Kanchibiya district is the best in the implementation of the Constituency Development Fund – Nkombo


Minister of Local Government and Rural Development Gary Nkombo has commended Kanchibiya District for being the best in the implementation of the Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

Mr Nkombo says Kanchibiya district is on the map so far following the CDF guidelines. He has therefore emplored officers to continue to effectively utilise the CDF in a balanced and equitable manner as well as to continue attracting investment now, that are poised to grow economically.

The minister said this on Friday during a Heads of Departments meeting in the Kanchibiya council chamber in the Kanchibiya District.

“The Central Business District (CBD) for Kanchibiya will be established at Chalabesa following an agreement between the people and the local leaders including the chiefs while the other site at Chalabesa turn-off will remain as a commercial area,” he told the meeting.

The construction of the civic centre, the Police Post and the Radio station projects under CDF will relieve the government on huge costs it incurs on rentals for offices.

Meanwhile, Kanchibiya area lawmaker Sunday Chanda said the progress recorded in the area is because of teamwork spirit among the officers and the local people in the area.

Attributing the development to the cooperation among officers and the local people, Mr Chanda said it has been the resolve of the community to work together and leave politics aside.

“Both officers and the local people have put politics aside and ready to work together in a bid to bring development,” he said.

The area MP further assured the Minister and his entourage of more support to the government in it’s developmental agenda.

Mr. Nkombo later led his delegation to meet the traditional leaders before heading for the groundbreaking ceremony of three CDF projects namely civic centre,police station and a radio station.

And Speaking on behalf of the chiefs in the district ,Chief Kabinga thanked the United Party for National Development (UPND) government for the great achievements recorded in just one year plus.

Chief Kabinga says the recruitment of teacher and health workers among others has demonstrated the government’s efforts in improving people’s lives.

The Traditional leader also highlighted a number of challenges such the road from Luchembe through to Zampam plantation and the road from Chief Mpepo to Kabinga chiefdom which needs urgent attention.

“As Chiefs we are the custodian of the land hence chiefs should be consulted in matters of land,” the Chief said.

The Minister is accompanied by Local Government and Rural Development Permanent Secretary Nicholas Phiri, Muchinga Province Permanent Secretary Henry Mukungule ,Muchinga Province Assistant Secretary Chiwele Kondomone were among other top government officials who accompanied the minister.


    • I was like, I read this kind of article before under PF. And yes, it’s by Sunday.
      Sunday Chanda continues with his propaganda stories.

  1. Sunday Chanda feels his people’s poverty and doesn’t want to waste time talking about elections. I doubt it this would hv happened under the good medical doctor who used to represent that constituency. He’s clearly a rare breed.

  2. When leaders decide to focus and work together, you see the benefits to the people. Congrats Sunday and team!. Something other leaders should emulate.

  3. Sunday Chanda and Kangombe, i follow these guys. Its the empty tins in PF who make the most noise. This is way better than Chanda the PF media director.

  4. Honorable Chanda, keep the candle burning. Yours is Kanchibiya and you know the problems on the ground. Honorable check some programs lined for Zambezi east and see how those can benefit your consistency. The other guy talks but you are an implementer Honorable

  5. Keep it up. Devlopmental good news is what we want to hear in a less developed nation like ours. Other than news of pf thieves all the time but u can’t jail them yet u ar in authority..

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