Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) National Youth Chairperson Dauzeni Tembo has called on the youths in Northern Province to up their game and emulate the party leadership in the mobilisation drive of the party.

MMD Diehards National youth Coordinator Gerald Chiluba who spoke on behalf of the Chairperson during a tour of the province by the party president and national executive committee members said the party’s continued existence depended on the youths hence the need for the recruitment of more young people to the party.

Chiluba who recently graduated from the Copperbelt University said the only way the party will continue to contribute to the development discourse of the country was by having a vibrant youth wing.

He urged the young people in the party to have an open door policy as the party had so many doors.

” I want to challenge young people present here to up your game and stop unnecessary gossip which might be detrimental to the growth of the party. As you can see for yourself, President Mutati together with our National Executive team are moving in gear 5 and there is no way the membership of the party can be moving in gear one, so let’s all emulate the determination and zeal of our party leadership in order for us to move at the same pace with the leadership of Hon Mutati.

“The party’s continued existence entirely depends on the active participation and recruitment of youths in our party. There can never be President Mutati and National Secretary without youths, in short youths are the only ones who can guarantee the life of this and any other political party,” Chiluba said.

He explained that as a mother of democracy the party was like a grand parent which houses everyone in the family at any given time.

He said it was time to go to members who are dormant and explain that the party was on a move again so that they can be part of the movement.

“Therefore the National Youth Chairman through me is instructing all the MMD youth leaders in the province to deliberately have an open door policy of inclusiveness as we cannot win any election by using structures of the party only but through creating spaces for new comers”.

” So don’t shy away from telling people what you have seen today, tell them that MMD is very much alive, tell them that Mutati is alive, tell them that Nakacinda is still around. Talk to all dormant members including those who leave in doubt that the party is once again on the move and everyone is encouraged to join and rejoin the movement,” he said.

The former ruling party leadership led by its president Felix Mutati was in Northern Province for a series of indoor meetings with the leadership in the province.

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  1. Which faction of MMD should they rejoin? Is it the Nevers Mumba faction which is just a shadow of the former ruling party now in the doldrums or the Felix Mutati faction which is a surrogate of the PF in which case they might as well join the PF directly why going through a surrogate.


  2. What did this Chiluba thing study at CBU? Die hard is for chaps like lusambo who have never seen the inside of a university


  3. Start with your senior members , Please leave our party. We kicked you out of power cause we wanted change, so please go back to your MMD.


  4. #1 Razor, the Mutati one is the only oneliving. Mr Nevers Mumba is debating whether to go back to the pulpit or stay in politics where he is not making any impact at all. He was only there to prop up Hacks and be given a job. But things turned sour not too long after.


  5. MMD please get a life. This nonsense of Mumba and Mutati faction within MMD is other wise destroying a very good party. Why cant the two of you swallow your pride and for once become patriots. What puzzles me is that one is a man of God and another is an ACCA fellow, both have outstanding credentials but their actions leaves much to be desired.



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