UPND Defends The Party Secretary General Batuke Imenda’s Constitutional Right to Monitor all CDF Projects

UPND Secretary General Batuke Imenda
UPND Secretary General Batuke Imenda

The United Party for National Development (UPND) has asserted that Batuke Imenda, the party’s Secretary General and Chief Executive Officer, possesses a constitutional right to visit and monitor Constituency Development Fund (CDF) projects. In response to the criticism voiced by opposition Members of Parliament, particularly those from the Patriotic Front, the UPND emphasizes the importance of Imenda’s role as custodian of the party’s manifesto and policy guiding document.

Stephen Kampyongo, Member of Parliament for Shiwang’andu, and Mulenga Fube, Chilubi counterpart, have questioned Imenda’s capacity to inspect and engage civil servants regarding CDF project implementation. The UPND highlights that Hon Gary Nkombo is responsible for government policy implementation, while Mr. Imenda safeguards the ruling party’s guiding document. Given that all government policy documents align with the UPND manifesto, it is only natural for Imenda to take a keen interest in their implementation.

Moreover, the UPND reminds the two opposition parliamentarians that CDF is funded using public money and, therefore, citizens have a vested interest in overseeing the utilization of these resources. The party argues that it is a constitutional duty for citizens to provide checks and balances. The UPND expresses disappointment that lawmakers would question a citizen’s right to fulfill their constitutional mandate and monitor public projects.

Regarding Mulenga Fube’s threat to take legal action against Imenda, citing Articles 148 to 152 of the Republican Constitution, the UPND suggests that these provisions do not prevent citizens from carrying out their roles as outlined in Articles 8 and 48. The party challenges Fube to pursue the matter in court and assures that Imenda is prepared to defend the constitution.

The UPND advises Kampyongo, Fube, and other lawmakers to focus on ensuring the successful implementation of community projects funded through the CDF, particularly in rural areas. The party emphasizes that their Secretary General and responsible citizens have the right to inspect and question the use of public resources as long as they adhere to the provided guidelines. The UPND warns against obstructing government development projects and asserts its commitment to advancing the nation’s development.

The UPND reiterates that Imenda’s role is to promote and safeguard the interests of the party and the government. They reject threats and falsehoods and pledge to remain focused on their development-oriented agenda. The party affirms its unwavering support for Imenda and encourages him to continue his efforts.

The UPND’s statement concludes with a resolute commitment to advancing development and serving the public interest. They assert that opposition lawmakers will no longer deceive the public regarding CDF funds and projects, as these initiatives are supported by public funds.


  1. Imenda is not a government official but just a tribal party SG. If Ichilema wants his tribesman to do government functions he should appoint him as ministers the way he has done the likes Sejani, Kawana etc.

  2. If the argument being advanced by UPND is true, is Imenda also free to go and inspect the road works and other govt projects?
    We know the motive is to ensure that party cadres are catered for with the CDF and that no party cadre is left out on the approval list.
    We’ve been told the pressure the CDF constituency committees are facing to give priority to their party cadres. The difference between PF and UPND is the same apart from the color of the regalia.

  3. ” possesses a constitutional right to visit and monitor Constituency Development Fund (CDF) projects” Stop creating fake rights. Where in our constitution does it state this?? The civil servant has a right to his job and no politician should interfere with this!
    Batuke can “take a keen interest” like you say but not threaten civil servants. He is doing something illegal and that cant be condoned by HH and his government or by our law

  4. Look at them being afraid of accountability………..

    If they were honest , they would openly invite anyone to scrutinise how the CDFs are spent under them ……….

    But a theif will always be a theif……

  5. It’s time someone listed our constitutional rights. This is to avoid politicians hiding everyone of their illegal actions in these rights. Should nt that explanation come from Chushi”s ministry? This lazy ministry only supervises ZNBC. Illegally I must state

    • @ Kaizar Zulu,a friend of mine from Monze was bragging to me that up and down will win with a landslide in southern and western provinces,i told him i will consult you first!

  6. Every citizen should have the right to scrutinze the CDF expenditures………

    It is the people’s money………..

    Only theives are afraid of accountability

  7. I foresee a serious problem, now party cadres are monitoring gvt projects it seems we replaced one problem with another .

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