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Government is determined to create a cholera free Zambia-President Lungu

Headlines Government is determined to create a cholera free Zambia-President Lungu

President Edgar Lungu speaking to  thousands of Kafue resident who welcomed him for the cleaning exercise in Kafue
President Edgar Lungu speaking to thousands of Kafue resident who welcomed him for the cleaning exercise in Kafue

President Edgar Lungu says government is determined to create a cholera free Zambia.

President Lungu says this is because his government values every life.

He says the Keep Zambia Clean, Green and Healthy Campaign is not a political issue but meant to enhance cleanliness.

President Lunga was speaking in Kafue at Mathanda Market when he participated in the cleaning exercise.

He has since urged citizens regardless political affiliation to participate and work together with government in cleaning surroundings.

President Lungu has further appealed to everyone to participate in the cleaning exercise every last weekend of the month.

The President has also praised the Zambia National Service for the commitment to spearhead the exercise.

President Lungu also toured Mathanda market, where he bought fish and a variety of vegetables from traders.

He also checked on Sanitation levels at the market’s fee-paying toilet.

And Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo urged the people to ensure they maintain the infrastructure that supports the market’s sanitation.

Meanwhile Kafue district Commissioner Joseph Kamana said the district has been participating in the clean campaign.

And Kafue Mayor Thomas Zulu said he is working with the people to ensure the district is clean and conducive for operations and eventually prevent diseases.

President Edgar Lungu joins in the cleaning exercise in Kafue
President Edgar Lungu joins in the cleaning exercise in Kafue

President Edgar Lungu joins in the cleaning exercise in Kafue
President Edgar Lungu joins in the cleaning exercise in Kafue

President Edgar Lungu joins in the cleaning exercise in Kafue
President Edgar Lungu joins in the cleaning exercise in Kafue

President Edgar Lungu joins in the cleaning exercise in Kafue
President Edgar Lungu joins in the cleaning exercise in Kafue

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    • For how long has cholera been in the country? From the mid 80s. Any government determined to stop it has had numerous chances to do so.

    • Thank you Mr. President. In all endeavours of humanity and development you set goals and apply a strategic planning meeting. You are meeting all the objects and it is wonderful to have goals. Let’s develop this thing! It is UNELECTABLE.

    • How many time is this jokester going to go around cleaning ..he has spent half billion on aircraft instead of refuse collectors and he is there showing his ivory in front of his cadres

    • Again I don’t agree with the President Corruption is worst than cholera. Let’s deal with corruption first then cholera and other needs of the Zambian society will deal with themselves! This is not rocket science, man.

    • When you see Lazy Lungu cleaning in Blue overall like this …just know that he has an International flight in the next few days his advisers have very simplistic mindsets except an announcement from Joseph Malanji. This is a pattern I have observed over the years.
      ***WATCH THIS SPACE***

    • Will KBF be able to clean like Edgar? I think Edgar is better than KBF. I have not seen anything KBF has achieved.

    • Lungu’s deceptive way of operating is sickening and synonymous with a thieving man he has always been (having stolen from an unsuspecting client) and he won’t be stopping ant time soon! After this Eddie Chagwa Lungu ‘clean up operation’ and the just-gone-past day of prayer and reconciliation he will go back to commit more scandals and thieving activities, more deceptions and lies, leaving the unsuspecting cadres f00led! Only people like KBF can see through this bad man!

    • Yes I agree with you HAZALUZA HAGAIN’s corruption and money laundering is worse than CHOLERA. Even though sometimes I am made to believe that CHOLERA and CHILDISH are one and the same thing.

    • That is the Job of the local authority. The money being stolen by cadres in bus stations and that used in chartering private jets could have empowered the local authority to employ few people and make the exercise sustainable. When are you going to create jobs for the youths? Only when they are being hired for political violence?

      Cleanliness is next to godliness, they say.
      Let’s clean this thing.

    • He is the only one and his friends wearing the mask meaning the rest can breath in the germs he is not bothered.Cholera can never be fought by your rubbish dancing or seasonal cleaning .

  1. Pic #1. Wondering why the faces around him look so angry and upset. They don’t look happy at all, especially when the try to see his face.


    • That is how HH and his friends look. Don’t you see their (HH’s) faces in their TRIBALISM UNION? The faces you see here are from different parts of Zambia. The face you see with UNDER FIVE are from one region.

  2. Again, why does Local Government Ministry, District Councils , MPs, Councillors and citizens allow so much filth to accumulate? Is it to allow the President to visit your areas and clean the rubbish for you? I mean you have been at it for months now and your places are still filthy? What is going on. You have been cleaning every month end since the cholera outbreak and yet they place look like it has never been cleaned before.

    I think the President has his priority mixed up. His Ministers, Councils and later on citizens are not working to get rid of filth as evidenced in these pictures.

    Anyway if it is just grandstanding by the humble one, then that is another matter altogether.

    • Its because there is no leadership …Mo Ibrahim once stated that the difference between the City of Paris and Lilongwe or Lusaka is Good Governance and leadership!!

  3. By doing this himself ,Lungu admits he has no sanitation systems in place to keep Zambia clean .And this is like shutting the barn door after the horse has bolted out.

  4. That’s all he knows ..he thinks he is still a minister and only a Presidents when it comes to enjoying peaks very dull chap!!

    • If you go to the toilet to poop, UPND would say “You went to the toilet!” If you don’t go, UPND will say, “You didn’t go to the toilet!” If you eat, UPND will complain, “You ate!” If you don’t, Mapatizya dung will cry, “You didn’t eat!” If you clean INCOMPOS will shout, “You are cleaning up!” If you don’t, INCOMPOS will say, “You haven’t cleaned up!” The FARM eats bitter herbs for breakfast, bitter herbs for lunch and bitter herbs for supper.” MAD COW DISEASE.

    • You know them better than I do Sharon. The most unfortunate thing is they don’t know themselves.
      Let’s dialogue. No, lets not. Yes we should, no we shouldn’t. But we must, no we mustn’t. We ought to; no we ought not. Who must chair it? WHAT? The dialogue of course. Oh that! Commonwealth. No not those. Yes! No! Yes! No! yes! no! Okay,the church. Which one? That one? Not that one. Yes! No, not that one. The other one. Babel period.

  5. There goes the convicted thief and debarred lawyer who stole widows money,fyoto fyoto ichi chi dunder head with no vision, probably drunk already, this !doit is useless more than the word it self, chi gap pa meno

  6. Yes yes another dunnuna ….instead of making sure systems are in place so there is no garbage accumulation, the corrupt theif lungu knows full well nothing works and he will have plenty opportunities for more photo opportunities in front of the kaponyas while the hundreds of unemployed watch……

    The corrupt theif should be firing people for finding heaps of rubbish….

  7. In any country that has normal leadership instead of corrupt theives , questions would be asked why lungu is always finding heaps of garbage ??

    Are those heaps of garbage left on purpose to dupe us or are there just no cleaning systems in place that work ????

  8. Words! Hear! Hear! Come December and the rains gather intensity we’ll already have started to count the number of cholera cases in Lusaka! Please rid the country of corruption and cholera prevention will be effectively tackled!

  9. Bowman took it upon himself to be the No.1 timekeeper. Not to be outdone now ECL has taken it upon himself to be the No.1 cleaner.

  10. This is a good example Mr President , keep it up .People love this not being at the airport every 2 weeks readying for take off.

  11. If the President is the one cleaning dirt in the street who is in State House doing his job? Noone of course and no Zambian is worried about this vacancy because they would rather have no president. As he is showboating, Can’t the President see that his misemployment as he cleans is actually the problem in Zed? We have tax money that goes to such things as cleaning cities but since the president is doing the job where has that money gone to? Shouldn’t he have fired the LCC Mayor?

  12. This President Lungu is is one of a kind. To the dull and dunderhead HH and UPNDead, the President is leading by example and sending a stern warning to those given the responsibility of ensuring that our environment is always and sustainbly keep neat and in order.
    What has the Oval Head HH achieved and done for the people other than hijacked the sit Mazoka left? HH stinks!

    • Pleas…..for the past 12 months ati sending a stren warning ? How long will he be cleaning ? 5 , 6 years ?

      Just tell lungu to put systems in place for cleaning instead of these useless gimmicks…

  13. The way forward is to come up with solid waste management compnies as minister mwale said,please pass the legal framework,ba kateka let us experts do that work and create decent jobs in the sector.

  14. In serious countries the president deals with big projects and big visions bcoz they’ve already put in place systems to deal basic matters of garbage collection.

    • Go and check that place on Wednesday and the garbage would have accumulated again that is how silly this lazy thing is!!

  15. This cannot be normal in a country of right human beings. It is as if there is now no boundary between strategic planning and operations – in fact, it is as if the political leadership is giving a pass to the incompetence of the administrative operatives. I stopped despairing; past that. I just cringe.

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