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The media has become lazy and an easy target for advancing falsehoods-Nakacinda

General News The media has become lazy and an easy target for advancing falsehoods-Nakacinda

Raphael Nakacinda
Raphael Nakacinda

The MMD has challenged the media to start going a step further when reporting on issues that have documents such as Court cases as opposed to resorting to reporting on hear-say propagated by individuals.

Speaking at a media briefing MMD National Secretary Rapheal Nakacinda said former Party President Nevers Mumba is using the media to spine lies about the Court rulings of which the media has fallen for because they have become lazy and an easy target for advancing his falsehoods.

Mr Nakacinda said Dr Mumba will use anything at his disposal to advance his interest and that the media has become an easy target because of reporting what they are told without checking for facts even when the facts are in their face.

Dr Mumba on Thursday claimed to be the rightful leader of the former ruling party and called on the current Party President who was elected at a party convention Felix Mutati to “respect the law”.

But Mr Nakacinda who was elected as the National Secretary described Dr Mumba’s attempt to confuse members of the public and those from the party as contemptuous as the former pastor has deliberately chosen to misinterpret the ruling to suit his personal interest.

Mr Nakacinda said the ruling which was given verbally by the Supreme Court and will be ready on 3rd August did not in anyway reinstate Dr Mumba and his cronies as party officials but just sent it back to the High Court hence Dr Mumba should be arrested for putting words in the judge’s mouth.

Mr Nakacinda said the legal position after Supreme Court ruling has not varied with that of the High Court and that members of the party should remain calm.

“The Supreme Court yesterday, after our lawyers indicated that they would not object to Dr. Nevers Mumba presenting his case again to the High Court for reconsideration, to allow him to exhaust his right to be heard. The issue of the injunction he had earlier on sought was not part of the Ruling and therefore the attempt to stop President Felix Mutati was not even entertained.

“The challenge on the registration of President Felix Mutati as President and Me who by the way was duly elected at a national convention as National Secretary respectively of the MMD was not interfered with by the Supreme Court and therefore the Ruling by Mrs. Justice Nicola Sharpe-Phiri which dismissed Dr. Mumba’s challenge is still the law.

“In short nothing has changed and President Felix Mutati and his team are still firmly in charge of the MMD. The full written Ruling of the Supreme Court will be available on Wednesday 3rd August 2016,”. Nakacinda said.

Appearing on radio Phoenix Thursday morning in what has become his usual style Dr Mumba announced that the courts have reinstated him as party President and that Mr Mutati’s action was treasonable.

He also called Dr Mumba to stop using innocent women like Winnie Zalomis to advance his personal interest

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  1. Indeed we have issues with some sections of the Press! No wonder some which were previously respected have now be described to be mere “gossip tabloids”! How can a respected newspaper publish false hoods linked to election rigging – such a sensitive issue without checking facts? A newspaper alleges foreigners to have been registered in large numbers (500,000??)when the reality is that some party has been in voting buying and disenfranchising registered voters and had twisted the story to create ground for mayhem after confirming the looming loss! And they call that investigative journalism…what investigation when the aim is just to raise alarm and endanger the peace of the country?? SOME OF them are NOT JUST LAZY but WICKED TOO!!

    • Wake up cadre, rigging is not only ballots. Educate yourself. Lungu has ZNBC, Daily Mail/Nation, Times, ZAF, the Police all in his pocket.

    • Is it when it is dawning on you? Everybody knows that. The problem with some people like you is that you are the “Chiwamila galu” type. Now that it is on you, you cry foul. Well, do something about it, don’t just lament!

  2. Well I said it yesterday. And these good for nothing noise makers also known as opposition.leaders Nervous and underfive boy cannot cheat me. Uko kwine ba mishiiba!

    • may I add, ZWD, Post Newspaper. The ones you have mentioned favour ECL while the ones I have added favour HH.

  3. After a soccer match I get a phone call from some reporter for results. The following day the story is headline with scorers who were actually not in the line ups

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