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Government to enact bill to make it illegal to report stories about Child offenders on Social media

General News Government to enact bill to make it illegal to report stories about...

The government says the Children’s Code bill will be finalized in the next sitting of parliament in order to promote and protect the children’s warfare.

Minister of Community Development and Social Services Doreen Mwamba bemoaned the escalating levels of abuse, against children’s rights on social media.

Ms. Mwamba explained that the surge in the publication of stories of children in conflict with the law on social media is uncalled for.

The Minister of Community Development and Social Services made the remarks when she launched the first-ever Juveniles Justice Activism Week in Lusaka.

She underscored that despite the rise in juvenile delinquency, and high number of children who come into conflict with the law, the general citizenry should refrain from taking to social media as it is illegal.

Ms. Mwamba envisioned that the Children’s Code Bill once enacted, will address bottlenecks that dwindle the rights of children in the country.

She further expressed optimism that the inaugural event will be commemorated annually, to raise awareness and promote the rights of children.

“This first-ever event which is key to enhancing the rights of children reminds me of the urgency that we have attached towards strengthening laws that protect children. We are in the next seating of parliament finalizing the Children’s Code Bill that will protect children and halt all the vices that surround their well-being in society,” she stressed.

And Acting Chief Justice Michael Musonda, that the Judiciary is dedicated to the no delay policy, in disposing of juvenile cases in the country.

The Acting Chief Justice explained that the policy demands that within seven days cases of juveniles should be committed to High Court for further determination.

He hailed Save the Children Zambia and other cooperating partners for working hand in hand with government in building the capacity by training officers that deal with juvenile-related issues.

The Acting Head of Judiciary placed emphasis on the call of the children division which includes promoting, protecting the rights of children and ensuring well-being of juveniles that come into conflict with the law.

“We have dedicated to the children’s seat five judges who resolve matters relating to the welfare of children in the country. The Justice Forum is also in line with the aspirations of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal number 16 that speaks to the rights of children,” he stressed.

Zambia today launched the first ever Juveniles Justice Activism week under the theme “A child-friendly Juvenile justice system that promotes community-based rehabilitation and reintegration”.


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    I think more importantly, we should ensure children have access to food, shelter and water and a decent education as their fundamental rights. This is the source of children finding themselves on the wrong side of the law in the first place. And I think what should happen is not to criminalize the reporting or social media discussion… what happens in other progressive countries is that they protect the identity of the juvenile offenders (no name; not photos; no parents identity)… this is much better than muzzling the reporting.

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