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LT is an electronic news platform that allows all types of users to have an open discussion on the day to day current issues in Zambia. The idea that is powering Lusakatimes today was birthed in 1998 as a casual conversation between friends. In 1999, the idea was made manifest with the launch of Lusaka Information Dispatch. The project was funded by the Dutch IICD who provided seed capital for the equipment and operational costs for a limited duration.

However, the operational model for Information Dispatch proved too difficult to sustain at the time. In 2002 Information Dispatch suspended its operation after key members quit the group.

In January 2007, the site was re-launched under the new URL address called lusakatimes.com and a new operational model.

Today Lusakatimes is run by a number of people distributed around the world, working in an open source type of structure, purely driven by hobby and ambition to provide Zambians around the world with current news content based on facts and not speculation. Our day to day news content comes from known Zambian sources like Zambia Daily-Mail, Times of Zambia, ZNBC and ZANIS. These are the giants whose shoulders we stand on.

Our added value to the commodity called news is the speed with which we deliver it to our readers and the community ,feeling and experience we have created around the news content on our website.

Additionally, Lusakatimes also provides a platform for any Zambian who want their article published, provided they take full ownership and responsibility of the content.

The ability of our users to be able to read news and anonymously provide immediate feedback is something we have always highly valued from the Information Dispatch days. This is something we are committed to honour as we move forward.

Lastly, Lusakatimes has no intention whatsoever of charging people to access the content on our site. Our content is open source and free. All our revenue is from advertising and the bulk of it goes towards ensuring that we provide a web infrastructure that is fast, reliable, 99% available throughout the year and update up to date with the current technological trends.

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