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UNZA Management slaps a K200,000 penalty fee on students

General News UNZA Management slaps a K200,000 penalty fee on students

“The  RUINS“ UNZA -University of Zambia  student residence
“The RUINS“ UNZA -University of Zambia student residence
The University of Zambia (UNZA) has allowed the de-registered students who missed the exams to take differed exams for which a penalty of K50, 000 per course will be levied.

This follows a meeting held on Wednesday between the UNZA Management and the affected de-registered students.

The meeting resolved that students will be allowed to sit for the First semester examinations without settling the outstanding fees but will be required to pay a flat surcharge fee of K200, 000.

They said the students who will fail to pay the penalty fees will have their results withheld and will not be allowed to register for the second semester of 2009.

Communications Manager, Stan Chewe said that the institution has in the past faced similar problems brought about by the failure by some students to honor their obligation to pay examination fees in installments.

He said the institution will continue accepting payments in installments and that the situation has normalized, as students have started collecting slips in readiness to sit for their exams.



  1. This is how a  university should be run they don’t even have to have a meeting and the press around for this. Didn’t they think of this in the first place rather than just de-registering people? By the way did i get that right about exam fees..?? do people in university pay exam fees? Whats the exam fee for when you have paid your tuition fees? Come on Zambia we can do better than this, why not just include the damn exam fee to the school fees and save people the trouble of making numerous payments. This is the same problem when it comes to housing allowances for the civil service, why not just combine that with their regular pay and forget about housing allowance strikes?

  2. Ba Kaponya naka flag ka ku Canada, this is a normal thing, you think everything about UNZA is crap eh? Ive been there and boy, there is a difference between tuition and examination. what you listen to, the assignment sheets, the marking of the same staff and all those nitty grits that constitute a continous assessment normally comes under tuition. the exam fee is paid for facilitating a FINAL EXAM in any University.

  3. Kaponya again, other universities, tuition is free but you have to pay exam fee. sounds crazy eh, just visit sweden and you will know what i mean

  4. At least this is better for the affected students. There is nothing in paying for exam fees, there is an admin cost to it. Allowing students who were deregistred a few days ago to write their exams is the best way forward. I know some of them are from very poor familes and there is need for some NGO’s especially the one run by Mrs. Chinyama to come forward and help not just talking. Time has come to rescue the students. Its a crisis in way for the affected students.

  5. This is what UNZA should have done at first rather than de-registering students.Local banks and companies should start giving student loans to students who qualify to go to UNZA if they can not afford to pay out of their pockets considering the fact that college is now expensive.

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