Zambia will Continue Subsidising the Agriculture Sector

Government has reiterated that it places high premium consideration on agriculture as the main driver of national economic empowerment. Deputy Secretary to the Cabinet for Administration, Patrick Kangwa, says it is for this reason that government has chosen to continue implementing a system of subsidising the agricultural sector through the Farmer Input Support Program through the e-voucher. ZANIS reports...


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Specialists from India and Zambia perform successful brain and spine tumour surgery at UTH

A team of specialist doctors from Apollo Hospitals Group, India’s leading integrated healthcare provider, and their Zambian counterparts, yesterday conducted two complex surgeries at...


ZCID still consulting Churches on Chairing the Presidential Summit

The Zambia Center for Interparty Dialogue (ZCID) has said that it is still engaging with the Church on chairing the presidential dialogue summit. ZCID...

Arrival of Ballot papers

The Electoral Commission of Zambia would like to inform all Political Parties and other Stakeholders that, the ballot papers for the forthcoming Mayoral/ Council...


Why I am done going to Zambian weddings

By Sampa Kabwela Everything has become painfully unbearable about weddings in Zambia, starting with the ugly invitation cards, committees, bridal parties, late coming, knife boys – now knife women – tired jokes from half comedians, dated advice, and opulent-cheap-looking décor. I am done with Zambian weddings! There is only so...


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