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First ever investment expo to be held in Northern Province


STEET Children prefer to collect and make brooms to see theirs meet instead of stealing and other vices in Kasama a way to spend their Good Friday
File picture:Street Children making brooms to make ends meet instead of stealing and other vices in Kasama as a way to spend their Good Friday

The Northern Province Chamber of Commerce says the holding of the first ever regional investment and tourism exposition this year will serve as a catalyst to propel growth for various business entities.

Chamber of Commerce Provincial Secretary Boniface Sambo told ZANIS today in an interview that the Expo which is slated for November provides a rare opportunity for businesses in the province to thrive.

Mr Sambo noted that the private sector and residents in general to take keen interest in the event and cease the chance to maximize the business opportunities.

He also called on business operators in the region to improve their standards in order to meet the expectation of local and international clientele.

Mr Sambo has since called for capacity building among operators in the hospitality and transport sectors.

He further expressed confidence that the investment and tourism expo will change the economic landscape of the province.

The first ever Northern Province Expo is scheduled to take place from 20th to 24th November, 2018 under the theme: “unlocking investment opportunities 100 years after the end of the First World War”.

The Expo will be held as a build-up event to the centenary commemorations to mark the end of the First World War slated for 25th November, 2018 in Mbala district.


    • No content, no vision, just noise.

      Zambia needs leaders that can formulate and communicate strategy to all appropriate audiences.

      But then again, we have a leader that is impotent. These are the results.

      Northern province has a lot of potential to help grow our economy. Roads can be built from East province to Kasama, towns can be built along that route.

    • Pessimist !!!!!

      The province has a lot that you don’t know about that’s why the expo is being held. You will always look down upon if steps aren’t taken to expose the province.

  1. Let’s do it! The Privatization thief cannot do any development but he can only Namwalize Zambia! This site tells you what Childish and his cronies can do to destroy Zambia! Thank God he will NEVER be president.

  2. Great initiative. The theme, if it has been correctly captured, is not captivating. the part starting from…’100 years’…should have been removed.

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