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ZICA nullifies the December 2013 examinations following leakage reports

General News ZICA nullifies the December 2013 examinations following leakage reports

Zambia Institute of Chartered Accounts (ZICA) President Frederick Banda has announced that the December examinations have been nullified due to leakage of examination papers.

Mr. Banda said ZICA instituted investigations following reports of leakage of examination papers and established that five out of the 20 papers, representing 25% of the examination papers were tampered with by people.

This is contained in a press statement made available to ZANIS Lusaka today by ZICA President Frederick Banda.

He said ZICA has decided to preserve the dignity of the ZICA qualification by nullification of the December examination papers saying they cannot allow a few students to engage in criminal activities and dent the good image of ZICA.

Mr. Banda said ZICA has a duty to the public to ensure that only generously qualified people should be admitted in the ranks of the accountancy profession hence it has regretted the inconvenience caused to many students by the action taken.

He said they have since referred the matter to the law enforcement agencies to help with investigations adding that ZICA wants to ensure that they produce accountants of the highest level of personal integrity.

Mr. Banda has since commended the affected students who came forward to complain to ZICA.

He said another examination session will be held in March 2014 for the students who have been affected to ensure that there is a level playing field for all the students and that the timetable will be announced in the student accountant magazine.



  1. Does that mean evry party of the country is affected? Here in ndola we did not have such though we had that at zcas in lusaka that’s where it happened. In my case I have sacrificed a lot in terms of studying. I don’t attend any tuitions. Its self study . Why should I bare another man’s burden? Am not Jesus

  2. Job well done ZICA. Integrity is key to all ZICA students.
    I am a happy man to hear that things have turned into nullification coz that will give me enough time to prepare and massacre P3 which I knew I failed.. Job well done once again ZICA

  3. Good, ZICA. Do not be like the Ministry of Education which, at one time, tolerated leakages to an extent that leakages were alomost becoming normal. No. You did well, ZICA.

    Faith of our fathers – Zambians deserve integrity. Sometime for you to read some more so you can get a genuine distinction. By the way, Faith of our Fathers- there is internet and mobile phones to facilitate rapid communication of information across long distances. Ndola and Lusaka are only 360km apart!! Are you a beneficiary of leakage? Too bad, if you are.

  4. I understand that one their stupid exam papers was a mock exam at ZCAS exactly three weeks before the actual exam. From here I can deduce that ZICA has a bunch of 1diots as examiners. No wonder some people think ZICA is inferior to ACCA/CIMA and University degrees.

    ZCAS is another culprit. You want to produce 100% pass rates by leaking papers through mock exams.

  5. FYI!!!

    I have a university degree in accountancy and also pursuing ZICA professional qualification but believe me university exams are easier to pass than the ZICA professional qualification so this information is key to all people and employers who think ZICA qualification if is inferior to ACCA/CIMA and degrees. I am a proud ZICA student!!!!

  6. I strongly believe ZICA is failing its mandate here. How can can the same instition be a regulatory body and an examining body? Its either ZICA has to much on its plate to handle or the guys have thrown proffesionalism on the window by involving themselves in the conflict of interest. By law you can not practice without being a ZICA member which is the opposite according to what is happening on the ground and now its the leakage of the exams. ZICA needs a serious complete overhaul before accountants in the country can be taken for a joke.

    • Zambian Accountants are already a joke especially those with a ZICA gon’ga Qualification! Can a ZICA trained Accountant compose a sensible Financial Document for World Bank or IMF? ZICA is a book keeping qualification – just forget it!

    • Weshilu we, how can you say that mambala iwe. ZICA is a good respected paper and can be not be compared to either ACCA or CIMA. Fuseki!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and just get lost with whatever simple paper you have.

    • Wat’s up you guys, stop jokes. 1+1=2 with ZICA, is there a different answer for ACCA?
      what happened is just a crime
      Enjoy wisely.

  7. Well done. Abash leakages. Very good lesson to people like steven Masumba who always want 2 use short cut In education. Thax zica

  8. am not a beneficiary and more over am reliably told what leaked were p papers as for me I was writing last two L papers which out of my hard work I know i hav managed to get gentleman’s pass(50%) and was looking forward to kick start my studies come monday tomorrow(p papers). My objective was to retire zica by december 2014, what a draw back. Whoever leaked the exams is a murderer, has disturbed my objective.

  9. Where is Kabeta on this? Forget about Banda but the real architects of this shoddy piece of work are Chintu Mulendema and Kabeta! This has been going on for a long time now – so you need a overhall of the entire ZICA structure from roots to branches!
    This is proof that Zambians cant manage anything! Even exams they plagriarise AAT questions – where is originality by the examiners?
    Just do ACCA or CIMA not this fake ZICA!

  10. Ba muvi help us the weak
    Post this……zica exams

  11. Its important to support the effort towards the integrity of the qualifications its important for ZICA and its center to participate in the pledge to maintain the integrity of the qualifications Having an examining council will help the institution and having a pledge signed by examiners will help zica enshrine and take legal action against

    Those of Us who begun with Natech under Mr Chifwanakeni Mr Bowa s Mgt accounting and Kabeta s mgt courses can say the qualifications was challenging before we moved on to ACCA and CFA/MBA Lets support them by reading and adhering to the pledge on protecting the integrity of the qualification

    It was one of the most feared qualification at ZIBSIP

  12. its the students who have much to protect the integrity of the qualification reporting candidates and tutors who want to have unfair advantage of the exams redesigning and simulating the exam papers to the answer sheet will help the integrity of the exams censoring and banning institutions and candidates from further participation in the exams.Its will be helpful to also have two exam centres like a comference hall for the Lusaka or copperbelt students and take exams simultaneously Zica should also actively monitor institutions to afford any rehearsed exams as observed above.
    Promotion of the qualification and its rigor in the region out not just Lusaka and Kitwe will help make it…

  13. I remember the master class we had at ZIBSIP at Natech was very dedicated producing quality and knowledge retained students We loved the lecturers from visiting lecturers from CBU and from UK scoring NATECH to some of us made us the way we are today and greatful to ZICA through that initial step

    Then in Room R 23 at Zcas with the help of Dr Rao and the good master class we hard produced the best students from ZCAS ever.It was not about reakages but careful study and enjoying the manuals to the later.

    If one ought to be confident as an accountant without hinding to face people studing and enjoying the qualifications puts you in the mood remembering everthing all the…

  14. For some of us the NATECH qualification was a stepping to our Fellow member of ACCA and Fellow member of ZICA and Member of CFA institute a passage to an MBA studies ,looking back to the colleague life and being crowned by the late MR Chisanga was a lasting impression of the life to come in the profession looking bolding and not being found wanting because of the above avoiding the many embarrassments and questions that come with a craftly passed exam that gives an urgly face and disposition full of endurance
    It was about enjoying the course and being passionate about the courses lecturers and often respecting each colleague to the liking of our mentor lectures who still recall

  15. Its very encouraging dat ZICA am examination board with trust so much have take is action, that shows dat de integrity of our qualification is still intact. Although it will surely affect de academic calender, it could hav been better in ZICA can bring de examination forward to jan or Feb so that we still hav tome to prepare for the june examinations, or the june exams will be greatly affected. Hope and trust that ZICA will look carefully look at there internal controls because this must have started from there

  16. Though the nullification is a step in the right direction, it is unfair for some of us who were sitting for papers that are not affected by the leakages. It is difficulty to divide time to be at the office and to study to resit the paper that I know that it is a done deal.

  17. What SHAME TO ZCAS!Be Professional and serve the public with integrity, yesterday it was Dirty Movies and today its leakage. Its a BIG SHAME to ZICA too.ZICA should have permanent and pensionable examiners and NOT Examiners who are also tutors at these institution.

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  19. It’s a good thing that the Dec exams have been nullified, bad for those who depend on leakages coz they want to pass even when they dont understand what is reqired of them, these are the same pipo who’re involved in dubious dealings coz they are not afraid to loose a qualification dubiously acquired. Believe me those who acquire the qualification through hardwork are more committed & dedicated to work and they value what they have. Bravo Zica, its not an easy task to cancel exams en bearing the costs. just like the Zica president said “there is no price for integrity”.

  20. Very frustrating and indeed disturbing, Zica qualication is nt be trusted anymore bt only those that did Natech.

  21. write off zcas on the zambian Accounting Board…. its not the only school in zambia that can produce accounts or have tutors that are educated,because if it was an other shcool from say the copperbelt we would not have things has the exams being nullified. us the innocent have been affected all over zambia

  22. Somehow i think its ZICA to blame, how do you have examers being the same as the same lecturers at various school…its only common sense that the lecturers will spill the beans regarding the papers the prepared to their students do not you think?

  23. It was unprecedented, hope ZICA will work effectively to see to it that it does not repeat. I like ZICA exams……

  24. The institution is to be blamed.For the leakag to happen,it means that this accounting board is weak.It did not put strong measures to prevent this problem.So it is an unfair move to nullify the exams.Those who are happy with the move know they failed.

  25. due to financial difficulties , i was set for completion of my acca course this june to avoid accomodation challenges which is so expensive coz i leave very far from school. now since the exams have be nullified , can zica please tell me the way forward with my career?

  26. ZICA you’ve disturbed my programmes.problem kaso ba zica,u cudnt produce at least 3 different papers for each course in case of any leakages.chinto niku faka ndalama mumandumba……weak controls.

  27. Atleast zica has faugth the leakage head-on .next time, fight on the platform of prevention. Bamambala ku bisama muma likage mulekeletu,swin !

  28. what has been done to the offenders who have made these leakages available? and what punishment has been given to zcas ?

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