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Nevers Mumba found guilty of Abuse of Office, but Escapes Jail Time

General News Nevers Mumba found guilty of Abuse of Office, but Escapes Jail Time

Dr Nevers Mumba in court before he was convicted and sentenced
Dr Nevers Mumba in court before he was convicted and sentenced

MMD faction leader Nevers Mumba has been found guilty of abuse of Authority of Office.

The two offences are said to have been committed when he served as Zambia’s High Commissioner to Canada.

Dr Mumba was convicted by Ndola High Court Deputy Registrar Joshua Banda sitting as Lusaka Magistrate.

In this matter the convict was charged with willful failure to comply with applicable procedure relating to management of public funds.

It was alleged that Dr. Mumba failed to follow procedures regarding the engagement of a contractor to do repair works at the Zambian High commissioners’ residence in Canada.

Speaking when he delivered his judgement, Magistrate Banda said he has found Dr. Mumba guilty because he knew the procedure by virtue of his position.

The Magistrate however granted an absolute discharge to the convict because the omission he made was not grave.

Magistrate Banda said he has considered the fact that Dr. Mumba once acted as Republican President and that he is pastoring a Church.

This was after Dr. Mumba pleaded with the court not to send him to jail because he is a family man and leader of the MMD.

He also said he is a Pastor and once served as Vice President of Zambia.


  1. Its Justice for the poor in Zambia. The case was not ‘grave’. Is indecent assault grave??? Is stealing a cob of maize grave when you are have stolen for the sake of anger!!!!

    • The following is the tip of the iceberg of how the PF government has plunged Zambia into a debt trap with China in the past five years or so:
      ¶Heroes Stadium $94 million
      ¶Security Wings housing project $275 million
      ¶Kenneth Kaunda Airport $360 million
      ¶Kafue Gorge Lower Power Plant $1.7 billion
      ¶Kariba North Bank Power Plant Expansion $430 million
      ¶Lusaka L400 Roads $300 million
      ¶Ndola Airport $400 million

      ¶Lusaka Decongestion $286 million
      ¶Topstar deal -Communication Towers $280 million
      ¶Copperbelt Roads C400 $418 million
      ¶Chipata-Serenje Railway line $2.3 billion
      ¶Mongu-Kalabo Road $287 million
      ¶2000 Military Houses $157 million
      ¶Mansa-Luwingu Road $242 million

      ¶Mbala-Nakonde Road $180 million
      ¶Lusaka Sanitation Project $130 million
      ¶Kafubu Water Project $104…

    • ¶Levy Mwanawasa Hospital Expansion $90 million
      ¶Kafulafuta Dam Water Project $449 million

      ????????Now you can do your own computations and find out how much Zambia is owing China. This is just a tip of the iceberg. There are other hidden loans the PF has contracted and pocketed.

    • Nevers Mumba is a very good example of the typical Pentecostal pastor. No principals, Greedy for money and influence, poor charector. Just look at some of the most prominent Pentecostal pastors on TBN. Full of scandals. Paul Crouch, Benny Hinn, Creflo Dollar, Eddy L Long…the list is endless. This surely shows there is something wrong with the theology of this sect. Am not saying this to disparage anyone. Am just going where the facts are pointing.
      And please let not some misguided soul come with an often misused, poorly understood scripture to say “touch not my annointed”. Just a scare tactic used by false teachers to scare people lo e from criticising or pointing out their misdeeds…kinda like corrupt politicians saying their critics are sponsored by external paymasters. Take some…

    • @Off topic.
      All the structures are in Zambia and for Zambians and their children. Do you china to develop the country for you for free?

    • Now Nevers will grow up. It is time to make Childish grow up too. Nevers must have fasted and prayed. He escaped it. It may not happen Hagain.

    • In the UK …him have all those previous titles would have attracted stiffer sentence but in Africa prison is for thieves who steal groceries in shops

  2. It is simple: Get a politician with presidential ambitions convicted, and he is done. I am not really sure what Nevers Mumba is doing in politics and MMD in particular. Double H, careful with those ‘summons’ you are about to receive from Concourt for contempt of court.

  3. Only the poor and less connected serve jail time in Zambia.

    Former PS Bulaya was convicted, but spent much of his time at the fee paying ward in UTH.

    Katele never went to jail is talking trash. Sata ended up being president after the Merzaf saga.

    FTJ and RB hide under presidential immunity.

    Former spy chief Chungu and Tricky Dick “Richard Sakala are both out.

    What a joke.

    • Richard spent 3 years in prison and after serving time he was found with another case and sent back to jail. Both Richard Sakala and Nevers Mumbas cases were vendetta wars by Mmembe, Nchito and the Post. Please study the Genesis of some of these cases or simply ask if you want not to look like you’re ignorant.

    • This myth about the Mmembe / Nchito cartel is just ridiculous. A product of propaganda by enemies of the anti corruption fight.

  4. This is the problem we have in third world countries.Politicians are spaired jail after stealing money and a poor komboni man sentenced to life imprisonment for stealing 500gm Of sweet potatoes.Mumba is the same person talking loudly about corruption and the economy being raped in Zambia and yet is one of the contributors to current economic problems .Definately Mumba deserved jail.He new what he was doing in Canada.Does it mean pastors and politicians should be spared jail when the steal or go wrong.What a peace of nonsense this is?God bless Zambia

  5. Nevers Mumba in court, Fresher Siwale in court, Saviuor Chishimba in court, Chishimba Kambwili in court, Fred Mmembe in court, HH in high treason court

  6. Consequences of leaving the pulpit for fast money in politics. Even if he’s not been sent to jail his name has been dented forever. Nevers Mumba was much better off as an Evangelist. That’s where his calling lies.

  7. This magistrate, so those who once acted as president or vice president face a different law from the rest of us? What cheek!! And utter no.nsense to say the least!! And if you charge me with contempt of court for my language against this “magistrate” I will ask for the same verdict given to Nevers, even though I have never acted as president or veep, but that is the point that I am making, that the laws of Zambia do not grant exemptions that this magistrate has created in his courtroom.

  8. Mumba get into your head. Politics is not your calling. You need to know by this time that the answer is No !!

    Just ask for a job in government or go into diplomatic mission again. What you touch in politics, you end up messing up things.

    All long you said, you did not do anything wrong while in Canada. Today you are pleading not to be sent to jail.,

  9. Dr Nevers Mumbai was in court as an accused person and not convicte. The magistrate simply discharged Dr Mumba The matter was cm

  10. @Journey Man, you sound like a backslider, you know the scriptures that touch not the Lords anointed, how can you disrespect the men of God you have mentioned? kindly allow the word to work,”touch not the Lords anointed” i dont care there mistakes!!! You and I never wrote the Bible but we must respect it. Dr Never is man like anyone, he can make mistakes, in any case this is a political move started by Late Mr Sata when he was threatened that Nevers will be MMD President. Even the Learned Judge Know that Dr Mumba made small Ommissions NOT Commission to the award of Contracts. How can that call for all the Insults you have labelled? So a Pastor should not make mistakes they are all a sect? and looters? Look at how many Pastor Benny Hinn helped to heal? thousands if not millions saving…

  11. @journeyman there’s no myth about Mmembe and Nchito because I have a relative whom they hounded out of Zambian Airways with the help of Mwanawasa. As for the fight against corruption by the duo yes that’s a myth because it’s well-known fact that they borrowed from government institutions which they failed to pay back leading to the demise of the Airways and later the Post. Please even if you are a relationship to the duo be fair.

  12. I seriously don’t understand those that feel pity for this opportunist Belly Cadre Nevers.
    Nevers supported Chagwa in the first election after Sata’s passing,. which is his right as a fellow Zedian citizen. Now the deception.
    Dishonest Nevers ONLY changed his tune as soon as he was sidelined, & NOT adopted as running mate, & so soon after saw good in H.H, & threw all the mud he could in Chagwa’s direction.
    I FOR ONE BELIEVE THIS CROOK NEVERS IS AS GUILTY AS HELL, FOR WHAT HE WAS CHARGED & FOUND GUILTY FOR. Only regret is this Man of Gold Mambala should have served @ least 8 years imprisonment with hard labour!

    • In fact mark my words, this Slippery Eel, Nevers will join P.F before the year is over, coz like a Heroin addict can’t help themselves gravitate towards Narcotics, Nevers needs to feed his insatiable appetite for easy money to feed his groaning belly, & at the moment the only free.A.T.M. machine in the land is the P.F Party, as long as he goes on a high podium, kneels before King Chakolwa, & shouts @ the top of his opportunistic voice, “2021 Chakolwa Nafuchi nafuchi” like shameless Mulenga Sata, & his equally morally bankrupt cousin Kilometres Sampa did recently, once njala Nyokola’d!!

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