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Embrace development as tool to combat poverty-Levy

EconomyEmbrace development as tool to combat poverty-Levy

President Levy Mwanawasa has called on traditional rulers to embrace development as it was a tool for combating poverty and other social ills in society.

The President said traditional rulers were not only there just for preservation of
traditions and customs in their areas but also agents of social and economic

Dr. Mwanawasa was speaking during the installation ceremony of Chilufya Mulenga II
as paramount Chief Chitimukulu of the Bemba speaking people held at Mwenda Ngombe in Mungwi district, Northern Province.

“Development is a tool for combating poverty and other social ills, It is also a
catalyst for our people to enjoy a better standard of life,” President Mwanawasa

Dr. Mwanawasa also said the installation of Chilufya Mulenga II confirms his
sovereign rule over the Bemba kingdom.

He has since advised the new paramount chief to accept all his subjects and tolerate
those with opposing views in order to uphold unity and peace in the Bemba Chiefdom.

He said Government will be looking forward to him to assist in the many succession
disputes and chiefdom boundaries wrangles that have been outstanding for a long time
and those that may arise in future.

The president further appealed to all Bemba chiefs to accord their paramount chief
the deserved respect so that unity, harmony and peace can continue to prevail in the

And President Mwanawasa has reiterated that it was not Government policy to revive
the abolished Chieftainships as earlier communicated to the Royal Highnesses in

“My Government has been receiving requests for the revival of Chieftainships which
were abolished by the colonial administration. Besides, there have been requests for
the upgrading of some of the existing 286 chiefs,” he said. 

The President further said Government will not meet travel and upkeep expense
incurred by traditional rulers during their personal errands as the trips were not
budgeted for.

“The policy of Government is that it will not cover expenses when their royal
highnesses travel on their own private business,” President Mwanawasa said.

And speaking earlier, newly installed paramount Chief Chitimukulu said his
installation marked the end of a protracted succession wrangles to the throne.

Speaking through his representative Bwalya Chiti, the Chief said he will work to
unite the Bemba kingdom in order to foster development.

He promised that he will not victimise those who were against his accession to the
throne but will work with everyone.

The paramount Chief further appealed to the Government to sensitise its officers on
different cultures to reduce on conflicts between Government and traditional

He said some selfish individuals were behind succession wrangles saying these could
only be curtailed if Government officials are enlightened on tradition matters.

Meanwhile, Pomp and splendor characterised the installation of Paramount Chief
Chitmukulu no. 37, Mulenga Chilunfya II of the Bemba Speaking people in Northern

The installation ceremony which was graced by President Mwanawasa attracted hundreds of Zambians from across the country and some foreign tourists.

Traditional dancers from across the country and the famous Malole Brass band took
turns to entertain the audience which composed of both young and the old.

President Mwanawasa is on a three day visit to Northern Province and will tommorrow
grace the Ukusefya Pa ngwena traditional ceremony of the Bembe Speaking people in
Mungwi district.


  1. Zambia is still a country with a young economy.First and foremost i would like to congratulate Dr mwanawasa for the commendeble job he his doing interms of sustainable development.I would like to highlight one problem our government always seem to forget and that is back to the basics.The local government has been weakened which means there is no link between the people and the government. Back to the basics,good roads,proper street lights,proper sanitatin,clean water,gabbage collection.

  2. you are congratulating him for a commendable job…then demand good roads,proper street lights,proper sanitation,clean water, garbage collection…whats your point?

    The man has run down the country, your list of back to basics is endless!

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