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Entrepreneurs, Executives and Young Professionals get empowered in a Public Speaking, Communication and Branding Master Class

Photo Gallery Entrepreneurs, Executives and Young Professionals get empowered in a Public Speaking, Communication...

Public speaking, leadership and branding expert, Patience Chisanga-Mayer has launched an executive Public Speaking and Personal Branding Master Class aimed at empowering Entrepreneurs, Executives and Young Professionals in essential communication and branding skills.

In collaboration with The Quorum, Zambia’s first private business club, the class dubbed ‘Executive Public Speaking Master Class 411’ has been designed by Mrs Chisanga-Mayer, a Frankfurt, Germany based Zambian public speaking, leadership and branding expert.

With a global and local perspective, the class offers over 20 skills and resources for its participants and incorporates essential communication and presentation skills, confidence building, social media personal and business branding strategies. The class sparks detailed discussions and explores practical examples, tricks and fundamental principles in both communication, networking and branding.

 “The main reason most young professionals don’t grow in their career, and why businesses or organisations are not meeting their visibility and marketing goals is linked to the low standards of excellence in their communication and branding processes. If you can’t step out with confidence, speak with ease and empathize, you cannot inspire confidence and trust among the people around you, in the work place, or amongst your customers ” says Chisanga-Mayer.

Patience Chisanga-Mayer
Patience Chisanga-Mayer

And Shivani Vaghela, Head of Marketing at the Quorum said that there is a rising demand for personalised corporate training services for businesses, professionals and entrepreneurs from diverse industries especially in communication and branding in Zambia.

“At the Quorum we believe that if our members or corporate clients are effective communicators or public speakers all the while networking with likeminded people, their voices will be heard and their professional businesses will thrive and they will contribute to the growth of the Zambian economy at large. We want all our clients and prospective clients to have a seat at the table with confidence. That is why when Mrs Patience Chisanga-Mayer approached us with this progressive class, we said yes, as our collaboration feeds into our quest to supporting entrepreneurs and businesses in and outside the country in an exclusive environment that exudes the extraordinary.”

master class

Mrs Chisanga-Mayers’ training services have been inspired by her Toastmasters International journey and is a triple crown, current Public Speaking Champion for Zambia and Malawi, under Toastmasters International as well as a Southern African International Speech, Table Topics and Evaluation Contest Semi Finalist. She is the first Female Zambian, living in Zambia to attain the Distinguished Toastmaster Award under Toastmasters International. The Award is a communication and leadership award that represents the highest level of educational achievement in Toastmasters International.

lulu Haangala-wood


  1. Never trust people who talk too much. You don’t need someone to motivate you to beat poverty. If you do, it means you were genuinely not in poverty.

  2. Whats the “Energy expert” Johnston Chikwanda doing in the photo…has he sniffed a deal there!!

  3. If you are interested in a Public Speaking course simply visit the free college called You-Tube there are a thousand links associated to that subject. LT is this a sponsored article? I have read the whole article and I dont know who this Patience Chisanga-Mayer…I take it the other name is her her husbands? What is her background?

  4. Imwe naimwe, Public Speaking in zambia? To speak where? This was just another group of overzealous Bemba tribalists.

  5. Besides, Bembas are already talkative people-what public speaking taining so they still need? Waste of resources – go and register for a mining license at PACRA instd of wasting time learning how to crook people. It is diaspora people like these that make Zambia fail. You mean to say that all the years she spent in Germany all she could back to Zambia with, is an accent. And besides, a Germany accent of all accents in this world sure? Where is her savings to start a company in Zambia and employ people instd of charging poor Zambians with seminar fees to here here Nazi accent, collect the Zambian kwacha then she flies back with it to Germany to pay her rentals for her room there, This is foolis-Not even me who is in SA i would steal from my fellow poor Zambians like that but insted i wud…

  6. This is not news but an advert by Chisanga and Chikwanda.. Hope LT got premium advert rate from these two persons.

  7. Such ignorance, jealousy, and fear of knowledge, I have not read in a long time! Some Zambians are such hard work and a waste of space…

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