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Kabwe PF calls for the suspension of MP Tutwa Ngulube

Headlines Kabwe PF calls for the suspension of MP Tutwa Ngulube

Kabwe Central Mp-Tutwa Ngulube and Kasama-central Mp-Kelvin Sampa at the PF-interactive Forum

Patriotic Front members in Kabwe have petitioned the Provincial executive to suspend Kabwe Central Member of Parliament Tutwa Ngulube from the party.

The ruling party members presented the petition through Kabwe Central constituency Chairman Andrew Sinyangwe.

Mr. Sinyangwe said the constituency had lagged behind in-terms of development because the area Member of Parliament is not ready to work with other organs of the party.

And the District Chairman Richard Bango said the decision by the lower organs was long overdue because the area member of parliament has been dividing the party.

Mr. Bango who also presented the petition to the Provincial Chairman Chanda Mutale said the party in the district was behind the leadership of President Edgar Lungu.

Provincial Chairman Chanda Mutale said the provincial executive has a disciplinary committee which will seat to look at the petition and make a decision on the matter.

On Thursday , the Kabwe lawmaker sued the party for trying to violate his rights as an MP and party member. Speaking to journalists shortly after filing in an injunction at the Kabwe High Court, Mr Ngulube said he has also asked the court for an injunction restraining the PF from expelling him as doing so would affect his rights as MP and as a member of the party.

“Today, the 11th of January, 2018, I have decided to sue the PF and asked the court for an injunction restraining them from victimising me because what they are trying to do is going to affect my rights as MP and as a member of the party,” said Mr Ngulube.

Mr Ngulube confirmed that the matter of expelling him from the party has now been launched and becomes a court case, adding that what remained was to serve the party in the province with the documents so that the legal battle can begin.

Mr Ngulube said as far as he was concerned, the issue of trying to expel him from the party was a serious matter because the people who are trying to do so have no authority under the PF constitution to expel an MP.

He added that the person who appointed them to push for his expulsion, also do not have the powers to appoint them.

“As far as I am concerned, this is not a matter we should even be joking about because the people who want to deal with me do not have the powers under the PF constitution to deal with the MP,” said Mr Ngulube.

He stated that the decision to sue the PF follows its plan to expel him through a meeting that is scheduled to take place in Kabwe yesterday at the PF provincial office.

He said if the party proceeds with the meeting, they should discuss other issues and not the case that is in the courts of law

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    • At this rate of proposals to expel it’s MP’s, and subsequent injunction in dispute, this party is fast becoming second choice.

    • Suspend all the lazy mps. I wish the constitution has a backing for such. Non performing mps should be passed with a vote of no confidence.

    • This is a party that cannot be challenged…even by it’s own members…any forth coming press conference from the President of Zambia??

    • Ati “…the constituency had lagged behind in terms of development because the area Member of Parliament is not ready to work with other organs of the party “, this has become shi.t.hole argument(if I may borrow Trump`s word), each time an MP resigns from PF.
      Why the people vote for those sh.t.holes MPs in the first place, and why are they silent until at time that person has an issue with the party? I wonder how many such sh.t.holes MPs are still being protected and cannot raise their voices, which obviously I consider unfair to the people they represent. Are those MP candidates not vetted by the party before they stand for elections? If yes, then something is wrong.

  1. Mscheew ,nasty Phd politics again.Have we stopped cholera and scooped all piles of uncollected rotting garbage all over Lusaka yet?

  2. Intolerance levels in PF are intolerable. How do people stick around in this outfit where you can’t think independently? Where you can’t raise a different opinion? What really keeps PF together?

  3. There should be a very big difference between the constituencies held by ruling party Mps and those of opposition. More so, these seats are not personal to holder positions and those that think they can hold OF at ransom need to be disciplined and shown the way. PF is too superior to be compared to UPND and let the difference be felt by the people through development and sanity.
    Caution though, UPND have nothing to offer the Zambians between now and elections year 2021 and the it’s preoccupation must be to take development to it’s strongholds so that come 2021 even the opposition will be scared to field their candidates. PF is in power for a reason and the strategy by opposition to distract them is well known so let’s get down to work and leave these dreamers dreaming. You a dream…

    • Malinso, you made me laugh. Why do you PF cadres keep talking about the opposition while wasting the golden opportunity given to you by the people. Every day your party has a scandal or drama going on and the party you mentioned seems all united and calm with absolutely no drama. You see the amount of corruption and your leaders are asking for evidence, when they have concealed it. You should pray hard for PF to have something to offer the Zambians as it is now we only being offered cholera, corruption,lawlessness and over inflated prices on everything. We shouldn’t even be focusing on 2021 considering the amount of problems we have

    • Mr Malinso Sir, putting PF and sanity in one sentence in the manner you have used it is an insult. You know too well there is no sanity in PF.

    • @Chimbwi,
      Well, put and to the point. Even the Consultant has realized that and changed his strategy. He said, let PF finish itself between now and 2020, come that period he will open his bucket to spill the beans that will derail PF even more. I am surprised PF doesn’t realize this, they are too comfortable with the current situation.
      We don’t hear anything else than blames on the opposition, still busy cooking fake news to implicate opposition.PF please take responsibility for our country, the campaign is over, its time to work and take full responsibility and not every day blaming opposition and silencing critics.

    • @ Malinso, PF has become a house divided. Do you know what happens to a house when the supporting pillars start crumbling. Let them finish each other because the PF has failed dramatically

  4. HH doesn’t even need to do anything and PF is in self destruct mode. Kalaba has been appealing against such in his party. So much intolerance in PF, you all can’t accept to disagree, even husband and wife disagree why can’t you do the same. Mushota is too dull to realize that with every expulsion your numbers are dwindling eventually you’re going to have no one. Come 2021 you are going to need those numbers but alas you think you indispensable with your intolerance

  5. You see UPND will never see anything good from PF for obvious reasons, losing elections for six consecutive elections can have a serious damage on one’s brain.
    The game plan for PF has changed and UPND must prepare for another funeral in 2021.

  6. If you’re friends with a lawyer, request for the bill for all favours you’ve received otherwise you’ll regret in future. Golden Mandandi regretted, KK regretted, PF is regretting and you’ll surly regret. Lawyer temunobe


  8. So instead of finding out what the issue is with this particular MP …you propose to suspend him. His concern was about development and you say he is not working with the party…what nonsense..how about areas with opposition MPs are they laggging? Stop taking people for foooools.

  9. TUTWA cannot dictate what and what not to discuss in KABWE, the party has its own agenda and legal advisors , we shall meet him in court and relieve him to join NDC properly

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