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The crusade against corruption should not be restricted to politicians alone

General News The crusade against corruption should not be restricted to politicians alone

Former Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee (PAC) chairperson Howard Kunda says the fight against corruption in Zambia should be inclusive.

Mr. Kunda, the immediate past PAC chairperson, said the crusade against corruption should not be restricted to politicians alone.

The former Muchinga Member of Parliament noted that there were many corrupt elements in the civil service and public sector in general.

Mr. Kunda said pronouncements about corruption must be coupled with action if Zambia is to make headway in the campaign against graft.

The former lawmaker said he has noted political will to fight corruption from the UPND Government that must be punctuated with action.

“We have seen political will whereby they are talking about it (corruption fight). Where they are saying we shall fight this corruption but it is about results. So we are waiting to see the results of these pronouncements saying that they (UPND Government) will fight corruption. Personally, I would want to see a situation where not only politicians are said to be corrupt but every person especially those in the civil service and the public sector,” said Mr Kunda on a Radio Icengelo Programme on Saturday.

“We need to fight this corruption throughout not just politicians because it’s not only politicians that are seemingly corrupt. In fact the most money that exchanges hands it’s with the public sector and the civil service,” he said.

Mr. Kunda further commented on the importance of the Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee (PAC) in fostering accountability in the public sector.

“I think that this committee is very important to this country and I am sure you saw what we did in the past,” he said.

On the same radio programme, Good Governance activist Patrick Muntanga alleged that corruption is rampant in Zambia.

Mr. Muntanga, the Center for Governance Executive Director, said Zambia as a country doesn’t seem to have the capacity to fight widespread corruption.

“Corruption is quite endemic in this country. There is too much corruption going on in Zambia. Corruption in Zambia is more visible than other cases. Why do I say so? Corruption occurs almost every hour, every minute if you like it where people are but I think the tools to fight corruption in this country are not there,” Mr. Muntanga said.


  1. I agree that the corruption fight crusade must cast its net wide, however it is important to start where the core corruption was and that core was PF politicians, even the wolf cry that ‘persecution’ must be ignored with the contempt it deserves

  2. The net of corruption need to be cast wider to include every corrupt element from a clerk who can’t explain how they built a million dollar property on a meagre GRZ salary with no business activity to a director. Otherwise the fight will be futile.

  3. You go to the council for permission to build a house. The charge is K1, 400.00. .. The town clerk approves the drawings. You go to check, the officers tell the town clerk hasn’t signed and tell you that they can assist you make the town clerk sign the drawings. You pay K400.00. The drawing is given to you. You look at the date stamp, it’s weeks old. We ordinary people are suffering from two fronts: From thieving politicians and service providers like hospitals.


  5. Unfortunately, they are the most corrupt because they want to get rich fast by helping themselves with public resources. Within a short period, they want to own everything. They have failed to make it in the private world so they quicly run to public office to put themselves at an advantage.

  6. One Memigas gave a deep freezer and nice dog to Kebby Musokotwane. He was arrested and when he appeared in court in his defense he said WHERE I COME FROM IT’S TRADITION TO APPRECIATE WHEN SOMEONE HAS GIVEN YOU BUSINESS. I don’t remember whether he was convicted or not.

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