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Rwanda and Zambia signs 7 MoUs to further enhance ties and integration

Headlines Rwanda and Zambia signs 7 MoUs to further enhance ties and...

Rwanda and Zambia have signed seven Memoranda of Understandings (MoUs) to further enhance ties and integration between the two countries.

The MoUs were signed by Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Stanley Kakuko on behalf of Zambia and Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Vincent Bituta signed on behalf of Rwanda.

The signing ceremony was witnessed by President of Rwanda, Paul Kagame and Zambia’s President Hakainde Hichilema in Livingstone this afternoon.

The first MoU is on Trade & Investment Cooperation, meant to promote cross-border trade, investment, industry & private sector development through joint partnerships.

The second is on Trade and Investment Cooperation, aimed at promoting cross border trade, investments and private sector development between the parties on equitable terms.

And on Agriculture, the two countries have agreed to establish and strengthen bilateral relations in the domain of agriculture, agriculture research development, extension & technology transfer.

The Fourth MoU is on Fisheries & Livestock Development, meant to strengthen and consolidate bilateral relations in the fields of Agriculture, fisheries and livestock

Development & manufacturing of animal feed,

The fifth agreement signed is in the field of health, the MoU is meant for the facilitation of the movement of persons between the two countries and establish mechanisms of mutual interest to prevent and combat transnational crime, Joint measures to combat illegal migration and deportation processes and procedure.

The sixth Agreement is the Mutual administrative assistance between the Rwanda Revenue Authority and Zambia Revenue Authority meant to cooperate in a joint effort to curb the contravention of tax laws,

Electronic data exchange system for purposes of trade facilitation.

President Kagame, President Hichilema and the First Lady Mutinta are this evening expected to have a State Banquet.


  1. You don’t need to invite a presidnet of another country and incur logistics costs just to sign such documents. The relevant ministers can even do this virtually and save tax payers money. Is that not what hh used to say when he was in opposition? Chiwamila galu

  2. GRZ I didn’t know they was government offices in Livingston.

    So now we start signing every street corner we meet we signed document that’s OK.

    GRZ what’s going on?

  3. UPND administration this is not painting a good image for GRZ. It’s not how to use tax payers money.

  4. This is worrying for Rwandans who live in Zambia. What Kagame wants is to have an extradition treaty so that any opposition to his rule by Rwandese citizens who live or may seek refuge in Zambia. Human rights watchers should scrutinize and monitor the relevant clauses in the agreement

  5. We are not bad when you read the world economic forum competitive index for 2019 to 2021 They ranked 53.9% we were at 46.1% We are better positioned and solid to perform like they have achieved a 10% yoy with services driving that growth Agricultural not so impressive we are positioned better So in terms of agreements though 2 way traffic we stand a better chance in terms of balance of trade given stratergies and working the economic sector s of value to them When you are signing agreement the rule is to know your comparative advantage and focus on your export stratergies clearing understanding your terms of trades with your counter in a global sense

  6. Paul Kagame visits Zambia and 7 treaties are signed but Bally visits RSA zero treaty signed, goes to UK still zero treaty signed, goes to Mozambique still zero treaty, wherever he goes there has never been any treaty signed; what does he go to do? Perhaps his praise singers can explain

  7. @Ayatolla: Where did he not sign? He signed already from his first trip in the US, UK alot of things were signed including making Zambia the Chair of Green Economy in Africa and also the minister for Africa landing 2morrow as follow up, At the UE summit again many agreements were made hence the EU CEO recently visiting Zambia as follow up. At the Dubai expo again there many things were signed at GRZ to GRZ level and Private entities – many signings. So iwe Ayatolla which country do you come from where your president did not signed treaties in America,UK and Dubai?

  8. Besides that, what treaty can you sign with South Africa and Mozambique? South Africa is it not the same country that has continued killing other Africans there and Apatheid still largely there – is this the treaty you want to sign? Mozambique there is rebel leaders there and it was he Kagame that wacked them out – what treaty is there for Zambia to sign with rebels?

  9. On the other hand, Kagame ,no what what people say, has managed conquer the hungriest and poorest country in Africa and turned it into a bread basket and shining light of the whole Africa. This is the treaty that we were signing for yesterday. We want to learn. There is nothing to learn from South Africa other than you going there to use there infrastructure built by the Apartheid regime to launch your own book ,nothing more than that otherwise. Nothing to learn from Mozambique either,they have a port there right at the Indian ocean which they could ve used to supply Zambia,Malawi and Zimbabwe with Japanese cars and all our imports but even you did you know that they a very large exposure to this ocean -very wide and large.

  10. Shocking! LT can not cover Chilufya Tayali’s arrest and its course. LT should cover this story for Zambians reaction

  11. Lazy Lungu was in govt for 2 terms and he signed thosands of these paers called MOUs nothing came of them. Please follow up on them we are still waiting on the DRC trade MOUs.

  12. HH must pick up projects initiated by the PF Govt to (1) build a bridge across Luapula R. to link up with Congo DR and (2) rehabilitate Solwezi-Mwinilunga Rd and complete construction of the road up to Ijimbe border close to Angola’s Benguela rail system whilst international good-will is still on our side. (3) Govt can engage CBU’s School of Built Environment graduates of Architects & Town Planners to develop Kazungula into a new Town. (4) Beans is a staple food in Rwanda and hence Lundazi and Solwezi can export this grain to Rwanda and Burundi. (5) Revive the Coffee Estate in Kasama and growing of tobacco in Choma, Kalomo, Zimba, Kabwe and Chipata for export. These are issues that matter to Zambians.

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