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Thursday, November 26, 2020

17 MPs back Barotse Royal Establishment

Headlines 17 MPs back Barotse Royal Establishment

ABOUT 17 Western Province members of Parliament (MPs) have supported the Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) that Oblate Radio Liseli in Mongu should broadcast more local programmes and songs.
That, the MPs said, would help preserve the diverse Barotse cultural heritage.
The MPs said the BRE acted properly in responding to numerous complaints of the local population about the amount of time allocated to music in a particular language from outside the province.
This is according to a statement the17 MPs from the province released in Lusaka yesterday.
The parliamentarians said it was common knowledge that the essence of community radio stations including Liseli was cultural promotion, education, news dissemination and entertainment through, more importantly, local music.
They called on Zambians to condemn reporting which promoted one language at the expense of others.
And the acting Ngambela, Imbuwa Imwaka, said the BRE has no apology to make over its principal function of enhancing, protecting and preserving the Lozi tradition and culture.


  1. Lozis should also be proud of their language and culture. Iam Tonga and lozis are my favourite people in zambia because unlike one stupid tribe, lozis are not insulting to other tribes and they speak other languages if the situation so demands unlike that stupid tribe.So i say viva ba ma lozi.Viva ba ma LOZI.were is my sister Mundia Sikatana.

  2. Ha- Wopani, you are very dull and you do not deserve to be in public office.we shall continue to rule over you if you continue with this mentality.


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