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Give Zero Votes to the Opposition, Nawakwi tells people in Luapula Province

Feature Politics Give Zero Votes to the Opposition, Nawakwi tells people in Luapula Province

Forum for Democracy and Development FDD Leader Edith Nawakwi has urged electorates in Luapula province to give President Edgar Chagwa Lungu maximum votes because he has been committed to developing the province.

Mrs Nawakwi said the Luapula has benefited from the massive infrastructure development in form of roads, schools and hospitals which has improved the lives of locals.

She has since appealed to the people not to be cheated by the opposition parties promising them what they cannot deliver.

Mrs Nawakwi said electorates should stick to president Edgar Lungu whose works are visible to everyone.

Mrs Nawakwi urged electorates in the Province to give zero votes to the opposition, adding that President Lungu deserves all the votes.

“President Lungu deserves another term to deliver all the plans he has for the Zambian people,” she said.

She said opposition political parties are only concerned about things benefitting them and not representing the Zambian people.

Mrs Nawakwi said Zambia needs a leader President Edgar Lungu who is committed to preaching peace and unity.


  1. There is no bottom to some people’s styupidity. It will be interesting to see where all these politicians who are speaking trash will be hiding after the 12th. The writing is on the wall but they keep fighting. Awe mwe…

  2. you have feel sorry for what PF have done to this lady… She is now just an ***** going around the country bad mouthing the opposition

  3. Nawakwi has Sold her soul to the Devils .Once considered Credible & now embarking on Politics Of Survival from Bankruptcy & Hunger. She has become another Shetani politician,
    Principals Abandoned for a few pieces of Silver. DBZ Loans forgiveness.
    We the people can see right thru these Fake Shetani Politicians .Corrupt immoral Shetanis.
    We the Zambian people have decided,We want Change .
    HH has to have a go to propel our Beloved Zambia out of Corruption & Economic Ruin.

  4. Nawakwi you’ve Sold your Soul for a few pieces of Silver
    Politics of Survival from Poverty & Bankruptcy

  5. These people have no shame telling dog lies. Are they taking Zambians for *****s? This is disgusting. Estúpido! Stupide!

  6. Nawakwi, ihul3 lya ba Pathetic Foools, the useless lady has been reduced from party president to a PF carder, following Antonio’s foot steps

  7. I think we should have moved on from personality issues at the very start of campaigning. We are on the straight now. It is time to REALLY tell your voters what you will do for them. If you are incumbent, what failed and how will you redress this and do more going forward? If you are contesting what new solutions do you bring to the table. That’s ALL. By the way, I do miss Brig. Miyanda and his well-reasoned arguments!! Just saying.

  8. Nawakwi is a politician and has the right to tell people who she thinks should voted as president. In a democracy that is how it is. Just like the opposition has the right to tell the people why people should vote for them. So to insult people who tell people to vote for someone other than your preferred candidate is being very primitive and shallow minded and lack of understanding of the essence of democracy.

  9. She was promised position of Minister of Finance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Never mind her, she needs food on her table coz she is now hungry………

  10. Yes MAMA we are voting for ECL. We do not need any one to tell us what ECL and PF have done. My vote is for PF.

  11. Edith Nawakwi is talking the way is doing because she has found herself entangles in once Mighty PF affairs and she can’t come out. We undertand her situation and will only come out of it once HH and UPND Alliance form next govt. As for now she is playing her MASTERS’ VOICE. Its a pity that the once Mighty PF has made people who are not principled to back to eat their vomit.

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