Dr. Nevers Mumba appointed as head of SADC Electoral Observation Mission to Zimbabwe.


In adherence to the Southern African Development Community’s (SADC) Principles and Guidelines Governing Democratic Elections, SADC is set to launch an Election Observer Mission (SEOM) in the Republic of Zimbabwe from August 17th to August 31st, 2023. The mission is aimed at ensuring transparency, credibility, and fairness in Zimbabwe’s upcoming elections on August 23rd, 2023.

As part of its commitment to promoting democratic values and transparent electoral processes within the region, SADC has designated the Chairperson of the Organ on Politics, Defence, and Security, to oversee the deployment of the Election Observer Mission.

The announcement comes in conjunction with Zimbabwe’s hosting of its election and coincides with the upcoming SADC Summit scheduled for August 17th, 2023, to be held in Angola. During this summit, Zimbabwe assumes the Chairmanship of the Organ on Politics, Defence, and Security Cooperation.

With a focus on ensuring a comprehensive and impartial observation process, SADC has selected Dr. Nevers Sekwila Mumba as the Head of the SADC Electoral Observation Mission (SEOM) to Zimbabwe.

Dr. Mumba’s nomination is a testament to the confidence placed in him by the Zambian people and the SADC community. His extensive history of serving in various senior roles underscores his capacity to contribute meaningfully to the electoral observation process.


  1. Ba LT why are you not telling us about the arrest of Pamela Gondwe. Dont you have correspondents in Turkey??

    • There is nothing SADC can do about the ZIMBABWE elections. Nelson Chamisa has the following but ZANU PF will not just let him win, SADC or no SADC MUNGAGAGWA has already won.

    • @Nostradamus shame on you. Stop insulting the collective intelligence of Zimbabweans. Have you been to Zimbabwean to see what these so called liberation heroes” have done? How can you treat your own brothers and sisters worse than the colonial masters? Shame!

    • #Nostra… please don’t insult people. How would you feel if s Zimbabwean called HH such? Concentrate on your fiasco here at home.

    • Nostra…comment and those in the past are a sign of poor up-bring and deteriorating mind. He’s fortunate his identity is concealed or he would long have shut up. It is clear that he has had little education and a fatherless early life. In America where he lives he fights demons on daily basis.

    • And even the great gold robbery at the airport! We have to read about them in Mwebantu and Observer sure!!!

    • @Deja Vu don’t embarrase yourself, how can you compare ka Chamisa to HH? Chamisa is same level as president Chilufya Tayali. Zimbabwe can borrow Nevers Mumba or Harry Kalaba. Zambia has so many world class leaders they can’t allow ex-gorrila fighters ruling Zimbabwe.

    • Good Start, we wish Bro Dr. Mumba and our Zimbabwe brothers and sisters all the best on 23rd August. Their success and Good Governance benefit us all.

  2. Dr. Mumba’s nomination is a testament to the confidence placed in him by the Zambian people and the SADC community.
    Really? Zambia and its people are irrelevant in this task.
    What the nomination needs is a confidence placed in him by the Zimbabwean people.

  3. With confidence of the Zambian they have in Dr Nevers mumba?which Zambian people?I think that statement needs correction because I don’t think it’s every Zambian who shares the same view

  4. Zimbabwe you are blessed and this is impressive and the best choice by SADC. Afrikaconnector salutes the SADC region for the excellent choice and Zimbabwe should prepare for credible elections and zero violence. What a wonderful day to witness

  5. Just say his new found friend has given a task that’ll earn him some allowances. Nervers Mumba doesn’t have the necessary credentials for such a task. He has only served as Vice President and High Commissioner and in both instances he was just appointed. He has never won a competitive election at any level. He’s illegally holding on to the Presidency of MMD. Such missions are the preserve of former Heads of State.

  6. This man stole embassy furniture in Canada at the Zambian embassy and Mwanawasa fired him for theft and insubordination….African politics only criminals are benefiting

    • A fellow Zambian has been entrusted with a regional task and will be putting the country’s name on the map. Let’s all celebrate this choice. Edgar Lungu should have been the one chosen go undertake this task but he declines to take calls from HH .

  7. This criminal Nevers Mumba shouldn’t be anywhere near the corridors of state house…he has made himself life President of MMD…he is such a useless pompwe and all he knows is getting brown envelopes from the sitting government

    • As a founding youth of the MMD I feel like struggling this intruder. A man who fought us tooth and nail so that we could fail.

  8. What credible value is a man who completely destroyed a historical party going to bring? This is a man who refuses to give way after failing for many years and now uses it a vehicle to satisfy his belly. Useless man.

  9. I Don’t trust this man as well. Sometime back he was asked whether he could at later stage join politics by the then German Journalist and his response was a big NO, he went on to say, it will be a big demotion. Today he is still holding to demotion he refused earlier. I don’t trust this man.

  10. At last …..kikikiki……insala kapondo. Immediately he issued a statement supporting audit of Sausage International Airport(SIA) he was appointed kikiki.

  11. Congrats to you Nevers, be impartial and report things as they are, there will clearly be intimidation against Chamisa’s party from winning by Zanu PF. Report all signs of electoral malpractice.


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