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Now DPP responds, calls allegations false, asks HH to allow her to speak, Attorney General admits meeting Milingo

Headlines Now DPP responds, calls allegations false, asks HH to allow her to...

The raging saga over Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Lilian Siyuni’s conduct over the Milingo Lungu case has deepened after she asked President Hakainde Hichilema to give her authority to clear the allegations being levelled against her.

In a letter submitted to the Judicial Complaints Commission on April 25th 2022, Ms Siyuni said the secrecy of oath she swore is constraining her from clearing the allegations.

“I have received a number of complaints all of which are false and I deny them. Your Commission has requested that I exculpate myself in the same false allegations. I have since sought clearance from the Head of State, His Excellency Mr Hakainde Hichilema, as I am constrained by the Oath of Secrecy I swore, only the President can waive it,” she wrote.

She added, “Take note that responses to your Commission will hinge on the information I received in my official capacity as Director of Public Prosecution. Further, I have been constrained to respond to all sentiments expressed by the Minister of Justice on different media platforms due to the same Oath of Secrecy.”

“In this regard, I shall only be able to file responses when I receive clearance from the President.”

President Hakainde Hichilema and Vice President Mutale Nalumango pose for the picture with the newly appointed Attorney General Mulilo Kabesha (2nr) and newly appointed Solicitor General Marshal Muchende (l) shortly after swearing in ceremony at State House
President Hakainde Hichilema and Vice President Mutale Nalumango pose for the picture with the newly appointed Attorney General Mulilo Kabesha (2nr) and newly appointed Solicitor General Marshal Muchende (l) shortly after swearing in ceremony at State House

Meanwhile, Attorney General Mulilo Dimus Kabesha has admitted that his team met former KCM Provisional Liquidator Milingo Lungu.

In a sworn affidavit in opposition filed in Court, Mr Kabesha confirmed that he met the former Konkola Copper Mines Provisional Liquidator.

He said this was, however, in matters relating to the civil case for purposes of the resignation as Provisional Liquidator of KCM.

“The Office of the Solicitor General did amicably engage the Petitioner (Milingo Lungu) for purposes of the Petitioner relinquishing his position as Provisional Liquidator of Konkola Copper Mines PLC (In Liquidation).”

“That the negotiations were premised on the civil matter on the affecting the Konkola Copper Mines PLC (in Liquidation) operations following the serious criminal allegations against that Petitioner and to avert the imminent catastrophe of the mine flooding and workers going for months-on-end without their salaries following the suspension of the Petitioner as Provisional Liquidator for Konkola Copper Mines PLC(in Liquidation) by the 4th Respondent sometimes on 9th March, 2022 as disposed of.”


  1. Let us see if Hakainde is going to accept her request. She is ready to spill the beans.

    New doom government will be exposed by the DPP. If Hakainde is clean, let her speak.

  2. @Henry: you PF cadres are way too big headed and this is the reason why HH shd forget about professionalism on certain pipo like this DPP PF cadre & allow cadres to hound her out office-very easy to do,jst an hour & she is gone for good. Cos how can a DPP be in competition with the President? this is the worst disrespect ever. HH is becoming a fool by letting these fools play games with us, let us cadres do our job MR President-dont interfere pls, cos look now its coming to haunt. You allowed PF cadres to continue serving in office-look now? You are regretting day and night, PF cadres are animals,they ve no human feelings,any favors done to them is a waste of your own time. Now let the cadres take over pls to bring sanity.

  3. Please Your Excellency the President of all of us Zambians, in the interest of justice, it is only fair that the dpp is allowed to defend herself with a free mind. So help her by lifting her oath of secrecy.

  4. Uko!
    Nkani yalula. So since Ba HH said he didn’t authorize anybody to grant immunity to Milingo, let him authorize the DPP to speak freely
    We want to know the truth.

  5. Milingo Lungu claimed he had secured IMMUNITY from the GRZ. Who authorised that immunity? DPP will be permitted to speak in the interest of justice and fair play. The big question remain who authorised the immunity?

  6. Does anyone have immunity in Zambia except a President? If you answer this question correctly, then the matter is settled

  7. 1. We said, that GRZ will be embarrassed in the end. Everyone knows someone in Lusaka. Why did the Attorney General Mulilo Dimus Kabesha not just say we met Milingo in that press conference where Haimbe and Anthony Bwalya looked so disconnected, disorganised and disjointed. Today the AG / Attorney General decided to admit the lies. HH has thrown the AG under the bus as a sacrificial lamb.

    There is a very strong reason why Milingo’s lawyers ( Sakwiba Sikota ) is so buoyant that they have the evidence to challenge the President and his team, that the immunity was granted. And looking forward to go to court.

  8. 2. Mr President you have become a Crocodile Dundee. Your press conference was just about bragging with no substance. You have useless and incompetent advisors. The sooner you clean up the team the better for you. Or just pull up your leadership skills and your sense of judgement.

    What disturbs some of us is that you even had to bring in your mother, that she told you to lead the nation the way she brought up to defend the truth. You knew the truth but lied to the nation to cover your tracks. Your guy the Attorney General is against the wall. So why don’t you also come clean?

  9. The truth is Lillian Siyunyi’s only ally, not the oath of secrecy she took, not the PF, not HH. She doesn’t need HH’s permission to tell the truth to the JCC. If it’s the truth, not even HH can cover it up.

  10. 3. Well !! Zambia deserves to know the whole truth. You brought this onto yourselvers. Give the DPP authority to spring out the truth. She has challenged you to remove her Oath-of-Secrecy, so that she clears the accusations on her engineered by your people. Thank God she stood her ground from getting pushed out illegally. Else, Mulilo Kabesha was not going to come clean – as you all now know what is coming.

  11. So Lilian is the only one following the rules of secrecy? God help HH…
    Baffikkala bonse spoke out while pulling poor girl Lilian’s bla. Leave the girl alone …

  12. The previous DPP’s have never requested for the President to waive any Oath of Secrecy . The DPP is free to say whatever she wants.Wonder what she is trying to play at.
    The DPP’s Oath of Secrecy relates to the cases she is prosecuting so that they are not jeopardized by information leaks.
    Unless she is afraid she will expose ECL because 99% of her cases as DPP were done under ECL.
    HH only got into power 8 months ago.

  13. She’s already being hounded out and trying to make it seem she respects “the law” when co=conspirators don’t is doing herself a disservice! Let her “step down” but go out screaming and people will hear if not even rush to help!

  14. @10: Independent leave Edgar alone. We are talking about your useless president here.

    Independent is another useless girl instead of supporting your fellow woman you are opening your st1nk1ng mouth to talk about Edgar. Let Edgar rest in peace.

    Independent let’s us be objective. Me and Tikki, we give credit where its due. A wrong is a wrong.

  15. LESSONS FROM S. AFRICA. In South Africa corruption revolved around State Capture by the GUPTAS. This has haunted Zuma’s conscience to this day. Vedanta has been schooled by Guptas how to treat sleepy African leaders. In Zambia Chitimukulu never grabbed people’s land to give to KK; Mwata Kazembe never grabbed people’s land to give Chiluba; Lamba Chiefs never grabbed people’s land to give to Mwanawasa; Mpezeni never grabbed people’s land to give to RB; Kopa never grabbed people’s land to give to Sata; Kalindawalo never grabbed people’s land to give to ECL Another Thuli Madonsela is yet to be born in Zambia to probe corruption and pave way for a Zondo-like Commission of Inquiry to unearth tons of cancerous corruption. Some leaders will be haunted by conscience throughout their life span.

  16. This is what we were waiting for and not those useless pressers by the greatest hypocrite. Kabesha’s statement is on oath. It’s easier for him to abuse Nakachinda than the DPP. It’s now difficult to tell who the lunatic is between the two

  17. Slowly but sure the mystery is unveiling itself. Eventually fingers will be pointed at the other person.
    Be open in whatever you do so that your path will have no obstacles. On a bright day you can see clearly and far.

  18. Best description of a party zealot:
    KK announced that he would not allow multiparty politics in ZAMBIA and the Unip women league went into a frenzy dancing and rejoicing ati Kaunda is a real man.
    Three days later KK announced LET THEM GO AND FORM THEIR TRIBAL PARTIES (effectively allowing multiparty politics) And the Unip women league goes into a frenzy dancing and rejoicing ati Kaunda is a real man.
    Here we’re today doing the same thing even better than the Unip women league.

  19. #10 Independent & # 18 Even when s perpetual thief is caught red-handed he won’t admit he’ll instead have ready explanation.

  20. It is not what you know, it is what you can prove. Can Lillian prove any allegations she makes, I doubt that. So let us see how that goes.

  21. It was foreseen from the Press watching znbc that the press could have been brief and critical on points that matters because of matters arising that can go on on on until someone takes the courage to accept and admits responsibility and then what next will ask?but what will be the good decision for Zambia

  22. Focus on the economic sectors and make progress Let’s see you master stratergy on minning and steel in Zambia that includes fabrication industries



    It is safe, decent and proper for the president to be given land after he has left the office. However, if he has plenty of land, it is not wise for him to accept the offer even if it is after he has left the office.

  25. We have seen this movie before under LPM one chief spy requested for the same it was granted….any officer sworn to oath shuts up even in the face of adversity…but if she now wants to squeal so be it

  26. She should first resign and then ask for permission to talk. For now she’s only blackmailing and wants to use her office to sling mud. One can only defend themselves after losing their job. She can’t be allowed to draw salary while fighting the system


  28. It’s imperative that the president waive the DPP’s oath of secrecy so that she can defend herself and tell the Zambian people what she knows about the Milingo Lungu saga. As for the Attorney General, shame on him for sitting in a press conference and listening to the unfounded allergations from the Justice minister against the DPP. There is no way SC Sakwiba Sikota and his colleagues representing Milingo Lungu could submit on oath before the courts the case of his immunity if they did not have concrete evidence.

  29. lelolelo lelolelo lelole zakana ma days what you saw is what you shall reap.Very disponting indeed but remember all these things will be exposed and God will continue exposing all evil in this country because this nation is under orth,Zambia for Jesus.

  30. John Sangwa where are you? is she right to seek the President’s waiver of her oath? Can the President do this? Does the Chief Justice administer any oaths?

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