With no identity to speak of, Zambia turns to foreign cultures and a chicken monument

By Sampa Kabwela It has become apparent to me that there is nothing more to us, Zambians. We are not a people deeply rooted in any traditions, beliefs, rituals or anything. This idea that we are a great people with values and traditions passed down...

YOTAM MULEYA: The Zambian barefoot runner who shocked the world.

Yotam Muleya
YOTAM Muleya was only 19-years-old when he died, yet he has a government school and road in the capital city, Lusaka, named after him. Yotam Muleya Road in Libala stretches along David Kaunda Technical School, joining Independence Avenue to Burma Road. In Lusaka's Emmasdale area, there...

Domically Clause: The most foolish statutory instrument in Zambia

Side view of the retirement House to the 4th Republican President Rupiah Banda at Bonaventure
There are several motivations the drafters of the current constitution had in mind when they placed the Domicility Clause (DC) in our current highest law in the country. One of those motivations is pure foolishness. I wake up on the shores of Lake Ontario...

When we do things for show: The case of Lusaka’s City Manager

By Aristide Bance In an age of social media exploitation, show-off, self-assurance and assurance plus acceptance from friends and total strangers, many people can not resist the temptation to post or do something that will be captured by others and might even go viral. Many...

Why I think HH is dancing the PF Dununa Reverse on Homosexuality

HH speaking during a radio programme on SUN FM
If you thought the homosexualization of HH and UPND is a done deal, think twice. The PF has found a rare window of opportunity to distract us from the economic woes and corruption that characterize the Lungu regime—simply link HH and UPND to the...

Zambian Government Must Find Ways to Accommodate Social Media

On Friday November 8th, while addressing journalists, President Edgar Lungu asked a question: Do our people believe everything they read on social media? He didn't state his position but like it is said, actions speak louder than words. Social media clampdown by the government...

Why we support Mayor Sampa lowering of Speed limits around schools

Now School Children are protected by an elevated Zebra Crossing which is a traffic calming feature in itself
By Daniel Mwamba The Zambia Road Safety Trust (ZRST) is concerned about the impact of road traffic on children. About 1550 children were in 2014 killed or injured in road traffic, hence our support for Lusaka Mayor Miles Bwalya Sampa, intention to reduce speeds...

Robert Mugabe Meets Ian Smith in Afterlife

By Field Ruwe Please Note: The credibility quotient for this article is this: If it deals with politics it’s a fact; if it is dramatized it’s fiction; if it is outrageously unbelievable, it’s a fact. While the names of the characters are true, the impact...

The Internet is Worse Than Traditional Ceremonies

In the internet world we are in , abolishing traditional activities such as initiation ceremonies for boys and girls in order to combat teen pregnancies and early marriages doesn't make any sense. It is a waste of time and energy. I am referring to traditional...

Death Threats For Speaking Out on 80 Black Lechwe

Nsama Musonda Learns
By Nsama Musonda Learns Dear Zambians it's with sadness that I share with you that my life is now in danger for the story I raised concerning the 80 Black Lechwe that were captured from the Bangweulu wetlands and translocated to private ranches. Yesterday 31st October...

Cancel The Mining Licence in Lower Zambezi

CSOs holding a conference on the Lower Zambezi Mining Saga
As CSOs, we would like to join the many other voices across the country and internationally in condemning the planned mining investment in the Lower Zambezi National Park. We are saddened at the fact that despite the effects of climate change being so evident...

RB And Alexander Chikwanda: The Two Remaining God Fathers of Zambian Politics

RB and Alexander Chikwanda
By Prince Ndoyi "Godfathers" are usually almost synonymous with West African politics. But the phenomenon, is slowly becoming true for the rest of Africa. Godfathers themselves don't always architect their positions, they land in such influential positions by the power they wield within the dynamics...

UPND Must Stop Politics of Whining and Chickening-Out, and Learn to Dialogue

UPND MP's seats unoccupied in Parliament this morning
By Hon. Dr Jonas Chanda During the debate in Parliament on the budget allocations to the Electoral Commission of Zambia, I reminded the main opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) to stop the POLITICS of WHINING and COMPLAINTS and learn to be a responsible...

Celebrating Zambia’s 55th Independence Anniversary

Excerpts from my book Chapter 16: Mwizenge S. Tembo, Satisfying Zambian Hunger for Culture: Social Change in the Global World, Bloomington, IN: Xlibris Corporation, 2012, pp. 385. USA $17.95, K224.00 By Mwizenge S. Tembo, Ph. D. Professor of Sociology Introduction This chapter will explore how Zambia...

The devil is in the detail: Shortfalls of the National Heal Insurance (General) regulation 2019 -Statutory Instrument No. 63

By Peslie Gibson Ng’ambi PhD Scholar, MSc, BPharm The Statutory instrument (SI) no. 63 of 2019 giving some regulations surrounding the national health insurance was recently released by the Minister of health. In addition, it has been announced that although deductions will be effected now, contributors...