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Why President HH Must Establish an Independent Investigation on Corruption: The PF Cartel, ACC, and Police

Columns Why President HH Must Establish an Independent Investigation on Corruption: The PF...

By Kapya Kaoma

The revelation of the state of, and the billions the PF cartel reportedly “spent” on feeder roads per province between 2016 and 2021 is really nauseating. That Southern, and Western Province supposedly received less money than any other province, and North Western received nothing should make every Zambian ashamed–all Zambians deserved to be treated the same despite the political party they support. It is shameful that for years some of our fellow Zambians were treated like skunks. What makes me mad is why did this happen in the nation of laws?

Harboring a crime is an offense and until we start treating it as such, political appointees will continue to abuse their offices to cover up more and more crimes. Is it not time to start arresting and prosecuting people who aided crimes, and stopped investigations of corrupt public officials due to political influence? Unless all those who worked in those offices were mentally unstable, surely one would have questioned how servicing 9,500km feeder roads would cost 13 billion. We need answers. Unfortunately the UPND politicians are not the right source–people who worked in those offices have some explanations to do.

We shouldn’t make the same mistakes we made with the corrupt Chiluba regime. The PF cartel and its abuse of public resources deserves serious investigation as opposed to trial by Twitter or social media. Politicians did not commit these crimes on another Planet–the Bank of Zambia, ACC, the Police and the ZRA were all in operation. We paid them to protect public coffers–so we need to ask them: Why did they fail to do so?

We seem to return to the Mwanawasa era–rushing to debate the lifting of the Immunity of President Lungu without asking why things got to where we are. We didn’t learn anything from the Chiluba saga–the entire scandal was politicized. Of course, the Nchito brothers showed us suitcases of shoes, suits and underwears in court. But we don’t even have a full report as to what transpired, and who let the dogs out. After all, didn’t the courts acquit President Chiluba during the Banda regime? This is what I fear the most. We must ask real questions–why did the system of accountability fail? Who allowed politicians to have the freedom to steal like wildfires? Who knew what?

Answering these questions would involve bringing in former officials and current ones to tell us the truth. Why didn’t they stop it? If they were part of the scheme to defraud the nation, they too must be prosecuted. If they rot in jail, it will send a strong message to political appointees that they will be held accountable for shielding corruption on behalf of public officials.

Emotional reactions won’t provide us with the truth we need to recover public resources. If anything, they will only invite pity for the cartel. Politicians work with emotions, but ethical judgement works with facts. I am among those who believe Chiluba was highly corrupt. But aside from a guilty verdict from a British Judge in absentia, the truth around his corruption remains unknown.

Until an independent investigation is undertaken by a professional body without political interference, and all those who were involved in plundering national coffers are held accountable, it is just a matter of time before we return to it. The HH administration may sing Anti-Corruption hymns day after day, with transparency as its chorus, but so did Chiluba. Corruption is only stopped by strong door keepers–in this case law enforcement agencies.

As more and more cases of abuse of public resources surface, we must hold to account those who neglected their duties–big guns at all law enforcement agencies. Politician, and cadres will only stop stealing if we have apolitical law enforcement agencies. We can only do this if we know the truth–as Jesus said, “you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (John 8: 32)

But will President Hichilema’s UPND institute an Independent Investigation in the corrupt activities of the PF cartel without political interference? No–the truth is ethical, not political!


  1. I’m happy that PF is now being followed up. They grew too big headed while in power. Please cage Lungu, he is responsible for the suffering.

  2. We’ll not pander to the UPND propaganda. Bally is further dividing the nation with this UPND narrative. He won’t have it easy come 2026. Some of us move around Zambia and we’re able to see for ourselves. Unfortunately this gimmick won’t work. It will backfire on the UPND. I recently drove on the Bottom Road, and there are many projects in Southern province. How much was spent on the Mongu – Kalabo road? I’m in North Western province just now and I can see how it’s been transformed. Lies have short legs, nipano tuli

  3. When have we ever carried out a successful investigation in Zambia? As much as we would like to see justice, let’s not make a habit of witch-hunting every time we have a change of government. We need to learn lessons from our mistakes. The big lesson here is that when we act as cheer leaders for lawlessness, we are the problem. When we allow our leaders to destroy our systems designed to protect against inequality and lawlessness, we are the problem. So before we start dancing to PF persecution, we need an independent enquiry on ourselves and the role we play in creating these m0nsters. The PF machinery had chief architects and some of those still think they stand a big chance of winning the next presidential elections.

  4. Some blockers here may be part of the click that plundered Zambia’s resources. The debt we are in; the sudden wealth accumulation by some among us and the poor service delivery (no drugs in our hospitals) are a clear indication that we have been robbed. Please if one of you has evidence that some individuals who may have stolen are not being pursued by the law, state it openly and report the matter to police. PF was packed by individuals from mainly two regions of Zambia. If they abused themselves and took advantage of power to participate in corruption, it follows that we shall see more arrests of individuals from mainly those regions. It is NOT the tribe or region that stole. It is individuals and if they mainly belong to one tribe, we cannot abdicate the law for fear that we are…

  5. No need of committees, start with the small fishes and go up the ladder till we get Lungu locked. As eradicating corruption, My first act as president will instruct ministry of education to add corruption as a subject in the institutes of lower and high education. Corruption should be treated the same way as AIDS pandemic, educate and sensitize the public on dangers and disadvantages of practicing the vice to individuals and the government

  6. thank you Kapya Kaoma,

    This is an objective op-ed. Im in total agreement with your view. We should remove the “witch hunt” associated with such investigations and it would be good if the make-up of such an Independent Commission is made up of Bi-Partisan members.

  7. Allegations, allegations, allegations.
    Upnd Kapya is so untruthful and untrustworthy. He sounds like Mmembe’s Post Newspaper editorial section I continuously called the Lucifer’s file. Upnd Kapya is in effect an agent of misinformation and disinformation. So hateful and misguided. Tell us, the allegations you are putting across, are you not in the position to report to hh’s ACC.
    Corruption is bad and corruption can be probed but if you don’t have evidence only wallowing in speculation and speculative figures, you’re a danger to society. Blowing a trumpet on allegations is wildly dangerous.

  8. #10  This Thorn in the Flesh

    “Allegations, allegations, allegations.
    Upnd Kapya is so untruthful and untrustworthy. …..”

    42 fire trucks costungb42 million instead of $18 million, 48 mysterious houses, Ambulances costing $280k each that should cost no more that $100 each , presidential jet costing over $65 million instead of $30 million, a toll gate costing $4 million, digital migration $275 million instead of $180million ….lungus $2.3 million after 18 months in office……….

  9. Lungu is not a layman , ………..

    he is a qualified lawyer, albeit a fraud convict one ,…….

    He knew exactly what was going on…….

  10. Certainly a well written article. I fully support and agree with what is being said in this article. Keep politics out of it, otherwise the thieves will walk Scot Free. Get the Common Wealth involved, Scotland Yard and the likes. Thanks for your sound thinking, refreshing, indeed so.

  11. Establish what? Just loosen the chains that bind Chapter 9 institutions. Kwasila. Muzilemba na ma citeni ambili shuwa!? Solutions are simple guys.

  12. @Future ZEd.. So we should just let them be and move on to avoid what you call witch-hunt? if we do this..i tell you even UPND politicians will plunder and when they are out of office we will have to let them be and move on……… the circus will never end. what stops corruption and plunder of nation resources are the punitive measures which a country has put in place. Any country that does punish the corrupt can not talk of stopping the scourge. Corruption is like cancer if not stopped by destruction of the cancerous cells, it keeps on growing., it requires both deterrent and punitive measures. Please remove emotions and political biasness when debating corruption because the results of corruption affects all regardless of ones political biasness. If PF was not corrupt, if they…

  13. Some pipo were paid salaries as door keepes and yet never kept the day closed??? Why should such chaps still keep their jobs???? Why should we still paying them salaries??? Bally, the time to ACT is now.

  14. Meant to say…………………………Some pipo were paid salaries as door keepers and yet never kept the doors closed??? Why should such chaps still keep their jobs???? Why should we still paying them salaries??? Bally, the time to ACT is now.

  15. We need to have laws that prosecute ACC, DEC, and Auditor General officials if they fail or are part of the schemes of theft. Lungu’s team specialized in looting public funds and he legalized public theft even in broad daylight. Banks and other institutions must also be subject to prosecution. When you clamp down on those who aided some good information will come out about those that commit the crimes.

  16. @Ron, moving on should be about doing something that will make an impact or change a situation. How do you propose putting in measures to stop something with the same people who commit the crime? UPND is not ACC, judiciary or police. First you need to ensure you have people who are capable to do a job and quite frankly in Zambia today, our ZP connive with criminals because that’s how they make a living, same goes with our politicians. Pointless to call for people’s heads when you don’t have the capability to act.

  17. For the 1st time i fully agree with Kapya Kaoma’s article .He should’ve omitted the phrase “witch hunt” however just to remain objective .

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