Ratnesh Kashyap with Zambia's High Commissioner to India Judith Kapijimpanga
Ratnesh Kashyap with Zambia’s High Commissioner to India Judith Kapijimpanga

A delegation of 10 Indian Doctors are in the country to conduct free screening and treating patients with ear, nose and throat problems.

In an interview with ZANIS in Lusaka today delegation Leader, Ravi Devalia who is past District Governor for Muluba said the doctors came at the invitation of the Rotary Club District 3054.

Mr. Devalia said they are in the country as part of their Personal Social Responsibility to the people of Zambia.

He stated the programme is for ten days stating that they will be stationed at the University Teaching Hospital(UTH) where they will be screening patients at no cost.

Mr. Devalia pointed out that they target to treat over 2,000 patients and conduct more than 200 operations before they end their programme.

He added that the team is using equipment from India adding that it will be handed over to the Hospital at the end of the programme.

Mr. Devalia noted that Rotarians believe in the principle of giving more to other people than just receiving.

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  1. How backwards are we?

    this should be done locally, not Doctors from India




    • For free??? Who paid air tickets, who is paying hotel expenses, you know how expensive chapati is?
      Ati free….


  2. “10 Indian Docs jets into the Zambia “…who writes your mediocre headlines LT ? Stop employing high school dropouts as journalists.


  3. Will they be screened by the HPCZ for competency before they are allowed to see patients? Some of these may not pass the assessment, India is notorious for forged qualifications. The next thing we might that those quacks have somehow found their way to Fairview Hospital as employees


  4. This is beyond ridiculous. This is an example of bad aid /charity.Those Indian doctors shouldchave be invited to train Zambian doctors in specialist areas of medicine. For example heart surgery etc, intensive care etc. Invite specialist in medicine to train Zambian doctors so that patients (who can afford )do travel abroad and those you cannot afford overseas treatment are left to die. There are several Zambian specialist who are using their skills and knowledge to save lives of foreigners when their country men are suffering or dying. How does the government recruit a foreign surgeon and pay he/she well instead of bringing back a Zambian from overseas?


  5. 10 Indian doctors (it’s ten of them so its plural ) jet- not JETS
    This is Jelita this is Mulenga. Mulenga and Jelita are- not IS- walking



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