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Magnitude 6.1 quake hits Zambia

General News Magnitude 6.1 quake hits Zambia

An earthquake of magnitude 5.7 struck the southern area of Lake Tanganyika early today, the US Geological Survey said.

The epicenter of the quake, initially reported as a magnitude 6.1, was in a national park area in northern Zambia close to Lake Tanganyika.

The quake, which struck at 02:32 am, could be felt across the lake in Tanzania and to the north in the neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo, the USGS said.

It was very shallow, at a depth of only 10km, which would have magnified its effect, but a magnitude 5.7 quake is considered moderate.

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  1. Pray there is no loss of life….beauty with us is that these areas will be largely underpopulated as everyone has migrated to Lusaka

    • Awe ifingelengwe fyachilamo mu pf, army worms, red locusts now earthquakes, nikwi tulelola nimwa PF= Pharaoh Fulufulu.

    • @Babulima my problem exactly with this kind of reporting. I’ve never head of an earthquake hitting USA or Iran or Italy. The report would usually localise it to the extent its felt. LT lazy reporters are sensationalising it when its not felt at maybe even 50km from its epicentre.

    • This must be the quake that damaged the rufunsa roads in advance according to the manufacturers of unprecedented infrastructure development.

  2. Lets hope Abaloshi (witches) were not involved because they can also generate some kind of rumbling vibration when they are fighting under ground……. I believe and pray there was no loss of life even animals lives.

  3. You people just as I was saying last night, since illegal lungu and pf took over we have had disasters from day one. This is a sign from the gods that they are not happy with the current illegal leadership. If its not flooding then it’s women killing. Zambia is headed for doom under lungu. Let us save Zambia. Let the petition be heard. I greet you all from leeds United Kingdom

    • NEZ! You always talk about dark forces, are you associated with them? As the matter of facts, the only people who are not happy with Lungu’s presidency are the UPND followers. Don’t tell me UPND’s gods are the ones doing all these bad things.

    • It has been discovered that over exposure to cow dung causing terminal hallucination and brain damage. I now understand why most UPND people seem so confused an out touch with reality. i am also told there no cure for it, so it is a type of madness disease that good thinking and meaning Zambia will have to ignore.

    • Kambwili Dr in brackets that is classical fall from grace, from a minister, government spokesperson to a social commentator on lusaka times, those are darker secret forces in pf at play. Pf gods have really messed you up.

    • I think iwe wikala ku LEEDS YAKU DUNDUMWEZI and not LEEDS YAKU ENGLAND. Earth quakes occur almost every week in other places and you want to attribute this quake to PF and Lungu. That is why mukafwilafye mu opposition ifyo fine while people with brains like Lifwekelo leave you and move on.

    • Don’t be ignorant, you never learnt geography? Get back to your books…. This has got nothing to do with LUNGU. The magnitude 6.1 earthquake occurred in three countries

  4. The other day EC Lungu capitulated in Livingstone that he is not president of the whole Zambia. PF Lungu is making a fact statement and will remain so as president of half Zambia. Those who do not believe Lungu’s admission are delusional with facts.

    • Earthquakes have NOTHING TO DO with laziness in the Zambian met office…Ignorant man. Where did you not go to school.?

  5. The Zambia Geological dept handle these areas using seismometers to monitor tectonic movements. GIS and satellite imagery which the Met dept also have can be used to assess the effects of the quake. Met to assess effects and Geological dept to monitor. Truth be told the mining sector in Zambia have this monitoring equipment, govt need to work closer with mining sector to monitor otherwise we might have a problem in the future.

  6. Its so fun that some foolish pipo who write comments on this platform about whatever is happening in our country are blaming the current govt. I used to work and stay in Mbala from 1993 up to 1997, we used to experience such things and no one I repeat used to blame the govt in power by then. Ask anyone who resides in places like who tell u that this thing has happening. Shame on number 3 (nez) for being shallow minded by putting the blame of the current govt. Go back to school and learn Geograph properly maybe u gonna under stander the real cause.

  7. Mpulungu is my home town I have relatives as far as Nsumbu why has no one said that Zambia is affected? If it happened Zambia is not affected or may it was just partial.

  8. What dark forces? All you do is count the misfortunes and ignore the blessings. With all these good rains, to me Zambia is experiencing more than a fair share of its blessings. With plentiful water, everything else falls into place. Even my hill brook/stream which ‘died’ two years ago is coming back to life. Nizachaya tomato, mumvelako chabe. Praise be to thee. Btw, looks like the weather has gone round the full cycle in 40 years and we may be headed to the heavy rains of 1977-79 that resulted in the Kanyama disaster.

  9. I seriously doubt the report. 6.1 magnitude is so huge that it can felt th whole northen part of Zambia and can be disastrous. Remember th hearquakes reported around 4.5 hw they desteoy th building n th forest but 6.1 to sink within th lake, I doubt it. Where is this geo centre that reported th quake?

  10. Lake Tanganyika is a great rift so, If you guys still remember your geography it is associated with earth movement. That is something that should be expected around the rift valley. In fact from time immemorial, the Bembas have always been talking about “Makumba” which is earth movement.

  11. Nonsensical reporting. Responsible reporting would require the writer to seek expert advice on a scientific matter such as this one. Now we end up with an earthquake with three different magnitudes, 6.1, 5.9 and 5.7. LT you should do just a bit more research before reporting on something you know nothing about. And YES, the USGS did pick and report on this earthquake or tremor. It is expected as the Lake Tanganyika is situated in an active tectonic belt called the Rift Valley (primary school social studies?). Depending on the time of the event, people will feel the tremors and slight earth movements, sometimes as far as the copperbelt. I know because I have experienced one that occurred in the afternoon sometime in the 70s, and being kids then, we were just scampering all over the place…

  12. I wish Hh of the UPNDonkey fame was at the epicentre. I don’t mean to die, I mean that after such an experience he probably would have been born again.

  13. Earth tremors are a common feature of rift valley areas such as the Albertine Rift Valley stretching from Lake Albert in the north southward up to Lake Mweru Wantipa including the rift valley systems of Lake Malawi, Luangwa and Zambezi valleys. In fact Rufunsa is an arm of the Luangwa Rift valley system. These rift valleys are of tectonic origin. In Malawi, Muzuzu Town has frequent occurrences of earth tremors. Occasional tremors linked to Zambezi valley do also radiate to get felt in Lusaka. Hence there is no need for alarms.

  14. Ba Nez bena kubwayawaya fye MWe at the gods…… For upnd? Enemies of progress. So demi god hh is the one that is not happy with the PF government. Grow up I we Nez even this year you are still so childish? Your demi god will never rule this country because it is a Christian nation and as such they you will just continue watching from the terraces.

  15. Yes it happened, am in northern province and i experienced it though where i’m no much damage was done only some glasses on my house broke.And other people who come from Mbala said some houses collapsed there but no one died still.

  16. Reading all these comments, I find myself grieving for my country. How is it that we constantly fail to work together towards a common goal? It’s either we are fighting about tribe, opinion or politics. All of which prevent us from finding solutions to our problems. I pity our children.

  17. I totally agree with you Non-Partisan Voter. There is so much fighting in Zambia on three aspects which you have ably highlighted. Hence this country can not see meaningful progress. The progress that is talked about is this country is incomplete. I also can never join a politics because it is not sincere. I would rather remain non -partisan. But is amazing that i still keep on voting when i know that politicians are not sincere. May be one day i will stop voting.

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