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It’s the PF Government that sold the Munyaule market people are protesting about-UPND

Feature Politics It's the PF Government that sold the Munyaule market people are protesting...

United Party for National Development (UPND) Lusaka Provincial youth chairperson Mr Anderson Banda has given the police and the Lusaka city Council 48 hours ultimatum to bring Sanity in markets to avoid unnecessary protests like it happened by Munyaule marketeers through false alarms that UPND government has sold off the market.

Mr Banda who earlier held a press briefing at the UPND headquarters said it was unfortunate for the marketeers to suggest that it was the UPND government that has sold out the Munyaule market when infact it was the PF government which sold in 2019.

Mr Banda who was accompanied by his Provincial youth wing immediately after the press briefing proceeded to Munyaule market where he addressed the Marketeers and assured them that the UPND government was a government for the Zambian people and that their concerns will be addressed.

He questioned the marketeers on why they protested against the UPND government that is only 100 days in power when they had all the years to protest against PF regime which sold the market in 2019.

The  Munyaule market
The Munyaule market

He indicated that UPND government respects human rights but that it shouldn’t be taken for granted to bring about insanity in the country.
He expressed disappointments as to why some well known individuals who don’t trade in Munyaule market were part of the protest but only had political agenda to discredit the government which shall not be entertained going forward.

He urged the Marketeers to always engage their market executive on matters of concern and even put on paper their concerns to make the relevant authorities aware than just protesting based on falsehoods.

The UPND Provincial youth chairperson Mr Anderson Banda used the opportunity to warn the Council officers to remove all PF cadres who are still doing politics in markets and failure to wish UPND will do it on behalf of the Government.

He asked those who are doing politics in markets but they are marketeers to leave markets and do politics outside markets.

And one of the Munyaule market executive member expressed disappointment as the protest was only organized by few perceived PF members who recruited outsiders to discredit the Government.

Mr Banda was accompanied by UPND Lusaka Provincial youth officials.

UPND Lusaka Provincial youth chair Mr Anderson Banda
UPND Lusaka Provincial youth chair Mr Anderson Banda


  1. It doesn’t make sense at all. The market according to small brains Banda was sold by PF in 2019 and the marketeers did not know? The rumors start the Upnd want to sell market and marketeers protest. There seems to be something confusing.

  2. Iwe Iwe wake up. You are just like your leaders who waste time pointing at PF. Do you think if it was PF who sold that land the marketeers were going to be there even before elections? Mwaonekela chabe just gather the courage and dust off. Since 2019 you no one would have known about this?

  3. What motivated the sale of Munyaule Market to some investors and only the evidence to surface now. There are more things to come here and concerning PF deals.

  4. Of course it was PF that did the selling…….

    How can UPND sell off something like that within 3 months of entering GRZ ?

    UPND and statehouse media needs to wake up………

    You are losing the propaganda war against the clique and their supporters……..


    by the time you realise , PF lies would have grown into an uncontrollable monster

    You will have yourselfs to blame, you have been warned……….

    Copies of Documents showing the date of sale of that land should have been printed and distributed to those affected and the press………..

  5. Hh needs to clean up the entire government and councils. Alot of stinky corruption. People like my uncle and close friends who sacrificed for upnd are not yet employed and yet pf cadres are still on payroll

  6. Just solve the problem don’t complain you have the power, you were voted to solve problems for Zambians and not crying to your predecessor.
    Wake up from the slumber be man and what is needed.
    Wise people don’t complain but work.

  7. “PF is to blame…” that song is getting old rather quickly. Pick up your communications game and strategy. PF are masters at gaslighting, confusion and chaos. Plan for it.

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