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Police detain mortuary attendant suspected to have removed skin from corpse

Rural News Police detain mortuary attendant suspected to have removed skin from corpse

Police in Mazabuka district have detained a Mortuary attendant at Mazabuka General Hospital on suspicion that he allegedly tampered with a corpse under his charge, by removing the skin on one hand.

Southern Province Deputy Police Commissioner Alfred Nawa confirmed the development to ZANIS yesterday saying the attendant was picked from the hospital yesterday and whisked away for questioning and his own safety.

He said preliminary investigations after a pathologist was engaged revealed that no shape instrument was used but only nibbling marks.

Mr Nawa who withheld the name of attendant said with that, the man has since be discharged.

The detention follows the incidence where Benson Mooya, 62, of Magoye in Mazabuka district died on Wednesday and was scheduled to be buried on Friday September 17, 2021 but his relatives could not proceed with the burial, as the deceased person had a patch of skin missing from one of his hands.

The mortuary attendant’s claims that rats were responsible for the missing skin were rejected by the deceased’s relatives, who further demanded for a thorough examination of the body to determine the cause of the missing skin.

The relatives demanded for answers from Mazabuka General Hospital Management and vowed not to bury Mr. Mooya’s body until a medical specialist examined the body, as they were not convinced that rats had bitten the deceased’s hand.

Mazabuka Central Ward Councillor Crispin Hamangaba has since called on the government to intervene and restore sanity at the health institution


  1. I can imagine the distress that both the bereaved family, the mortuary attendant and the community went through. Thoughts of Rats eating human corpses and thereafter running around in hospital wards and residences is simply horrifying. It does not take much to fumigate a mortuary room. Let the authorities do the right thing.

  2. Sad indeed! “Nibbling” sounds like rats feeding on dead bodies. There must be a rat infestation at the hospital. Get Rentokil professionals to clean up!

  3. It is a very sad development that has now come to light. These Mortuary attendants need to be investigated whenever such incidences come to light. There are several strange stories across the country of these strange things happening in morturies from time to time. Many go unreported. It has nothing to do with the PF these things have been happening even during the Kaunda era what we need to do, is to condemn and get to the bottom of these things. The previous Govt certainly has had its fair share of misgivings and we need people convicted of crimes behind bars. HH has Zambians as ministers some of whom are very corrupt, not sure about HH himself? what we need is condemn the people responsible and not a blanket condemnation. If we have a blanket condemnation then the UPND is in the same…


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