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RB’s trips rake in $400m investment-Shikapwasha

Headlines RB’s trips rake in $400m investment-Shikapwasha

Information minister Ronnie Shikapwasha

PRESIDENT Rupiah Banda’s foreign trips have generated investment worth more than US$400 million within a period of one year that he has been in power.

Chief Government spokesperson Ronnie Shikapwasha said this in Lusaka yesterday and dismissed assertions by United Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema that the trips had been costly to the country.

Lieutenant-General Shikapwasha said President Banda’s trips had yielded more investments than the cost of the trips while more pledges had been lined up.

In an interview in Lusaka yesterday, Gen Shikapwasha said the K5 billion quoted by Mr Hichilema for each trip was by far lower than the value of the investment even if the figure were true.

Gen Shikapwasha said Mr Hichilema was speaking from a position of ignorance following his sentiments that President Rupiah Banda’s foreign trips were costing the country K5 billion (US$1 million) and not bringing value to the economy.

He said other benefits included job creation and some revenue is aid, which was much higher than K150 billion while some companies were constructing structures.

Gen Shikapwasha said the Government was constructing high schools, hospitals and roads throughout the country.

Gen Shikapwasha said Mr Hichilema should realise that some of the trips were short and cost little money while the returns were much higher.

He said the president had a duty to attract investors from other countries and develop the country instead of sitting in State House while people wanted jobs.

Gen Shikapwasha said the president would not be distracted by Mr Hichilema’s attacks because he was conveniently not stating how much revenue and investment had been brought into the country as a result of the same trips.

Gen Shikapwasha said Mr Hichilema should avoid politicising development efforts, as it was common knowledge that President Banda was working hard to achieve development by promoting the country’s investment potential abroad.

He wondered why Mr Hichilema condemned the recently launched Choma-Namwala road saying it was below standard and yet he was not an engineer.

“That is the problem with Mr Hichilema he talks and then thinks later. The roads the Government is constructing are being used by his company Grant Thornton and himself when he is travelling to Namwala,” Gen Shikapwasha said.

Gen Shikapwasha said the Government had done a lot to ensure that development was speeded up for the benefit of all Zambians.

He said the Government had delivered the bumper harvest at 2.8 million metric tonnes under the leadership of President Banda and this has ensured that there was food security at household level.

Gen Shikapwasa challenged Mr Hichilema to drive around the countryside and observe huge stacks of maize the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) was purchasing from farmers.

[Times of Zambia]

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  1. Can u show us proof that the money u mention is indeed true…also advise how much has been spent.
    Mind you some are just pledges which one can not rely on…

  2. Hahahahaha………………Shikapwasha should honestly to some basic training in accounts.He means to say Banda’s tourism has brought in $400 million within 1 year.Please can he tabulate this.I dont see myself investing a $ anywhere just because of some tourist visited me.
    He shamelessly admits that each trip costs $1million.Now 10 trips in August alone thats $10million or K 50 Billion.
    Just when was the feasibility study for Investors to make such financial committments within a year,what a big joke of the week

  3. The assertion by this air driver Lieutenant-General Shikapwasha that President Banda’s trips have yielded more investments than the cost of the trips is to say the least most ignorant and criminal coming from a man holding such a ministerial post. I honestly wish the likes of Musokotwane should be handling such matters not this lunatic government vuvuzela mouthpiece. To all these trips, there is an opportunity cost that accrues and if you factor it in, you will realise just how useless and costly they are. For example, of what benefit were the trips to Rwanda and Namibia? When Banda leaves next year, people like this air driver must be brought to book, for stupidity!

  4. Mr Shikapwasha:
    HH is not disputing the fact that some of RB’s travels bring in investments. What he has clearly stated is that some of his(RB) trips are wasteful and irrelevant and should be undertaken by his juniors to save on expenses. The other point HH made is that RB is wasting vital time on some of these non essential trips, time he could meaningfully spent addressing important issues at home. How difficult is this to understand? Do you want me to translate this into Lenje or Senga for you and your boss to understand clearly?

  5. Ok RBs trips have become like the defunct Nchito taskforce return over income? HH has already said alone he cannot win so hope he consulted PF before speaking

  6. Yes………, we shall protest against wife bartering and all the things that are wrong in the country. We shall start with those who marry young girls fit to be their grand daughters like yourself. Then move on to those who are shielding criminals like ka Chiluba and Lucy Changwe. Next we shall protest against those women who steal from government as Ghost Workers. The list will continue and the last protest will be next year when you will be kicked out and sent back to your farm.That will be the biggest protest

  7. the amount of development we are witnessing in the country is amazing. the first was under KK and UNIP that we saw growth then FTJ and ba levy some change but under HERB the development is massive and awesome. look at lusaka any corner we see a lot of progressive construction and in the coutryside its new schools hospitals roads. do be jealousy muletasha

  8. Presidential trips RB is undertaking have sufficiently shown good value for money, consolidated national security and much needed goodwill.As a democracy our burgeoning democracy cannot be short of armchair critics no matter their protruding ignorance.This reminds of ambitious President Bill Clinton’s tenure when the GOP critics wasted all their time criticising his economic diplomacy policy.I recall Clinton: Most Expensive Presidential Trip Ever There he goes again. Our globe-trotting president was flying high this month, traveling to Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Oman, and Switzerland. That brings the total out-of-country days for President Clinton, the Traveler-in-Chief, to 212. He’s racked up visits to 66 countries — some more than once — and 2 territories not recognized as…

  9. The Clinton trips were being reported as carrying a price tag: a cool $50 million each as — the “most expensive overseas trips ever taken by a president. What GOP critics were failing to debate like zedian armchair critics was the return in such diplomacy.Republicans said the words above about Clinton but Americans turned them as chaep without foresight against a hardworking Presidency.

  10. To realize our economic emancipation, Zambia with its own economic safeguards has to open up and keep gaining momentum in the Global market place. We need to work with others to harness opportunities and edge that come with economic diplomacy. As much as we are preoccupied with a spirit of realizing and fostering a local enterprising citizenry, the nation has to appreciate acceptance benefit from the Global market place. The treaties, conventions and MOUs RB signs on our behalf have the propensity to give Zambia a strategic edge.

  11. In new world order, nation states and their political actors are faced with a new frontier for economic diplomacy. Zambia is no exception because people will not thrive on political rhetoric and insults. Economic diplomacy and economic security have risen to the top of the Banda administration policy agenda, driven by a mix of political and economic factors. RB strongly understands that economic diplomacy ought to be used to generate and increase economic security. This is of eminent importance given the trend in globalization with new economic powers showing their muscles, stronger each day. Pieces on the chase board have to be moving to realize our economic gain.

  12. I repeat its time cadres here started thinking in a structured manner about the importance of diplomacy for economic life of the nation. Dispensing menus of insults against RB will not do for the embattled opposition politician.

  13. In a world of economic trade wars and scarce investment resources, we are settling for Economic diplomacy which undeniably is in best public interest. We have to be real and thinking about taping from the world. In same vein I strongly feel it is relevant to see that times have changed and will keep changing in a world where combined share of the US and EU (trade), the game makers of the rules for the WTO, will reduce to about one third of world trade by 2025 hence need to stay strategically active. Clearly this can not remain without consequences but becoming proactive in the market place too for our common good.

  14. Why economic Diplomacy matter to land locked mother Zambia?
    In the saturated Global market place decision making processes in the face of trade wars, scarce FDI, stringent technology transfer and resource value addition has increasingly become more complex. As the number of players increases, as does heterogeneity the harder it is becoming to gain from the system. We are talking of a market place with an emergence of new economies with very different institutions and cultural background. These developing trends are changing norms and values creating an impact on international trade, investment and strategic relations. Bilateral and multilateral bonds matter like never before in this paradigm shift.

  15. PRESIDENT Rupiah Banda’s foreign trips have generated investment worth more than US$400 million within a period of one year that he has been in power.KATWISHI???????????????????????????????
    Makes no sense for two reasons:
    (1)) ZERO job creation/growth
    (2)Standard of living has not moved up north

  16. RB’s economic Diplomacy is an asset to the country. With certainty we believe our developing economy will soon integrate into existing Global systems, but while we do so we will play a significant role in changing the system and its norms, institutions and what-not with it.

    We have prepared for shifts in relative global economic power, and the expected changes in the context and frameworks for economic diplomacy.

  17. This country cannot afford to depart from the growing Global trend of economic diplomacy and settle for isolation and nationalism utopia Marxist tabloids and clueless populist oppositions are propagating. Global economic interdependence urges states to put economic diplomacy at the forefront of their foreign policy agenda an issue RB understands better. The truth is that this era of globalization has significantly raised the importance of economic diplomacy. The system is of interdependence on the level of a country’s economic interactions with the rest of the world.

  18. Economic growth like reforms is sposmodic in nature. Certainly it does not come by a mere word of a populist statement that there is more money in your pocket. Here in the US we have seen the pain and snail recovery despite all the vesture of stimulus from the Obama administration, American entrepreneur spirit and resilience of capitalism . Actually the USA economy is in a jobless recovery and that has not stopped the Tea party from their gigs. Zambia is on the right path to Greatness.

  19. How annoying after reading constructive and well articulated views of the likes of Mrs NYAMA SOYA, Kabaso Musumali and WANZELU just to see these 6 cadre postings of the so-called Senior Citizen. You’re a disgrace to our country Zambia. All you do is yes Bwana, Yes Bwana, Muzungu anikonde type or antics, RB anikonde. What HH said the other day has got nothing to do with what this renegade disgraced Shikapwasha who has not even fought in any war as an air-man was saying. Now we know why the military people in our country are so docile. They are all YES BWANA soildiers. Imagine Shikapwasha when he was in charge of ZAF, what a waste. Leave people with brians like Musokotwane and Mutati to comment investment. To you disgraced Senior Citizen, what wrongs do you think RB has done or is doing?

  20. @ Senior Citizen

    Are you even reading the trash you are posting? u r just posting senseless things, name atleast 10 things these trips have generated in the country from all the tours he has been to, also state how much is spent on each of these tours. I hope you are not as Dull as Shikapwasha!

  21. Its time for us to apply ourselves on the international stage. We have to perfect in the use of political influence and relationships to promote and influence international trade and investments, to improve on functioning of markets and to address market failures against us and also to reduce costs and risks of cross border transactions. Always our economic diplomacy will be premised on commercial policy and many activities of non governmental organisations (NGO’s) we treasure in our successful democracy.

  22. Under RB’s economic Diplomacy with a good MMD foreign policy doctrine, the country is getting smarter in the use of economic assets and relationships to increase and strengthen the mutual benefits of cooperation and politically stable relationships. By and with this we are fostering national prosperity and much critical economic security. Times as this deserve leadership that is internationalist than clueless utopia driven populist. This is why popularly Zambians see no alternative in the arena other than RB for 5 more years of hope, stability, unity and progress.

  23. # 24

    To this so called Senior Citizen thinking, RB is always right and never does any wrongs, Shame on u Senior Citizen, with ur level of thinking, I wonder how u found urself there,am sure it was through RB.

  24. Yes economic growth like reforms is spasmodic in nature. Zambia like many rational minds are rightly deducting is on the path to Greatness.

  25. I reckon the Chainama of the USA can’t cure your madness Senior Citizen because it seems this copy and paste you’re posting is increasingly becoming worrying and hope your brains are intact there. Ms Lubinda has challenged you to at least name even 5 things that you’re supporting and a rough estimate of his investment trips, going to Swaziland one of the poorest country in the Sub Sahara with the King Marrying every year. Shame

  26. No doubt dogmatic lazy bones here wishfully pandering to the fantasy of more money in the pocket “abracadabra” will forever remain disillusioned and in denial until Jesus comes. It takes hard work and purpose in life to make a difference. Arise and tap into the many opportunities in the land.

  27. Just the multi billion Kwacha capital projects the Banda administration is undertaking across the country among them expansion of 26 health centers to Hospital status, construction of power stations, new Lusaka’s Munali Hospital, Chongwe hospital, M8 road, Mongu-Kalabo-Angola, Chipata-Mfuwe road, Choma-Namwala road, more schools and bridges are big business opportunities and triggering economic life ingenuous citizens will keep taping into while you are whinnying 24/7.

  28. Dear PF cadres,

    A brotherly counsel here for you: Presidents lead in fostering opportunities in the country and not stuffing money in the pockets of none productive cadres. Untill you realize the kind of rubbish in the more money in the pocket “abracadabra” Sata has been feeding you, yours may remain a life of bitterness, envy, failure, crisis, denial, distress and hopelessness in all fronts. Young as you are you have given in to vanity and bitterness.

  29. SC: We are not disputing that economic diplomacy is beneficial to the country. What HH and all reasonable Zambians are asking is that is it necessary for the president alone to be undertaking these diplomatic trips. in the USA the secretary of state and other trade emissaries carry such functions and the president travels only when it is necessary. Bill Clinton or ant other American president has never been on a trip to go and watch naked women (in Swaziland), watch football matches or have their knees checked. Presidential trips cost a lot of money and a developing economy like ours can not afford it. No wonder donors are not happy and have demanded that he scales down on these trips.

  30. Shikapwasha should be serious with what investment when 75% – 80% of zambia are in poverty,is he comfirming that the investment he is talking about is just on Paper just to Please themselves?
    Bumper Harvest when mealimeal is still expensive?

  31. Here in the UK the Prime Minister travels with British Airways on foreign trips just to save money. How can a president of a beggar nation afford luxury trips in presidential planes with large unnecessary delegations? Boot-licking has it’s limit, senior Cheat-them …or.. is it Citizen!

  32. This was a story in The Independent newspaper (of the United Kingdom) on 14/01/07
    The Blairs’ first-class freebie… or why British Airways is Tony and Cherie’s favourite airline
    By Marie Woolf, Political Editor
    Sunday, 14 January 2007
    Tony Blair enjoyed free airline upgrades worth thousands of pounds during his controversial holiday to the Miami mansion owned by Robin Gibb, the former Bee Gee, The Independent on Sunday can reveal.
    The Prime Minister yesterday faced fresh accusations of “freeloading” after it emerged that he and Cherie Blair were upgraded by British Airways to first class on two transatlantic flights during the Christmas break.
    MPs said Mr Blair had become a national embarrassment for repeatedly failing to pay his own way.

  33. @35
    Senior Citizen- Uli Mbushi sana. You think any body who is not taking your bate is PF? Some of us belong to churches that forbid us to join political parties. But we shall talk about the affairs because we are also affected.

  34. Mr Blair has taken “free” holidays worth more than £775,000 with wealthy hosts since taking office. They include four holidays at a Barbados villa owned by Sir Cliff Richard.
    Yesterday Mr Blair was accused of using his position to “blag” first class tickets to Miami, where he was staying at a luxurious house owned by Mr Gibb.
    The upgrades are worth thousands of pounds. The cost of a first class return ticket to Miami is around £7,000, compared with an economy fare sold for as little as £350. A business class ticket costs around £3,500, depending on when the ticket is booked.

  35. “Tony Blair has become the ultimate freeloader,” said Norman Baker, Liberal Democrat MP for Lewes. “He seems to have no shame. It’s completely inappropriate for the Prime Minister to behave in this way. Normal people are not upgraded in this way. He is clearly using his position to get yet another freebie. Why doesn’t he just pay his own way like everybody else?”
    The Prime Minister revealed the upgrades in the latest edition of The Register of Members’ Interests, where he said that he paid for the flights to Miami and London himself.

  36. This bwana Senior Citizen is my take on Clinton from Africa.com quoted verbatim on 23 March 1998.
    The Clintons leave Ghana with fond memories

    President Bill Clinton, who yesterday paid a seven-hour visit to Ghana as part of a six-nation African tour, said before departure that the welcome he received “is the largest and warmest he has ever received”.

    “I have traveled all over the world on behalf of the people of the United States…..but the welcome I received in Accra is the largest and warmest I have ever received”.

  37. RB trips wil remain unjustifiable regardles of who talks about them. Good aticulated article from senior citizen. Hw i wish wat he is talking about was the real situation on the ground. He seem 2b a wel paid slave by RB and his tandem of plunderers. Let him not even lie 2u as a US resident, he is just an imposter who has nothng 2do bt blogng. Ths might sound a personal attack bt am jst tryna pump some sence in ths fella.

  38. Good Morning

    Like most bloggers, I also have a problem accepting Gen. Shikapwasha’s statement, especially considering the fact that we are not in a position to verify these figures. It could be true that the trips have been generating a lot of torque but people need to see results being delivered.

    As for the bumper harvest, why would he want us to believe that the government delivered it? I would say credit be given to the hardworking farmers in the first place – they are the backbone, while the government is the head. The FRA is also doing very well by cooperating with the farmers. Otherwise, where food security is concerned, it appears that RB has put good policies in place.

  39. For your information, Senior Citizen, RB was no richer that Kafupi when he became President. We know and it is no secret that his employees at one of his companies (Alan West) went under! He has travelled more than all the other Zambian Presidents (including KK as he travelled in the regions more than international- even then it was on a scheduled QZ)! Even medical checkups were done at UTH and RB??????????????

  40. # 36 Zed unPatriot,

    The sooner i looked at remarks below, i realised you are a kitchen sink kid unfit for an intelligent discourse.

    You wrote and i quote: “Bill Clinton or ant other American president has never been on a trip to go and watch naked women (in Swaziland), watch football matches or have their knees checked. Presidential trips cost a lot of money and a developing economy like ours can not afford it. No wonder donors are not happy and have demanded that he scales down on these trips”end quote.


    Thank you!

  41. Dear all you PF cadres,

    A brotherly counsel here for you: Presidents lead in fostering opportunities in the country and not stuffing money in the pockets of none productive cadres. Untill you realize the kind of rubbish in the more money in the pocket “abracadabra” Sata has been feeding you, yours may remain a life of bitterness, envy, failure, crisis, denial, distress and hopelessness in all fronts. Young as you are you have given in to vanity and bitterness.

  42. # 47 Senior Cheat-them

    You are a real coward. Instead of answering specific questions you keep ducking and posting unintelligent and uncoordinated copied articles. Can you for once use your brain. What makes you think anyone against RB is a PF cadre?

  43. # 50 Zed unPatriot,

    If you expect me to stoop to the level of attending to your sublevel innuendoes below, ideal for like minded kitchen sink kids instead of an intelligent discourse, then you trapped in delusions. I don’t deal with assumptions and innuendoes but substantiable issues. Do you have any fact to your innuendoes below when Mpombo took the shame until he dressed on poor kids at QFM over same lies?

    You wrote and i quote: “Bill Clinton or ant other American president has never been on a trip to go and watch naked women (in Swaziland), watch football matches or have their knees checked. Presidential trips cost a lot of money and a developing economy like ours can not afford it. No wonder donors are not happy and have demanded that he scales down on these trips”end quote.

  44. # 50 Zed unPatriot,

    Come intelligent i will surely give you some minutes of discourse this morning before stepping into my vocation.Show me your issues and brain power i have some few minutes at hand.

  45. @ Senior Citizen

    I feel for you my dear, I dont know if its foolishness or you just lack reasoning, not everybody who opposes ur RB is PF. I had asked you to atleast state even 5 developments we have seen in Zambia as a results of RB tours.

  46. Shikapwasha you are dull. You lay off 2800 and retain 700 employees at Zamtel and you call that job creation? Give us prper statistics rev.

  47. No matter how much you vainly belabor to divert our unflinching patriotic spirit, whenever we have time at hand we remain alive to debunk your protruding ignorance and indelible unpatriotism of PF cadreism anchored on the more money in the pocket “abracadabra” nonsense. We the men and women of valor with the nation at heart are not bothered by you y’all armchair critics overtaken by the demons of innuendoes, bitterness, distress, anguish, envy, delusions and fantasy. You chose to remain trapped when the country is offering so many opportunities to every hard working citizen. Until you realize the kind of rubbish you have been fed of more money in the pocket “abracadabra” you risk remaining remain disillusioned and bitter losers.

  48. # 51 Senior Cheat-them

    First of all let me inform you that I will not sink to your level of using unpalatable language and name calling. If you call yourself intelligent than it shouldn’t be difficult for you to understand my point. RB has made trips in the past to attend some celemony in Swaziland that involves women parading themselves naked. Can you expain what economical value that three days trip to Swaziland had for Zambia? RB is also reported to have made trips to South Africa to have his knee cap checked, can you tell us what economical value that trip had? Can you also explain theeconomic benefit to the nation of RB’s trip to Angola and south Africa to watch football matches?

  49. shame on SC, he really makes me wonder, hes got everyting positive to say about nyama soya, even where there is nothing to say

  50. The one year of RB has been extraordinary, phenomenal, tenacious and of record restorations. All economic cylinders are now firing on full throttle. The country has transitioned away from the years of polarization. Regional and internal harmony has been restored with ingenuity becoming a national virtue. None issue driven titular political parties now have the fear of taking on MMD as single parties instead they are turning to intangible marriages of convenience politically. The battle is against the record achievements of the people’s national ruling MMD and indeed the 1 year wonders of RB.

  51. # 51 Senior Cheat-them

    Can you please replace ‘celemony’ with ‘ceremony’ in my posting on # 57. Some of us are squeezed with time hence we don’t spent a lot of time blogging and checking on spelling errors.

  52. Zed unPatriot,

    Assumption is the lowest level of knowledge. It would be very irresponsible of me to ever vest my time in your nkhani zamukachasu you pick up from taverns. Where disgraced and disillusioned George Mpombo has lied and vainly belabored to dress his lies on poor QFM kids, to you that is substantial information. Learn to strive for credibility in your struggle to realise the more money in your pocket nonsense. You have the right to waffle and hope in vanity but define your character honorably even in delusions.

  53. Zed unPatriot

    I’m not taking you for english critiques as long as i can understand your mental distress, i don’t mind your typos. If anything, i make them too because i type very fast whenever i get time. Hope you have a good day.

  54. Senoir Citizen. Your actions are purely “Sebana wikute” initiatives.You just rant because someone is watching you.You qualification maybe are even from matero.This is enough proof that this is what you were doing when you were at ZNBC.

    By the way,I miss your late Daughter. so much.

  55. # 62 Senior Cheat-them

    There you go again trying to wriggle yourself away from a straight foreward issue. Why bring in Mpombo on issues that were adequately covered in both the famous MMD vuvuzelas(Daily mail & Times of Zambia) and the private media(Post and QFM). Pictures showing RB attending the Swazi ceremony and watching football in Angola are there for some of you who consider him as an unblemished angel to see. So bwana, just answer the questions posed to you instead of waffling!.

  56. You are expecting $400million while you have spent $399million in expenses! Dull shikas. HH is a chartered accountant with MBA. How about shikas. RB nearly barred him from becoming a president because he doesnt have a degree!

  57. You can see the desperation in some bloggers like, “senior citizen” 50 articles, one person, emphasizing half a point. SHAME!

  58. It’s proving rather difficult to navigate around the comments here without senior citizen getting in the way. ! I’m looking for one comment i liked and now i can’t find it!….. It’s senior citizen everywhere ! ..This is one rational actor indeed , and a waste of space.
    I agree with the blogger who mentioned the opportunity cost of these trips. It’s all about priorities and i wonder how much impact this 400mil will have on the man on the street or in the village, compared to staying at home and addressing ‘real’ problems.
    Endemic problems of corruption and red tape which if tackled properly would help tremendously in encouraging investor confidence.
    …….Things are looking beautiful on the outside but rotten at the core!

  59. Senior Citizen

    Remember that ” ZED PATRIOT is UPND and he is just trying to take his frustration on you. We know HH is not going any where.

    As a matter of fact, I just spoke to 2 Senior Advisors to HH last night, part of his inner circle team, which have confined in me that HH wants to resign because of the insults he is getting from the Mazoka Family. I guess UPND need to start looking for who will replace him. I am disappointed with HH, but its his life and decision if he pulls out.


    HH is surrounded by people that are undermining him and ear droping to the Mazaoka Family. This is the reason why Fred M’Membe knows everything that happens behind the door. Poor guy, he does not need to be treated like this by his own team


    HH knows who is doing it but he is too much of a Gentleman to fire or sack these cockroaches in his team going behind him. He needs to stand up.

    Furthermore, some of these chaps are selling intelligence to MMD & PF corners

  62. Only a finished form five general like Shikapwasha can utter such crap.Yes $400 million dollars borught in,how much has been spent on these useless trips.Give us that figure then we compare.$400 million dollars can’t even build a mine like Lumwana and mind you,this amount should be less RB’s expenses on these shady trips.We the younger generation are sick and tired of you old crocks.To hell with all ya!!!..ati investment,what cheap talk!!!

  63. SC. I salute you. Let them understand that it takes a higher level of engagement to enjoy higher level bilateral and multilateral support. Running a country bane is not like running akantemba. Lets give credit where it is due. Batata ba RB you are doing a good job. Long Live bashikulu ba RB.

  64. One thing I like with MMD is that they are out of touch with reality. Even their cadres on LT spend hours and hours here on LT preaching to the choir. What a waste of valuable time instead of answering real questions and doing what the people ask for.

    New report on Zambia,

    Public Expenditures:

    The report states that the continued decline in the economy has caused a squeeze on public expenditures and persistent government deficits for the last 20 years. Even with GDP growth of more than 5 percent a year, the debt-to-GDP ratio is likely to remain disturbingly high, leaving little room for maneuvering public expenditure policies without a major increase in revenues.

    That is the situation Zambia finds itself in. MMD must stop dreaming. Face facts and deal with them.

  65. Indeed any business thrives on what is known as cost and benefit basis. When one begins to justify the fact that RB has brought in so much in the country, then you open up yourself to a pandora of questions. Giving one amount as justification does not auger well it leaves a lot of questions unanswered, such as what is the cost of bringing in the $400 million? for example if it costs $1 bn to bring it $400 m then the business venture is surely not worth it. However, one should talk about national benefits that you cannot impute figures too, such as national visibility as well as fullfilment of national obligations as a community player or member of international community.

  66. It appears Zambia is the only country where the President is constantly on foreign trips in the name of attracting investment. I am not sure I understand the economics around this. Can someone knowledgeable tabulate the trips undertaken by other Presidents of Third-World (or Developing , if you want) Countries in the last one year that RB has been in power.

  67. Am amazed people still try to reason with Senior citizen on anything. He’s in a world of his own where only people like himself and his partner Capitalist in Canada live. Please all you normal people wise up and stop making fools of yourselves, he probably laugh everytime one tries to take him on. Anyone ever tried to debate with a drunk? epompelele.

  68. @ #83 msana wanzili

    I know you are still at pain knowing you cant deal with the fact that senior citizen is just too smart for you. He is too smart for you in all levels of debate and the only way you think you can debunk him is serving him insults from the PF menu of insults (the same menu Kalos2121 uses).

    I know it must be hard for you trying to debate someone who is far ahead of you to comprehend. It is very painful for you knowing that whatever sub-level point you bring up, it is easily defeated by senior citizen’s intelligent points.

    Here is my advice to you, don’t follow Kalos2121’s level of hooliganism, instead try to read as much as possible. Develop a habit of reading and you might find you’ll be enlightened.

  69. #59. You are right when you say, “pansaka tapabula ciwelewele”. But ubuwelewele bumo bwabusushi sana- ubwaku sinkinga mumatako yamunobe! In short we must be realistic in the way we ****-lick. Put it this way- a few days ago I received a txt message from my sister telling that mum has been admitted in hospital with a fructured leg. Mum is in her 70s she fail on steps and fructured her leg. My sister said I should send money to pay for her X-Ray to be done before they could start treating her. Now, b4 the message was sent, something here happened on which I spent whole the money- in short I could not send it. Now, imagine the pain she is undergoing while waiting for the treatment possibility. She can’t go to South Africa like RB who even goes there for a knee-check. But, thats Zambia for…

  70. from#87…Now, to have someone like senior citizen mocking others is rather inhuman and down right fuulish. Can you imagine a situation where a country cannot have social security policies to at least help the vulnerable elderly citizen? Why should an old person in Zambia not get treated because she hasn’t paid for treatment, but the president travel to another posh country for a knee checkup? These are the things really sickening with this mmd govt.

  71. “Mum is in her 70s she fail on steps and fructured her leg. My sister said I should send money to pay for her X-Ray to be done before they could start treating her. Now, b4 the message was sent, something here happened on which I spent whole the money- in short I could not send it” end Peter.

    Peter # 87,

    You and your mum mulifinangwa. Don’t tell us that the 1 year of Rupiah has made you poor to the level where you cannot afford your basic responsibility. At 70 years old your mother has nothing to her name to pay for a cheap X-Ray. As if not enough, you who has been preoccupied here with insults on Rupiah you mean your years in the Diaspora has no saving to folk out an emergency US $100.00 call bill? If you are that poor then why do you waste your time blogging insults around…

  72. If you are that poor then why do you waste your time blogging insults around the clock instead of chasing opportunities? Your family must be of ifiwelewele unless you believe insults will turn your misfortune.

  73. #90. I knew there was going to be a chap such you. Don’t just assume. You have totally misunderstood my simple and straight forward English. I am talking about the responsibilities of a govt with civilised leaders. I do not depend on the Zambian govt. Neither, do my parents. In fact the money diaspora people send to Zambia makes the govt depend on the people who send monies. I know most of you chaps are contented and gotten used to what your parents steal from tax-payers’. Credible govts must have a responsibility to their at least vulnerable people otherwise they are doing nothing as a govt.

  74. # 87
    Whats your point?
    An x-ray costs k25,000 ($5).Surely you want GRZ to fund this?You are a very irresponsible chap,including your sister in zed.

  75. 90&91 very typical, ubupuba at its fullest. I feel sorry for people like you always kissing a s s even when you shouldn’t. How do you call someone’s family ifiwelewele? You are the scum of the earth,no manners whatsoever not even good ones, low class MF

  76. why is it so hard to believe the $400 mil amount, imwe these days investors deal in billions, the returns from these investments will probably be in the billions, remember investment is not charity its buisness

  77. Let the man do his job he need’s to travel, presidentsall around the world travel to help develope there countries,
    are some of you posting for fun or you gat nothing to do on the net…..i feel sorry for most Zambian’s even after staying overseas you can’t get it……its such a waste to our great nation Zambia….Do what you have to do RB.

  78. Since when is begging something to be proud of. RB and his cronies ought to be ashamed. Its like having a relative going from relative to relative with the same old story about “my children don’t have money for school, the rains didnt come so we have no food”. Stop embarrassing Zambia, you have failed to bring tangible development to Zambia.

  79. Mac

    You surprise me. Zambia is one of the poorest countries on earth. The UK, where I am, the USA, and all of Europe, who make the richest nations, are all spenidng sleepless nights to figure out how to cut government spending so that they can contain their deficits and improve the lives of their citizens.

    Yet for poor Zambia, the Sensesless President is busy spending sleepless nights figuring out and plotting how to deplete the little resources in government coffers, through aimless bogus travel, with no due consideration of the standard of living of the majority of the country’s citizens in the rural areas, and the status of our country on the world economic stage.

    I fail to understand why it is difficult for him to see and let alone compare how under-developed our nation…

Comments are closed.

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