Fuel prices increase in Chongwe

Deserted Fuel Station
Fuel Station

The price of fuel has been increased in Chongwe district of Lusaka Province following the rebasing of the Kwacha.
Petrol has gone up by 0.06% and diesel by 0.05%.

A check by ZANIS at Kobil and Mount Meru service stations found that petrol was selling at KR8.16 (K8,160) from K8,155 per litre.

And diesel was selling at KR7.57 (K7570) from K 7566 per litre.

The increase has come about as a result of rounding off the rebased pump price to two decimal places instead of rebasing it to three decimal places in order to match with the old price.

Motorists interviewed said the increment should be reversed because it would incite other sellers of goods and services to increase prices.

Fuel attendants at Mount Meru said they have been given the new rebased pump price by the Energy Regulation Board (ERB) while those at Kobil refused to comment on the development.

And the two service stations are not displaying the fuel pump price in both the rebased and the old currency as per government directive.

Efforts to get a comment from the ERB in Lusaka failed by press time.



  1. This is where the government must step in hard and prosecute the crooks involved in overcharging Zambians to show that nonsense will not be tolerated.

  2. Zambians this is what you had chosen so just get used to it for some few years to come. Your choice is affecting you badly Zambia, next time vote wisely.

    Tekumfwa fye icimuntu cal wowota sana imwe entungulshi iyi see now what you have put your self into. Lwenu

  3. This is a tough one. I think it is a self-adjusting effect of the rebasing. I doubt we can manage to keep paying for goods and services like we are trading currencies; that will be difficult. However, I hope that a mechanism can be put in place for government to absorb some of the costs of this practice by considering essential goods and services (food, fuel, essential services like healthcare, etc.). This way there will be an orderly transition into the new dispensation…

  4. ERB,whats your take on this?Do some of these things needs the president come in?Are you really working or you are just there to fatten you berries and homes?wake up people and stop sleeping.This is not just in chongwe,even in Lusaka at castle puma filling station the fuel price has been increased.shame

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