HH is a Darling of Imperialists, Transnational corporations and Foreigners


By Fred M’membe President of the Socialist Party

Since Mr Hakainde Hichilema lives for praise, he will probably welcome the cheap propaganda of an epic scale from his fellow puppets of the Brenthurst Foundation in the Zimbabwean opposition who are praising him for allegedly turning around Zambia’s economy. The reality is that there is literally no money circulating in this economy, the cost of living is at its highest in decades, the country’s external debt has increased by about $2 billion in just one year of his leadership, and the prices of essential commodities – fuel, electricity, bread, mealie meal, transport, etc – remain unbearably high for the majority of Zambians.

Yes, foreigners operating in Zambia are happy with Mr Hichilema because he has ‘reduced or lowered the cost of doing business’, which is a euphemism for saying that they are happy because they can now freely loot Zambia’s natural resources in the extractive sector on the cheap. Yes, the Brenthurst Foundation and their puppets in Zimbabwe (led by Nelson Chamisa), Uganda (Bob Wine), Tanzania (Zitto Kabwe) and the other one whose inauguration they all went to attend in Lesotho yesterday may be proud of one of their own, as birds of a feather flock together.

Let foreigners, the puppet masters and the puppeteers know however that the poor in Zambia are not proud of the leadership of this puppet of the Brenthurst Foundation because the cost of living has continued to rise, under his watch, beyond the reach of many. The President that the masses of our people thought would lift them out of their conditions of degrading poverty has forsaken them for imperialist and transnational corporations’ interests. The President they thought would appoint professional and experienced permanent secretaries to run the civil service has filled the public service, as he has done with the diplomatic service, with inexperienced and partisan officials. The President they thought would never retire any civil servant in public interest is doing the same thing he condemned when done by his predecessor.

The President they thought would promote equality in public appointments is prioritising people from one region, the same thing he criticised when done by his predecessor. The President they thought would not condone corruption is ignoring the corruption involving members of his inner circle and those who helped him ascend to power now caught up in fertiliser scandals. Anyway, he is a businessman still in business and doing business through all sorts of fronts! He is certainly part of the corruption going on. He cannot escape it.

The President they thought would abolish the anti-democracy laws on cyber security and defamation of the president now defends these pieces of legislation and sees nothing wrong in having ordinary people sent to jail for years with hard labour for violating the same laws that were used against him and those in civil society who are now part of his choir of praise. The President they thought would never abuse state institutions such as the Electoral Commission of Zambia, the judiciary, the Zambia intelligence and security services, and the Anti Corruption Commission is now doing the same things he condemned in opposition when done by his predecessor: abusing these institutions to manipulate elections and fix his political opponents. The President they thought would appoint a set of independent-minded advisors and a Cabinet of competent people with whom he governs as a team or collective has surrounded himself with the worst possible sycophantic advisors, none of whom is tellingly older than him, and has turned out to be a conceited narcissist who overshadows his ministers and hardly gives them a leeway to exercise their responsibilities with greater individual agency and freedom.

In short, the President they thought would serve their interests with devotion has instead prioritised the interests of imperialists, transnational corporations, foreigners and neglected the plight of the average Zambian, whom he mocks nearly everyday with hollow hymns of self-congratulations whenever he speaks to Zambians directly, through his agents or via social media pages, or by using foreign proxies to praise him in international outlets or publications. And this growing, cheap and disgusting propaganda of painting a rosy picture of Zambia for the purpose of creating a false positive impression abroad about the state of the country’s economy and democracy today, can fool uninformed and unsuspecting outsiders who lack access to alternative sources of economic and political realities here. But this propaganda by the President and his agents will not sway the hardworking but suffering masses of our people who are living in this hell of a punishing economy. It won’t sway the political opposition who have to grapple with the adverse effects of his nauseating hypocrisy of saying one thing in public and doing the opposite in private. It won’t sway the masses of our people who now understand that the man is clueless and probably thought running a country is as easy as procuring business deals to supply this and that commodity or service. Ordinarily, we would have said the ability to acquire power does not entail an ability to prudently exercise it, but Mr Hichilema clearly acquired State power with two primary goals: to promote his extensive business interests using public office and serve as a midwife for foreign capital to have a free hand in pillaging Zambia’s resources – of course for a personal benefit. The rest, including lifting millions out of poverty through a transformative agenda that is matched by the design and implementation of radical policies and actions, is secondary if not irrelevant.

In fact, those in power today are simply deceiving themselves with these fake messages they are channeling to outsiders that things are okay in Zambia. Life is unbearably hard for most people in our homeland but we have a leadership in power that is living in its own bubble, that believes its own lies that it has transformed the country for the better, that only listens to white people and that has insatiable appetite for praise – praise from itself, from elements in civil society who have now hired themselves as image builders and attack dogs for those in power today. Anyway, let them keep on lying to themselves that things are okay. Time for reckoning will soon come.

We have a message to Mr Hichilema: if the Americans, the European Union, the foreign mining corporations operating in our homeland and the representatives of the Western establishment in Zambia (diplomats, IMF and World Bank officials, etc) are falling on each other praising your leadership while the poor average Zambians who elected you to power are constantly complaining, then know that you have betrayed your country and the masses of our people – you are a sell out, a Judas Iscariot, an imperialist puppet, lackey. These foreigners who are misleading you with self-serving praise because you are serving their interests are not the ones who put you in power. Mr Hichilema, it is not too late to do the right thing, to take a step back and listen to your critics and opponents. Change your attitude and growing habit of only listening to white people. You will not be able to run this country on your own or by relying on the inexperienced people you have surrounded yourself with. And if you think you have many years remaining before the next election, think again: only two years essentially remain because you will be campaigning for much of 2025 and 2026. Sit down, define the mission, purpose and vision of your presidency, and show a bit of faith in the capacity of our people, including those in the civil service, as opposed to subcontracting the making of policy and running of our country to foreigners.

To the vast unreedemeed masses and poor of our homeland, we have a message for you: please do not despair. It gets dark sometimes but the morning comes. It is just a matter of time before you liberate yourselves from this failed and costly experiment of pro imperialist leadership. As explained in greater detail in our party Manifesto, we will implement a radical transformative programme that secures maximum returns from Zambia’s natural wealth for investment in our people and other industries such as agriculture, the arts and manufacturing. With your support, we in the Socialist Party pledge to rescue you and Zambia from this puppet of imperialists, this puppet of transnational corporations, this puppet of imperial Anglo’s Brenthurst Foundation, this puppet of foreigners.

In 2026, it is Zivotele!


  1. HH this, HH that. HH in the morning, HH at noon time, HH in the evening. Sir maybe if you stop eating, breathing and sleeping HH for just one day you will have give genuine and productive checks and balances that are beneficial for Zambia and Zambian citizens. You will be constipated on this HH only diet. A simple example not a single opposition leader has sensibly provided an alternative budget and /or given their reasoning for their stance. Play the ball NOT the player. You are so lucky that HH is not stooping to your low levels of personal attacks. Had he been like you we would have had a spot light on your “interesting proposal” to your fellow politician? What if the other thing you “keep in the closet” claiming to be socialist but we all know your being a greedy capitalist…

    • He is itching to be arrested …that’s how he works…he did it with Lazy Lungu rubbing him the other way forgetting he had tax issues. Have wondered that he never says anything about Lungu its like that Presidency never happened.


    • HH is a Darling of Imperialists, Transnational corporations and Foreigners
      This is worse than saying HH is not a Christian. Kajoba, act consistently

  2. usinessman and deals struck during the late Sata’s administration (MHSRIP) refer to how post newspaper then suddenly got trucking contracts at the time, Remember the arrogance you had at the time just being close to the corridors of power what more given power. Your hatred for HH and UPND has a long track record your paper coined the term bantustan party, didn’t you tell us they were only in 3 provinces) (could this be the godfather and genesisof tribalism?). What a hateful man. Trying to blind feeble minds. The same way you doggedly painted Mwanawasa black when it suited you Mr puppet of Cuba. If petty and personal were a person it would be you sir. Instead of your long wrote ups cleanse yourself of your deep rooted hatred for HH and go from there sir.

    • This man and Edith Nawakwi have manic hatred for HH.HH beware,these two move around with suicide belts waiting for the right oportunity to blast themselves

    • MuZambian – who wearing a sucide belt? Fred always covers his back if he is not hiding behind a pen he is hiding everything in his wife’s name who is going to touch the late Mazoka’s daughter. Remember how he went with his wife to The Post in the middle of the night with his wife knowing too well that Police had a cease order and were guarding it, What type of man exposes his wife to that?

  3. As long as we don’t individually and collectively invest in our politics we’ll continue to accuse each other of being puppets. If the Socialist Party took over govt today Comrade Fred Mmembe will be accused of being a puppet of Cuba, the sponsors of the SP. How many members of the SP religiously pay their monthly subscriptions? Or do they wait for comrade Fred to sponsor them? I’d rather comrade Fred articulate on the 4 major policy shifts that Zambia has had since Independence and how they have affected us so that we can plan how to deal with them. What does Zambia need? Is it public management and exploitation of its resources or foreign monopoly capital?

    • Fred will never write about such because that is not his motive …this is a vindictive deeply bitter greedy little man who can never work with anyone.

    • Cuba has no puppets. Cuba has no need for imperialism. Its the capitalists who thrive on the exploitation of slave labour or colonies that desire puppets for bourgois interests

  4. Go to University and teach Fred. Those who CAN, do, those who CAN’T, teach. Your theories will do well for academic gymnastics but not for the Zambian economy. By the way, don’t you know that even Cghina and Russia benefit from HH’s policies?

  5. He is churning out these articles everyday now to attempt to settle scores …he calls himself a socialist but not one article has he written about his vision or why he became a socialist from a capitalists in a few years or why he never paid taxes.

    • His behavior is becoming like the maniac who broke into Nancy Pelosi’s house but ended up hummering the husband

    • Busy writing articles yet can not field one candidate in by-elections …really laughable …this man is so vile that he can tell children that its safe to swim in the pond knowing to well that its croc infested.

  6. They say the truth hurts. Judging from the comments above from upnd cadres, this saying is very true. Comrade mmembe is giving hard core truths. Those wise enough and with an iota of knowledge will appreciate this. Those with empty heads and tribal tendencies will argue against this

  7. In the perfect socialist world of cde membe………

    No one is richer than anyone………

    Everyone has a job, all businesses are none profit collectives………..

    Everyone wears Chinese ninja shoes…….

  8. Look who is talking…the same chap who was a darling of PF’s 10yr misrule and abuse of power. Fred M’membe the socialist stop being self righteous/hypocrite.

  9. Ba Fuledi HH is a Darling of Imperialists, Transnational corporations and Foreigners. It is true but that talk no longer rings a bell with peasant Zambian voters. You have to look for a different vocabulary to catch their ears.

  10. And Fred membe is the dealing to stupidity and thugs.
    You are not in government and you never will, your job is to criticize and make noise so that you remain relevant
    A baffoon

  11. My friend you should be honest , not every goods are going up some are going down ,I was buying bag of cement k116 which was on k130

  12. My friend you should be honest , not every goods are going up some are going down ,I was buying bag of cement k116 which was on k130

  13. My only problem with Fred M’Membe is that if HH has this litany of evils, why does he not find appropriate political forum to channel them? If he doesn’t know, how likely is he to know the ropes when he comes into power in 2026? I jest, I don’t think he will.

  14. This Mmembe thing is one failed enterprise… you evaded taxes… then PF closed you out. Simply stfu… we listen to successful people like HH, not tax evaders like you

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