Mwinilungu council directs all devolved govt.functions to report to the council


Mwinilunga Town Council Chairperson Jonathan Chinyimba has directed all devolved government functions in the town to immediately report to the local authority.

Mr. Chinyimba said devolution of some government functions is a constitutional matter which no one should hesitate to implement.

He explained that President Hakainde Hichilema through the central government has done its part to set the devolution process in motion hence there should be no hesitation by any department to move.

Mr. Chinyimba made the directive during the commemoration of the African day of decentralization held at Mwinilunga new market.

“All the devolved government departments have the responsibility to be reporting to the standing committees of the local authority, this is the constitution and no one can run away from that” he said.

Speaking at the same event, District Commissioner Harrison Kamuna said the government understands that commerce and trade requires capital injection hence its decision to decentralize resources to the grassroots through CDF.

Mr. Kamuna said with the increased CDF, Mwinilunga is strategically positioned to greatly contribute to boosting trade in the Africa Continental Free Trade Area due to the huge markets of various products and services in the neighboring Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

“Commerce, trade involves money and the President for example in local government has put money from K1.6 million to K28.3 for people to be involved in trade” said Mr. Kamuna.

Meanwhile, Town Council Social and Economic planner Bental Hanyanga said African day for decentralization and local government week provides an opportunity for the general public to have a close interaction with the local authority.

Mr. Hanyanga encouraged members of the general public to approach various departments at the local authority to learn about services available for them.

This year’s African day for decentralization and local governance has been observed under the theme “Removing the hurdles to free trade dynamic: What are the enabling conditions for the effective participation of African subnational and local governments in boosting the Africa Continental Free Trade Area.


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