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Be cautious about 50 plus one clause

Headlines Be cautious about 50 plus one clause

THE National Constitutional Conference (NCC) delegates have been advised to be judicious as they vote on the 50 per cent plus one clause tomorrow because of the provision’s cost implication and its potential to cause chaos.

And Home Affairs Minister, Lameck Mangani has accused Patriotic Front (PF) leader Michael Sata of having grown cold feet because he knows that President Rupiah Banda has become more popular in various parts of Zambia.

Leadership in Development executive director, Moses Kalonde and MMD Eastern Province chairperson, Kennedy Zulu said separately yesterday that the commissioners should take the interest of the nation first.

Mr Kalonde said in a statement in Lusaka that the delegates should be cautious because 50 per cent plus one threshold for a winning president was dangerous and difficult for one presidential candidate to attain.
“The 12 million Zambians have put all their trust in them as delegates. They ought to know that this document, which will be produced, is a very important one,” he said.

He said it was expensive to conduct a rerun in an event where no candidate emerged winner adding that such resources could better be channeled for other development projects like building schools and clinics.

Commenting on the issue from Chipata, Mr Zulu said Mr Sata should not be in the forefront championing the 50 per cent plus one clause because he had refused to be part of the NCC.

Mr Sata was yesterday quoted as saying that the 50 per cent plus one clause in the Constitution is the only way to stop President Banda from dubiously winning the 2011 presidential elections.

The NCC delegates are tomorrow expected to vote on the matter after they failed to reach a consensus last Thursday.

But Mr Zulu said the country should continue with the simple majority system or first past the post because the 50 per cent plus one system could create chaos in Zambia.

He said the delegates to the NCC should drop the 50 per cent plus one clause and should not listen to people who wanted to rush to State House at all cost. Mr Zulu said the commissioners should be wary of people like Mr Sata who wanted to ride on the clause.

Mr Mangani said it was a well-known fact that Mr Sata was scared of President Banda and was now crying the loudest about the 50 per cent plus one clause.

In an interview in Lusaka yesterday, Mr Mangani charged that the 50 per cent plus one clause for the election of the Republican president did not guarantee democracy and wondered why Mr Sata had all of a sudden grown cold feet despite his claims that he was popular.

Mr Mangani said it was a well-known fact that Mr Sata was scared of President Banda and was now crying the loudest about the 50 per cent plus one clause.

Mr Mangani said the clause could injure both ways and wondered why some critics who did not want to be part of the NCC were now trying to mislead the public by making them believe that the 50 per cent plus one clause was the best model.

He said unwarranted attacks on President Banda would not deter him from delivering on his campaign promises and it was for this reason Mr Sata was now trying to use the 50 per cent plus one threshold to win public sympathy.

[Times of Zambia]


  1. These two boys, kalonde and Zulu, dont seem to know what they are talking about. as long as Elections (to include a re-run) are put in the budget, there will always be money somewhere. That is why we budget. It is a well known fact that certain things like Bby elections and RBs trips are not covered in the budget but the money is always there. What chaos are these two boys talking about?

  2. RB is very popular and us Zambians like his leadership. He is a very open and intelligent man. Zambia is blessed through RB.

  3. While “Commenting on the issue from Chipata, Mr Zulu said Mr Sata should not be in the forefront championing the 50 per cent plus one clause because he had refused to be part of the NCC” has been rightly put, let NCC include the clause at stake so that we strengthen our democracy just like the USA presidential election popular votes and electoral college arrangement for a majority president to be elected.

  4. Be it 50+1 or less,
    Nyama soya will win once again….its not easy to remove one from power. Besides most of the voters in Zed vote for the sake of doing it they dont choose a candidate based on what he is capable of delivering. HH would be better for a change but then I would if he will pull through. Sata has been in power for too long it would be nice to bring a new face and see what happens.

  5. %-( #6!!!!!

    #5 Mr. Capitalist, i will have to agree with u on that one (despite my inclination for the pact). I think he realises that he blundered big time on the NCC participation. Yes Ba Sata, i also propose that you let others contribute over this issue. Watch from the sidelines.

  6. Mwebo ba Mangani whats the fear. You are the same one is saying RB is popular which means he will surely attain the 50+1 votes. So just shut up.

  7. Typical of MMD. Always crying out the loudest on money meant for the betterment of Zambia. Why dont you talk on ur careless spending with your Ever Moving Vasco da Banda. Mangani is just some cadre brought to home affairs ministry to bring torture back to our Police service. Guess we shud go back to calling them Police force all because of Mangani thing. U will be locked when we form govnment .

  8. Iwe Chi Mr Capitalist,the NCC ‘s final document will affect all Zambians regardless.Sata is a Zambia and this will affect him

  9. Typical of MMD. Always crying out the loudest when money is meant for the betterment of all Zambians. Why not advising your Ever Trotting Vasco Da Banda to stop his trips. We all know why Mangani was brought at Home Affairs. He is a ruthless cadre who wants to bring intimidation to the police, Guess we have to revert to calling police force and not service coz it aint anymore with his coming. Its only less then 24 months that these chaps will be gnashing teeth. Hell for them does not need to wait for judgment .

  10. #10 Ba Moze

    I agree. Mr. Sata should watch from the sidelines.

    #13 Village Boy

    Zambian or not Mr. Sata refused to take part in this very important document and should therefore have no say in the matter. You cant go refuse to take part in farming and claim crops when it is time for harvesting and distribution. Farming affects the economy of the community so if you refused to take part in it, keep quiet when it is time to harvest and distribute the crops. It doesn’t work that way. So Mr. Sata should keep quiet on NCC matters [-(.

  11. #13 Village Boy, please tone it down. You are missing the point. What we are saying is that Sata and the PF could have used the same NCC to debate the issue of the 50+1. But after refusing to participate, and in the process dividing his MPs, don’t you think it is strange that he should now be issuing statements the work being done by the NCC? Sounds hypocritical to me.

  12. Let’s spend our energies on the 50 plus 1 not who said what, if u recall the majority of the Zambians who submitted to Mungomba and Mwanakatwe, not to mention the electoral technical committee wanted 50 + 1 for the Presidency. So whoz growing cold feet.

  13. If Mr Sata thinks he is popular and can win by more than 50% + 1 vote, how then does he fail to win by a simple majority? Elections are important but with the reruns then we will be having two elections in five years. with one election, we spend two years talking development, two years campaigning and one year for census, intensified insults and voting. What more with 2 elections? more over , in the event of a bye elction the country will have 4 elections in 5 years!

  14. The people of Zambia are the ones that submitted that we need 50% + 1, please lets not deny the people what yhey need. Those who are not popular among the Zambians should not frustrate our brothers and sisters

  15. I made a resolution this year never to put so much pressure on myself worrying about politics in Zed. Better to lead my own life and be happy, these Politicians are the same, their primary and sole objective is to thicken their pockets, as B.Y MWILA once said Politics in Zed is a career. No politician should cheat us that they are into it to serve, that’s a lie from the pit of hell.

  16. 20 Mossad-KGB thanks and take careful care. Im still checking who I can have a good MP league somewhere in Zambia come 2011 elections.

    Zed politics are impressive and so far, UPND president is the key to any certainty over formation of new GRZ.

    Kala mpokkede alakuyasa mamvwa.

    Matt 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.

  17. Everyone is sayng the majority of Zambians said this and that, Which majority are you talking about? how many of you on the blog where consulted? i for one was not consulted and i dont know of anyone who was consulted in his personal capacity. The only people that were consulted are corrupt Chiefs, Party and organisational secretaries, humfrey siulapwa, edwin lifwekelo, cosmo mumba, michael sata, ken ngondo, fred m’membe and ben mwila towing party/organisational lines and not individual personal opinions. is that what you call majority Zambians? Go to your villages gentlemen/ladies and find out how many where consulted, Those lawyers and escorts were just siping Jin and whisky after council meetings in provincial centres.

  18. Whats the problem about 50+ 1 vote Mr Mangani,if money for NCC can be found what more re run after all the Donors always come to help on resources, they are interested parties as regards important matters of entracment of domocratic noums/values in African countries.We the people of Zambia demand 50 + 1 vote for presidential vote that all.

  19. Whats the problem about 50+ 1 vote Mr Mangani,if money for NCC can be found what more re run after all the Donors always come to help on resources, they are interested parties as regards important matters of entracment of domocratic noums/values in African countries.We the people of Zambia demand 50 + 1 vote for presidential vote thats all.

  20. even if MMD lost election,the incoming govt will have to dance to the tune of 50 +1 vote come 5yrs,like that the president is accountable to the pipo knowing that come voting he will face a hard time,South Africa and Zimbabwe have had the majority vote for president and it has worked well despite Mugabe refusing to grant permits to opposition to campaign,in Zambia atleast we have advance than that,let the president/Executive be accountable for once,if MMD oppose this time,it will not solve issue,it will come around again

  21. This is not about Sata, but what the people of Zambia said in the Mungomba draft commission. If anything, this is the most important piece of legislation in the Draft Consitution. We should not even be depending on 50%+1. It is a MUST, and doesn’t matter whether Alaabee or his cronies like it or not. We will have 50%+1 in the New Cosntitution.

  22. Let the NCC delegates exercise their rights do vote for the right thing in accordance with democratic princiles. There is no need to fear 50+1% votes for one to win presidential seat. Yes a rerun may be costly but we have no way out that is the cost of democracy. I urge all delegates to use their brains and not hearts and should not be swayed by the likes of Moses Kalonde, Kennedy Zulu and Mangani. Even Sata is not right to state 50+1% will be the only way to fix RB. Let at all costs avoid making laws targeting other stakeholders but come up with something that will stand the test of time. The costitution is not about this and that political party or individual aspirant. The contitution will be there for every citizen but Givts will come and go. Please NCC be level headed and wise.

  23. I agree with you MUKABE, its not about Sata or the MMD its about the people of zambia as thats what they want a 59% + 1 its not even depentable, its a must, without the constitution will not worthy it. we tired of minority presidents so those polititian who want to hijack the constitution should keep quiet. The people of zambia wants that 50% + 1

  24. One day our children will rise up against us with this kind of thinking (Mangani type). They will ask us question like;
    after you got independence what did you do change this country for the better?
    where were you when other countries were investing and developing?
    It seems after independence Zambians got stuck, not knowing what to do.
    Come on Zambians lets go for 50%+1

  25. The question is cost of holding a rerun is baselss, democracy is costly and we have to pay the price for that. Cheap is expensive. I would rather live in a democratic society poor with no worries about my freedoms than under a dictator. Let us be level headed. We helped others attain independence in the now SADC region despite having lito resources today all our neighbours and beyond are free and we no longer have our gallant men in unform at borders. What is Mangani and others talking about. Zambia first self 2nd. Zambia is not for MMD or PF-UPND Pact etc but for all of us the dead, the living and the unborn. If Funds can sourced for a 34km road to Kalabo what should stop the same GRZ sourcing money for a presidential re-run. Let us not start creating dictators for personal gain.

  26. 50+1 is a total waste of money and time,we are too poor to waste our meagre resources like that ,simple majority is perfect in our case.Satana thinks he can rule by manupilating peoples minds ,you are walking dead bwana.


  28. I sometimes do not see how the 50% + 1 would consolidate democracy. However if the pipo want it give it to them. However could you advocates explain what the benefits would be.

  29. Info coming in MMD trying to brown envelope the NCC delegates and am advising these delegates that this clause is not about Sata or RB its about Zambia. Civil strife can also be caused by a sitting government. There 11m + of us out here for 50+1.

  30. #38 Deja Vu,i think you are more enlightened than Micheal Lenshina Satana therefore it is irresponsible of you to make unfounded lies bent on exposing your little analytical mental capacity.NCC delegates are highly educated Zambians some of them more than you and the fact that they can make correct opinions does not mean they have been brided.Your Satana was invited several times but he thought he was the sun and the night for Zambia but look at him the NCC has progressed on even now the delegates will vote against the useless 50+1

  31. Yes dejavu I agree with yaya. Dont belittle the other side because you dont agree witheir opinion..And I ask again. What difference would it make

  32. #39 Ba Yaya, please dont insult me. You are abroad, while Iam on the ground. Are you a stranger to Zambian politics? The chaos we have in this country is not due to lack of intellectuals its due to selfishness.

  33. wether sata refused to take party in ncc is not the issue. what zambia needs is a good constitution and stregthened democracy. no matter who calls for it, let the 50%+1 be included

  34. Positivist #40. Dont you think having a popularly elected Presido, accepted by more than 50% of the electorate is better than one who has 20% of votes? The difference is there, and its just that! I mean imagine where you have a situation where you have 50 aspiring candidates and the winner obtains 15% and is declared the winner. can you call such a Presido popular? Thats where am finding a problem with first past the post. We are talking of governing a nation here, not a hundred metre dash!

  35. Yaya have you ever think out side the box, where you consider about the future of your grandchildren? i bet if you think like that, you will believe that the 50% + 1 is good not only for us or our children but for our grandchildren too. if we do what is right now it will serve better for our future too, its not about Sata or MMD or political party but its about zambia. 50% + 1 a must

  36. #41 De javu, I concur with your last statement. This country has too many intellectuals and to insinuate otherwise is an insult to the educated masses of this country. Greed by a few selfish individuals… and i can name them: Mulongoti, Shikawashya, Mangani, RB, Chief MMD Bootlicker and his Assistant etc… are to blame for this countrys’ woes.

  37. #40 As you for ba man, the 50+1 was endorsed by the majority of Zambians who contributed to the Mungomba Commission to which all of us were free to submit. Your Levy, because he thought he was going to live for ever saw personal danger in some of the sumissions, then came up with this nonsense called NCC.Education has nothing to do with dullness. The chaps at NCC have demonstrated their avericice gor money and will sell this country at what ever cost.

  38. Can someone enlighten me on which parts of Zambia Mangani is refering to? i.e, where Rupiah is becoming more popular?:o Chipata, Chadiza, Chief Mpezenis area, Zimbabwe etc…?? Help.

  39. And how can attacks on President Banda make him deliver on his campain promises? I thought actions speak louder than words?

  40. Chi Mangani…nonsense. You grade seven you think Zambians are so dull as not to know your iterests in this? You dont want the 50+1 coz it will be difficulty for you to rigg elections. What chaos are you talking about? Removing you from govt means chaos for you? Please spear our intelligency man!!!!!

  41. Lameck Boyi, bafye bwino. 😕 We are watching you very closely. Your time is nigh! I would shut up if i were you. Takabeko RB. Ukaba weka, Lobe!

  42. Banda has indeed become a laughing stoke in Africa because of his frequent and utter useless trips. Even presidents of god forsaken countries like that genocidal prone country called Rwanda fimi fimo are now sending only their ministers to receive him at the airport. Read this: “Rwandese Prime Minister Bernard Makuza led several Cabinet ministers and other senior government officials in welcoming Mr Banda”. Inside of one week, he has been to Angola, Mozambique and Rwanda. The collosal cost of this completely useless trips are now a causing a massive menorrhagia to the coffers of our mother nation. I mean, just what the hell do we have to gain from this trip or the Maputo one? When was the last time you saw a foreign president in Zambia?

  43. Zambians, please stop insulting each other on this forum. It’s very saddening to intellectuals passing unwise words. The truth is that Mangani is saying the battle is between RB and Sata. RB has not been endorsed by the MMD and Sata is not a yet a candidate for the pact. But from these words, it seems that 50%+1 apply to RB and Sata.

    The truth is that we the people have spoken of exactly what we want. If the NCC is not taking our word then they should leave our mandate. We need 50%+1 for the President. As form the cost, it will be born from our pockets.

  44. there seems to be alot of MMD cadres and so called “Brown envelope Beneficieries”and alot of RB or A.K.A CHINTELELWEs friends. in this blog..Mwanya bamambala kuyabebele come 2011.

  45. Why is it that only ba kumawa are against 50+1? Look, Mangani, Zulu etc with their hired mercenaries Mlongoti and Shikapwanya are the only ones seeing chaos in 50+1. The analogy Shikapwasha drew between 50+1 and chaos in Zimbabwe and the stalemate between Bush and Gole was trulu laughable and only showed what an intellectual snob that big nosed charlatan really is. I mean, its college votes that decide the presidency in the US and not necessarily the number of votes any single candidate tallies. In Zimbabwe, it was demagoguery acts of a clearly senile Sekuru that brought problems, not the system. For a soldier, Shikapwasha’s idea of chaos and its potential sources is shamefully cavalier.

  46. The 50% plus one looks democratic on paper – in that you ensure you have a President who has been
    elected by a reasonable segment of eligible voters. The argument against it is the possibility of several
    re-runs. What if neither of the two remaining candidates gets the 50% plus one after a re-run (or re-runs?)
    What about the cost and the period of uncertainity while this is going on? (though I do believe things
    can very much run as they are in Zambia without a President)

  47. My prediction is, with or without the 50+1 Banda will win 2011 and then there will be chaos, people will be rioting, they will be shortages of food, petrol etc (just like the last days of UNIP some time back) Embrace yourselves bakwesu[-o<

  48. Ba Olomide, #42, You see the problem of being short sited, PF boycotted the NCC. Now more than never their constituents need their vote, people like #38Deja Vu would not have been worried about brown envelopes knowing he has over twenty votes from PF certain to vote for 50+1, now all those Zambians from these contituencies will not be represented, WHY because Sata asked their parliamentarians to boycott NCC, where is it now, today he wants to comment on NCC, SHAME, and too late. Bloggers think twice about the reparcations of being short sited, its brewing chaos….am all for democracy, but the implementation of this law, will open room for chaos, already presidential candidates in Zambia never concede, unless the opposition wins the elction, now with this, how many re-runs will you do.

  49. 50%+1 is the only weapon YOU and ME have to make sure the politicians are accountable to there actions. All the Politicians will stop stealing and being arrogant because they will know they need each other for them to win. For once whether you’re for the MMD or the PF-UPND pact, we need your solidality to get 50%+1 in the Constitution. This is for your own betterment, because come 2011 when Sata becomes President, the MMD bloggers on LT will need this close to keep sata in check.

  50. For this and future generations, we need 50%+1. The point is not that it will disadvantage Alaabee, Sata or HH, but we need sanity in the political environment and the only way this can be attained is for the politicians to know that he at the end of the day need to be answerable to the Electorate. That can only be achieved with the 50%+1 enshrined in the Constitution. Not for Sata, but for every Zambian, not for the 20pin they give you MMD bloggers but for the future of mother Zambia. Get the 20pin but think beyond that. Alaabe will be gone tomorrow, he is an Old man but you need to move this Country forward as you. God bless U.

  51. De ja Vu > my position is if the pipo want it give it to them But i still have aproblem of how it will enhance democracy in zambia. actually most pipo think it is a means of removing the MMD. now a constitution should not be based on such an agenda.

  52. # 63 what do u mean,u dont see sense in 50+1 vote,it entails strict observation of an individual before he becames president/what his beliefs are,what does he stand for,re run cost as i explained comes frm our PAYE/European Union so were is the problem here, we can further tax the Mines corporations for re run costs, there is your money

  53. Chile a copper producing country like Zambia,has just held their election under 50+1% system two days ago and there are no problems??? The winner got about 51% and the second was close about 47%…

  54. If elections were held under the 50+1 in 1991, why can’t we do it now? Why was it dropped in 1996? How does the first the post concept enhance our young democracy and majority leadreship? Someone kindly enlighten me!

  55. And Home Affairs Minister, Lameck Mangani has accused Patriotic Front (PF) leader Michael Sata of having grown cold feet because he knows that President Rupiah Banda has become more popular in various parts of Zambia. This is not a good statement in defending the first past the post concept! Or is it?

  56. it seems the 50+1 has been voted against these punks all they want is to be ruled by a minority president!!! mangani u lack ideas u guyz can stepdown and let people who peoplez interest at [email protected] rule zambia!!!!!!!!

  57. I got a question. In 2001 LPM won with 29 % with Mazoka at 27%. while in 2008 we had a ven closer shave. So has LPM or Mazoka won a re run in 2001( In 2008 Sata or RB ) . How would that have benefited the country

  58. Zambian needs 50 +1. Democracy will be enhanced as presidents will be voted under critical scrutine by the people. Rigging will be prevented as well as it be so difficult to rigg elections. This is what Mangani and RB minions dont want. They are tool evil !!!!!

  59. This isn’t about Sata,Rb n HH..It’s about money being spent and Zambians getting nothing out of it.. Running Mate (vice president),50+1 these are progressive..Obama can’t fire Biden because he was voted for by the americans.Kunda on the other hand can not speak out against RB cos we all know what would happen.I really dont caare who wins between RB,Sata n HH,all I want is a Zambia that all of us can be proud of.. A Zambia where our children for years to come can enjoy and prosper in..And frankly speaking this is not it..RB has it bad because after one year he has to start looking 2 2011 but then thats no reason for the state our country’s in.If he wants to win 2011 all he gotta do is perform..Actions speak louder than words..

  60. The Zambian constituency is just too big for deluded cadres to realise how it perpetually rejects hallucinators. Here is Sata after willingly denying participation in the NCC, Zambians warned him of becoming irrelevant. They told him to hell with you this country does not evolve around your insulting schedule.Patriotic Zambians responded in numbers and converged to produce a national constitution. Today realising a national resolve, he is hallucinating with orders on the NCC for a 50 plus 1 clause.Now hear me, Zambia doesn’t work on his terms. He can remain in hell and get lost over there for life over the Zambian constitution no one will follow him there except his kaponya.Zambia is bigger than Sata.He opposed Zambia’s independence in 1964 for colonialism he has no national interest.

  61. so the majority have said 50+1 vote is the best and a president will be atleast widly accepted by all 9 provinces,Game over lets see what the cadres in NCC will come up with,if u go otherwise i will make sure i follow you guys in the 2016 election and publicely print your names in the papers that this are the pipo who store our dreams

  62. If RB is popular, why are they afraid of 50%+1?let him prove his popularity then.It worked in Ghana and it can work here.We have alot of cowards in MMD

  63. Please Mangani tell us where the money come from when Nyama soya toured three countries in a week last week.He was in Angola then proceeded to Mozambique and again ended up in Kigali Rwanda.When we start making budget for next year with elections on our mind, we shall include also funds for re-run in case we fail to get a majority presido in the first round.So pipo money will alway be there.50+1 is the answer

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