishing farming industry

Rural News President Hichilema commended for supporting fishing farming industry

The Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock in Mufumbwe District has commended President Hakainde Hichilema for his commitment to developing the fish farming industry in the country.

This follows remarks made during the President’s first official opening of the 13TH National Assembly where he indicated that his administration will focus on the promotion of fish farming across the country, fingerling production, and hatcheries throughout the country.

Mufumbwe District Fisheries and Livestock Coordinator, Bonna Zulu told the media in an interview today that his department is elated with the commitment because Mufumbwe is already endowed with a lot of advantages in fish farming.

Mr. Zulu explained that good soils for pond construction, availability of water resources, and the weather are some of the factors that support fish farming in the district.

The Fisheries and Livestock Coordinator stressed that his department has qualified staff to help provide expert guidance to farmers willing to venture into fish farming.

President Hichilema made his first speech in parliament during the first official opening of the 13th National Assembly out of which a number of development agendas for the country were presented.


  1. This programme has been going on for a long time. Why do people always want to sugar coat leaders. Many people have benefitted by way of getting loans from such institutions like the CEEC. If I were president I would choose to ignore such flattering.

  2. One term president in making.

    Been there, done that; used to express past experience of or familiarity with something, especially something now regarded as boring or unwelcome.
    been there, done that,

  3. One term president in the making.

    We need narrative change.

    “been there, done that,”
    Used to express past experience of or familiarity with something, especially something now regarded as boring or unwelcome.

  4. This kind level of thinking and cheap talking will not take our country anywhere. Just the other day the gentleman from one of the UPND aligned Civil society org, was all of a sudden at pains to explain what the Govt of HH was doing, the gentleman was even explaining the economics of things. Meaning that during the PF Govt. the chap had no idea of any economics. This level of bias ness is shocking and it will embarrass the new Govt.

  5. HH will get a second term provided he 1. Creates 5 million more jobs ( potential is in Tourism and Agriculture).2. Reduces the size of government ( there are just too many advisers at state house),

  6. It’s like they’ve studied HH…he’s the kind of a person who wants to be praised all the time…they’re all sugarcoating him to keep their jobs and continue stealing….notice that majority of people praising him are PF…they’re showing him “ivory”….and he will put his guards down…come 2026 then they will strike and HH will end up as a one term President…..losing candidates are working underground and HH now thinks everyone is on his side…azadabwa…have you seen Harry Kalaba’s campaign theme for 2026….??? HH better watch out and I see him losing very bad in 2026

  7. It is a PF initiative but what matters is the implementation, only those few connected and probably not in fish farming accessed loans leaving out actual FISH FARMERS with infrastructure required for fish farming. Also the curtail in fish feed production resulting to high prices. This must go together with PF.

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