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Chipata man burns his sons

Rural News Chipata man burns his sons

Welcome to Chipata
Welcome to Chipata

Two male juveniles are nursing serious burns in Chipata general hospital after their father allegedly poured petrol on them and set them ablaze in Nabvitika compound yesterday.

Eastern Commissioner of Police Grace Chipalila confirmed to ZANIS in Chipata today and named the two as Greenford Zulu aged eight and Gift Zulu aged five.

Mrs. Chipalila said the boys sustained 99 and 86 percent burns respectively and described their condition as critical.

She said the father to the boys fled after the incident.

Mrs. Chipalila said the incident happened around 03:00 hours when the father of the boys, Pemphani Zulu of Nabvutika compound, poured petrol on them and set them ablaze.

She further stated that the incident was reported to the police by a neighbour, Emelia Mkandawire also of Nabvutika compound around 04:30 hours.

Mrs. Chipalila said the motive of the setting of the children ablaze has not yet been established as Zulu is still on the run.

Meanwhile, police in Chipata district have arrested a man of Pasikereta village in Mchinji in Malawi for defiling a13 year old girl of Paramount Chief Mpezeni’s area.

Mrs. Chipalila said Samuel Phiri is alleged to have defiled the minor at an unknown place on Monday, March 19 2012.

The incident was reported by the father of the victim to the police on the same day and Phiri was arrested the following day.

She said the man was in police custody and will appear in court soon.



  1. Very foolish man indeed,after the boys have already grown and who knows they could have become the Kalaba`s of this world. He deserves no mercy once caught.

  2. Iam a Malawian and I say that this man is foolish Full stop. Iam ashamed of this man. Zambians and Malawians are peace loving people.

  3. Could it be an accident? Where by the father was illegally selling petrol and after spilling it and the children caught fire he bouted out of confusion and fear? If this is not the case and this man did this on purpose, it is too extreme and he should first be evaluated by a psychiatric doctor before trial! I am shocked and I just pray to Jehovah our God for the health of these 2 innocent souls.

  4. The number of evil men in Zambia is rapidly increasing.Talk of police officers impregnanting and abundoning 30 school going girls at once.Where are we heading to?

  5. May God restore the health of these children in the shortest time possible…! I hope police will bring the man to book soon. Children cannot cause so much anger in a normal human being to the extent of burning them. Everything children do is about learning – and through that process they make mistakes – they are entitled to make mistakes!! They should just be corrected properly and shown the right way…very upsetting situation…!

  6. He should be caged and burned the same way he did to those beautiful innocent souls. Why have children when you cannot afford??


  8. Some men are damn fools. How do you burn your own children? Some people are ready to do all sorts of things just to conceive and there is a fool of a man burning his own kids. Jail should be your destiny. Foolish man.

  9. The name of the village suggests the incident…Nabvutika…what do you expect if you grow up in that neighborhood??

  10. Hopeless name for a residential area, consider changing it. You should take a leaf from the people of Chipulukusu in Ndola, who wanted to improve their lives by beginning with the change of name for their area. From ‘Kwa’ Chipulukusu to ‘Ku’ Mapalo

  11. Nabvutika compound eh..the name explains all the evil in that place. Anyhow if the man wabvutika he shud never take his frustration to the kids, better he commits suicide himself , those kids the Govt can look after them. Number 3, why liken the kids to Kalaba, is kalaba a great man, better say those kids might be RB , SATA or mugabe of this world

  12. ninjala..you voted for Pf thinking it would deliver and sold your birthrights..hahahaha..you disowned RB..

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