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Removal of electricity subsidies best decision ever-Mukwita

Headlines Removal of electricity subsidies best decision ever-Mukwita

Zambia’s ambassador to Germany Anthony Mukwita
Zambia’s ambassador to Germany Anthony Mukwita

Zambia’s ambassador to Germany Anthony Mukwita says the decision by President Edgar Lungu to remove consumption subsidies from electricity may have been politically risky but was the best decision ever taken in the energy sector.

Addressing a workshop in the German capital Berlin Friday and organized by the Federal Ministry For Economic Affairs and Energy, Ambassador Mukwita said the decision has resulted in the energy sector becoming attractive for investment.

“Consumption subsidies stunted the energy sector due to unattractive returns”, the Ambassador told workshop participants brought together to discuss investment opportunities in the Zambian energy sector.

The Zambian envoy shared the impact of power outages that rocked the country recently saying the bad news gave way to good news as the leadership has now taken decisive steps to turn around the energy sector.

“I lost a tenant in my residential property because his contract was cancelled owing to power outages that the contracting company faced leading to funding challenges; a barbershop owner I knew and a saloon operator I also knew both lost their businesses due to power outages”, Ambassador Mukwita said to illustrate the human impact of the challenges Zambia faced in the energy sector.

The workshop called under the theme ‘Decentralized Energy Supply and Load Management in Zambia” was facilitated by the German International Cooperation that has been working on development projects and programs in Zambia.

Zambian participants included Joel Mwale from the Copperbelt Energy Company (CEC) and Linus Chanda, a Zambian energy expert.

The two representatives from the energy sector shared the policy, legal and institutional frameworks of the generation and supply of electricity.

Mr. Chanda, a former director with ZESCO now CEO of WindSunEnergy, a private company presented on the opportunities for private companies in the energy sector.

Mr. Chanda the fact that Germany held a workshop on the energy sector in Zambia confirms the opportunities that Zambia has to offer investors.

“It is humbling for us that the German business community could recognize Zambia’s investment climate”, said Mr. Chanda.

On his part, Mr. Mwale, Director Renewable Energy of CEC presented on the Solar PV prospects on the Copperbelt.

In an apparent response to the need for the decentralization of the energy sector, Mr. Mwale said CEC has partnered with the Copperbelt University where the institution will have its students studying electrical engineering attached to the company solar energy production project.

“Partnering with the university is for us a sustainable way of sharing energy solutions”, says Mr. Mwale.

Since the massive load shedding of 2015, the Zambian government has embarked on significant investments in the energy sector blending various energy solutions that go beyond hydroelectric power to include solar, wind, bio and nuclear.

This is according to a statement issued in Berlin by First Secretary for Press at the Zambian Embassy in Germany Kellys Kaunda.


  1. The bottom line is that a government must put the interest of its citizens first, by creating an environment where entrepreneurship grows, products are affordable, health and education are available for free,…. etcetera.

    There is nothing to be proud about when a government starts to reverse an environment where things that citizens used to afford became unaffordable.

    • He dresses like teenager.
      Grow up Anthony. Dress like a grown up reverred political noble man.



    • The corruption and inefficiency at ZESCO is the main culprit. If the PF and Edgar can deal with that, they can even lower tariffs. Zambia has the capacity to export power.

    • And we are still told the tariffs are not cost reflective so what’s the deal??? Then there is issue of government misuse of public funds ……ZESCO is no exception. These PF cadres and Humbly Dumbly are fill of lies and thankfully IMF exposed one of their biggest lies. Lusaka times even withdrew an article with Humblys lie ati Zambia has seen massive economic growth in 2017

    • Obatala – How can you ask PF and Lazy Lungu to deal with corruption and inefficiency at ZESCO when that’s where the eat from its been an open secret that ZESCO has been a cash cow for Ruling Parties for years…why is it that no one audits it!!

    • @Mushota we call such a person a “Dandy”. Or in Congo they call them La Sape or also known as a sapeur. They embody the elegance in style and manners of colonial predecessor dandies. I’m sure Nick is one of them!

    • I forgot elegance in style but no substance! This young man Mukwita is Mushota’s cousin. Complete boot licker to boot!

    • @MB he may be a dandy but certainly not a sapeur! for starters sapeurs have a limit on the number of colours on ones body second they will always buy designer outfits and dress to kill this boy is smart for Zambian standards but if you want to compare him to Kitengists no more than 3 colours! pa body baba!

      Give us a break! These domesticated foreign policies, awe sure.

    • He is another Bootlicker with a weird sense of dress code. He gives the Swedish an impression that Zambians dress like that in a weird way.

  2. Kaili he can’t feel the pain, he is cushioned, tax-payers are paying for his electricity bills.


    • Zambians need to wake up and outline the job descriptions of the President because as it is at the moment he seem to think he is merely a figure head like a King. When has Lazy Lungu ever fired any of his ministers for non performance? look at Labour Minister, look at Jean Kapata etc. The job description of Ambassadors has to clearly outlined…these are civil servants not party officals like this tin Mukwita and his fellow crook Mwamba in RSA.

    • That is not the best, the best thing to do is have every zambian buy the electricity including zesco employees. Than increase the tariff for few zambians. The same people paying high taxes.

  3. Believe me if this was done last year people would have thought twice about voting for PF. Now the gullible Zambians were duped just like the farmers and the civil servants with thier 13% wage increase. I can now dance dununa because I tried to warn as many people as I could that there will be untold suffering if PF continued. God gave us a chance when Sata died,The man cared less about budgets.Look at wgere we are now, IMF are dragging to bail us us out. DUNUNA DUNUNA DUNUNA IYE

  4. Ba ambassador use numbers to support ‘it is best decision ever’ ..are you sure ‘ever’ or you are just speaking English in Germany. we want to hear how much went into subsidies and by removal, what are the annual savings. He can’t think of the impact of Increased electrical tarrifs combined with subsidy removal has on businesses. The other experts also saying it’s ‘humbling’, humbling for what. we needed Germany to recognize or we can recognize our own gaps? Be serious ambassador you are colorfully over-dressing using our taxes

  5. IMF told us to remove subsidies so we did, mr mukwta you dont think the economic world knows that IMF has not approved bailout. You want investors to come to a country where the IMF identifies a risk of economic collapse.
    How do investors get return on capital of pipo are too poor to buy.
    Just because you dress as ma zungus did eons ago doesnt ma,e you look intelligent. Buy a mirror

  6. And all those investors queuing up at the talkfest that hon mutati hosted in livingstone 9 months ago , where are they now mr mukitwa

  7. Nevermind this bootlicker/middleman…he thinks being an ambassador is singing praises to the Lazy one in State House. This guy and that one in RSA should never be on GRZ payroll…this is how mediocre Lazy Lungu is to appoint such a bum to represent our country in Germany one of the biggest economies in the world.

  8. Mkwita is a mbuzi yamunthu, he doesn’t know that the cost of everything went up!.
    What attractive investment does he need when Euro bond money was allocated to Zesco!

  9. Make every zambian to buy the electricity including zesco employees. How do you chose only few people to buy and the same people pays high taxes what thinking is that.

  10. Easy to say that when the Government provide everything for you. The man is talking about tenant and barber sounding very ignorant. What kind of ambassador is that?

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