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Triple V Mongu outing ends ugly for B Flow

Headlines Triple V Mongu outing ends ugly for B Flow


Musicians B Flow and Kachanana last Saturday left Mongu residents begging for more when they performed at the Triple V Concert at Mulambwa Ground.
The day which started on a rather good note, however, ended with bad scenes as excited fans smashed the screen of B Flow’s vehicle when he tried to make his way out, around 17:00 hours.
This was after the musician’s vehicle, which was mobbed by fans, mainly teenagers, got stuck in sand.
In no time, the security team which was helping police to keep order at the venue came to his aid, but as soon as he got on an alternative vehicle, some fans started stoning the stuck car.
B-Flow posted this on his Facebook page:

“Here’s what really happened in Mongu…I did not go for a political rally. I went to teach.
Some of you may be aware that we are doing countrywide concerts dubbed “Triple V” (My Vote, My Voice, My Victory) under the go out and vote project.
So I went to do my civic duties as a conscious artist/Activist in Mongu on Saturday, and thousands of people came to watch as we performed(as you can see in the pucture). However, at the end of the show, it was difficult for security to get me to where my car was parked because there were too many people that wanted to take pictures with me. After a lot of effort, I got in the car but it got stuck in the Mongu sand, so I was taken into a different car and I left. My manager and some bouncers remained to get the car out of the sand, then some malicious people appeared and began stopping them from moving the car, because they wanted money and t-shirts from B Flow. My team got the car out and tried to escape the “bad gang” but they were stoned and the rear windscreen was damaged. Thank God the gang leader and two others were arrested. Don’t worry about me, am very fine and now in Lusaka. Don’t even worry about the car; material things come and go but the love of Christ stays with us forever brothers and sisters. Thanks to the fans that came to support us. Chant it on!”
The organisations include the Zambia National Women’s Lobby (ZNWL), Anti-Voter Apathy Project (AVAP), Operation Young Vote (OYV) and Young Women in Action (YWA).
So far, four concerts have been held in Chipata, Lusaka, Kabwe and Mongu by artistes Macky 2, Slap D, Mampi, Kachanana, B Flow and Chef.





  1. Its folly to take your own vehicle to a music concert when you are performing…at least you have learnt a valuable lesson!!

  2. Cars are insured ba jj. Do you still worry about cars? If a zambian can say dont worry about material things, why should a person living overseas worry. This just expose how you are suffering in diaspora.

    • What do you have against Zambians living in diaspora? What is your problem if they are suffering or not? Zambians, whether living outside or within Zambia have the same rights to express their opinions on issues pertaining to Zambia. If you want to criticize an opinion just do so without adding anything to do with anyone’s status, place of abode or identity.

  3. If you understand things like this, it means you put trust in God. And never be moved by material things because they just come and go.If you had acquired your car through the hand of God, you will receive a beautiful one more than that.

  4. People must not forget that Musicians have a light to vote and to support candidates of there choice. Therefore, never victimize them just because they have not picked you as their leader. The most important thing is to let God open up the doors for you. Then, you will be a victorious leader and you will never lucky.May our heavenly father God help us all as we are going into 2016 general elections.Musicians,continue to sing songs of unifying aspiring candidates ad cadres countrywide even beyond. AMEN

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