Value of properties in Livingstone skyrockets


The value of properties in Livingstone has risen from K400 billion
last years to K1.3 trillion this year.

Livingstone Town Clerk George Kalenga says this follows the approval of the new
valuation roll in January this year.

He told ZANIS in Livingstone today that the properties in Livingstone have also steadily increased from 4000 to 10,000.

Mr. Kalenga said the approval of the new valuation roll would give the council an opportunity to raise a reasonable income adding that the council’s income would rise from K10 billion last year to approximately K14 billion this year.

He said the council would devote 40 percent of its budget towards improved service delivery in the city.

Mr. Kalenga assured residents that they would see a cleaner town after the budget is approved.

He said the council would allocate K240 million for the development of wards.

Mr. Kalenga however noted that the budget has not yet been approved.

And Mr. Kalenga has expressed happiness at the pace the street lighting project under the World Bank was moving in the city.

Mr. Kalenga said the contractors are on schedule and noted that Nakatindi road has already been lit.

He said the rehabilitation of roads in the city was also on schedule despite the fact that they were held back by rains.

Mr. Kalenga said he was happy with the developments currently taking place in the tourist capital.

He noted that new hotels that would significantly add value to the economy of Livingstone are about to be opened.

Mr. Kalenga named the hotels that are about to be opened as David Livingstone and Protea hotels adding that the construction of Courtyard hotel was also progressing well.


  1. This is good news. We hope locals will benefit in terms of improved infrastructure, cleaner environment and employment.

  2. This is good news but Zambians should also jump on this economic train before the train leaves them behind. Zambians invest so much money in lodges in Lusaka and the Copperbelt yet very few think about putting up a lodge in Livingstone. This is a good development and Zambians should also take part in it. They shouldn’t blame the Chinese or Whites. Opportunity is there, they should take advantage of it.

  3. This is the way forward….. sustainable development. Forget relying too much on copper… it will finish one day. So deversification of the economy like this should be at the forefront of governments development plans.

  4. Viva la Zambie …. Three more hotels in L/Stone = more accomodation = more competition == affordable rates.Maybe I will afford to go on holiday with my family in L/Stone sometime soon.And of course, Zedians will develop a family holiday culture like in the olden days.

  5. Great news. The construction of main and feeder roads should not be re-emphasized. The rain season is almost over; finish up those roads and let L/stone shine all the way…

  6. Pipo lets be serious, do you call that making roads or sweeping and patching the roads, for roads in shanty compounds like dambwa/north/central/ site you jst increase mad, pot holes and ponds for stagnant water increasing the water related diseases and malaria in the name of grading? let musi-otunya road look almost like the great east road in lsk, than jst stealing cush in the name of making roads, li nja tune mwa swabisa.

  7. Is the picture insert really Livingstone? It looks like somewhere else. keep up the good work, that is what we want to hear and see.

  8. am impressed with the Picture. Is it really Livingstone? I thought it was somewhere in Europe of North Africa or South Africa.

  9. A lot of people are coming to realise too late that Livingstone is the hidden Goldmine of Zambia. Zambians with money, those at home and abroad, if you don’t invest in Livingstone, where else?

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