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Thursday, September 16, 2021

Seed Co to make it compulsory for all their staff to get vaccinated from next month

General News Seed Co to make it compulsory for all their staff to get...

Seed Co, one of the largest seed company in the Southern African region has threatened to fire all workers who have not take a COVID-19 vaccination beginning 1st August 2021.

According to a leaked internal memo, the company’s regional Managing Director Dr. E.E Mhandu said with effect from 1st August 2021, all employees without a COVID-19 certificate will be sent on leave.

He said the company will further request to see a COVID-19 certificate within 24 Hours or a negative CPR test result as and when the workers come to the factory.

“The Board and Management of Seed Co is commended for shaping leadership in being among the first to be vaccinated. In addition, the Board approved the purchase of 10,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccines for staff and key stakeholders. The roll out of the vaccinations has started and there is no excuse for anyone at Seed Co not being vaccinated as we thrive to create a COVID-19 free workplace,” the memo read in part.

It continued,” While it is recognized that the individual has a right to choose not being vaccinated, the company will exercise its right to protect vaccinated staff by barring entry of all unvaccinated employees and others into Seed Co buses and premises.

Seed Co is headquartered in the Zimbabwean capital Harare but has presence in several African countries including Zambia.


  1. Illegalities should not be tolerated in a normal society. That be stopped instantly if we have a govt in place

  2. I thought such will only happen in sci-fi movies, This covid vaccinated and unvaccinated is slowly taking the world to the US/THEM sci-fi movie scripts. only time will tell.

  3. We need to watch these seed co. They have a bigger agenda from seed manipulations to people. GRZ should send this company packing for experimenting with the Zambian people.

  4. SeedCo employees have two options left: either they resign or get sucked from work if they feel not ready for vaccination. As to whether company policy on compulsory inoculation is illegal, that should follow later in courts of law.

  5. The firm has secured 10,000 vaccines and hopes to be among the first Covid-19 free zones of work place. Employers also have rights just as workers do.

  6. We have a right to protect ourselves from irresponsible people who don’t want to be vaccinated. They can stay at home.

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