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Don’t be tribal when voting, ZEC


Chipata Diocese Bishop, George Lungu, has advised Zambians not to vote along regional and tribal lines in the forthcoming presidential bye-elections slated for November.

Bishop Lungu, who is also Zambia Episcopal Conference (ZEC) Chairman, told ZANIS in an interview over the weekend that voters must be level-headed and not emotional when selecting the next president.

He said voting on tribal or regional lines will deny the country an opportunity to have a president who has a heart to serve the country.

Bishop Lungu said Zambians must vote for a patriotic leader who will show love and concern for the masses.

“We must not vote for a leader just because he is from our region or tribe. I urge all Christians and other people to be careful when voting because if we are not, then we will be in for it,” he said.

Bishop Lungu further said the clergy would not tolerate politicians who would want to use the church as a channel of gaining political mileage.

He said the church would not allow any politician to advance his political agenda through the church, which he said was not a campaigning ground.

He said the Catholic church would not take sides with any political party or candidate during the campaigns but would instead play its role of ensuring that the presidential bye-elections are free and fair through church arms such as CARITAS Zambia.

Bishop Lungu said Christians must pray to God so that the Holy Spirit could enlighten Zambians to vote for a selfless leader.

He called on politicians not to take advantage of the weak emotional state of Zambians in their campaigns but highlight real issues affecting ordinary citizens.

Bishop Lungu was in Chadiza over the weekend to commission 12 CARITAS members and 104 new Women’s Catholic league members.



  1. Its hard though,we shall see this time if the tribal voting has been eradicated,we saw that in previous elctions,hope this time people vote on merit,and also for the candidate who has policy that will lift the country

  2. Thank you Bishop Lungu. Unfortunately all the leaders we have in Zed are there for money. How long has RB been there for? UNIP and now MMD.

  3. Bishop Lungu, that statement no longer holds in Zambia. It has come to be proven that, every tribe accuse of the other to be voting on tribal lines. one finger points at another and many other fingers back to self.
    This tribal Voting pattern, will only end when the top heavyweights stop only preaching about tribal unity and start practicing unity and inclusiveness and true democracy. The biggest tribalist, are the educated, Middle class and Businessmen in Zambia. The poor man, mostly does not benefit form these kind of acrimony and segregations. A lot of poor people Beg from anyone regardless of tribe..why cant we learn from them..


  5. Well, in the absence of pipo with such endowments as economic, political, structural etc, it is really hard for people to vote on non tribal lines. Tribe plays a major role in our politics as it turns out to be an alternative for the scrutiny of the wannabe leaders.

  6. Too many clergymen coming as talebearers inna Zedian politricks! Yeshua warned us to be ware of Wolves in sheep clothing.

  7. I know Bishop Lungu means well but debates like this can promote division. Lets not be blinded by such issues but instead scrutinize the policies that the presidential candidates intend to implement. Let us not create waves on still waters. Whatever happened to One Zambia One Nation

  8. I think that the statement should be directed at the politicians not the people. If the politicians dont play the tribal card and try to make their parties be representative of Zambia then there is no need for people to start thinking and therefore vote tribal. Many Zedians including myself are hybrid so it is not natural to think or act along tribal lines. It is politicians who cynically play the ethnic card for their own gains.

  9. Now the easterns have Banda in the race and are asking people not to vote on tribal lines, how interesting. Now the easterns will feel what southerns felt when eastern did not support mazoka even when he was a better candidate. Be sure there will be zip support for Banda from southern and central provinces.

  10. Ok, so who is the bishop asking not to vote on tribal lines? Is it because Banda is an eastener? Let’s just vote afterall tribalism is part of politics in Zambia.
    Mwayamba kuyopa futi…

  11. Tribalism will die a natural death, do not worry bishop, but the time has not yet come. When chipata will be developed and people from the rest of Zambia flock to it as happened to Lusaka, Copperbelt and now the North western, then people will stop thinking tribal but beneficial. patience, we are getting there, I for one is an example, Lozi father and Bemba mother, thoroughly a Mtenderian (i.e. village Mtendere), you think I care about the tribe of my preferred candidate? Viva development and away with primitive existence!

  12. I say it is up to the politicians to show themselves not to be tribal then the people will follow. Perhaps why people from other provinces did not vote for Mazoka is because he did do enough to show that he wants to be president of ZAMBIA. I think people who are not from Southern province are a little bit scared because to them, rightly or wrongly there is a feeling that the Southerners feel ‘entitled’ to be in plot 1 because they has never been a Southern president – similar to Kenya where it seems that the Luos want to have the top seat because it is their ‘turn’. That has the negative effect of preventing people from voting for a candidate whom they might otherwise have supported.

  13. It is quite interesting now to see that the Eastern province and how people from there will vote has now become an issue. Looking at previous posting on LT, it always felt that the competition for plot 1 was between the north, south and West!

  14. Talking about tribalism,should banda win,will all levy`s relatives n buddies return from kubulaya? I bet they must be worried.With all the monies diplomatic missions watse.They have had thier time.I wonder y levy was silent bout this despite several audits indicating such mussive waste.I gues its time for some to start applying ukuli utu kote twakupipa.yaba…

  15. As Zedians, we really have to guard against this thing called tribalism. It can destroy a country and in the end no one benefits – no matter where you come from. Look what happened in Rwanda, nobody benefited but everybody suffered. I for one love the fact that in my country we have the N’cwala, umutomboko, likumbi lya mize, kuomboka, shimunenga etc. ONE ZAMBIA, ONE NATION 4 EVA!

  16. The next president should either Be Chilala or Hichilema or what the other Tonga guys name, dang we miss the good ole Tonga men, Beyanis, Syacheye, Mazoka, Mudenda, Miyanda, even Nkumbula and Shamwana will do Ilas are tonga too….Tonga bulls 2010 STAND UP!!! not being tribal just dont want any more non zambian presidents, and since tongas are the true zambians… STAND UP BULLS

  17. #20 Kutumpa uku. How on earth can you think that substance farmer Chilala be a president? Zambia needs another intellectual and not your kachema-wa-ng’ombe. Wise people like Bishop Lungu is telling those Chipata people not to vote for Banda, you think its a joke?

  18. #16 is misplaced. Mazoka was ready and more prepared to be president than Banda. Also do not forget that Mazoka was most travelled presidential candidate in the country side campaining than any other presidential candidate in history of zambia. He went to places where even old politicians like Banda and Sata have never been to yet it is in Zambia. So do not give excuses, the reason easterners did not vote for Mazoka was tribal, period. So this time round be sure southern and central will give easterners a test of their medicine, zip vote for banda from Southern and central.

  19. I beg to differ with HK and his so inspiring words but you very well know the truth. a poor suffering Tonga, will not vote for and easterner or northerner and they too will only vote for a southerner under very difficult circumstances. Magande has had so much support in foreign land, but look in his Tongaland, which foreigner is welcome? not even our beloved late President and yet His policies were good, and he took development there. the places I have named are just an example, because I am sure that unlike southern province with so much opportunity for education, luapula is very much iliterate. meaning this voter tribalism is deep rooted even in the poor

  20. #20 ekukana kwata amano uku! try to read your comments before you post or better off get a second opinion rather than show ignorance apa!



  23. #20 – didn’t anyone inform you that there is just HH and Miyanda (I think!) n contention for the Presidency? Whether Chilala is a great Tonga bull or not, he’s not amongst the candidates.

    Bishop Lungu, I wonder if there is anything like a “selfless leader” amongst our politicians ! There are all out to plunder and make themselves rich – some through their wives as was the case with LPM (MHSRIP).

    Of the candidates, the question should be who can do the least damage it seems !

  24. TQ, Good comment. Yes he should have done that earlier,
    “procrastination is the thief of time”; at least he has said it before the elections. He must have been couragious to say what he did knowng that the MMD candidate is someone from the Lundazi Turn-off farm in the Eastern province. We should give him credit for coming out in that manner. In short he means let us not vote for RB because he is from Eastern, but because he deserves the position (if he does at all). Kaya!!!!!

  25. The majority of the smaller political parties have acted responsibly by opting not to participate in the bye elections. ULP, FFD, APG & NGP have decided not to field candidates but support MMD. Their decision is commendable whereas their choice of preferred candidate is debatable. PF & UPND should undertake a serious & honest evaluation of their chances. SATA & HH should realise that contesting elections and always losing undermines their credibility and future chances of being elected. They should examine and compare their proposed polices with what the MMD is offering. They may find major similarities which may make them consider a joint ticket based on policies & not tribe

  26. I stand to be collected but Ba Jose I hear Miyanda even if he has a Tonga name meaning Roots he is not atually Tonga but Nsenga from Petauke.

  27. No banabakwesu, for the sake of Zambia, and for as to make Zambia a prosperouse nation, forget about this tribalism you always want to bring up. Sata a HH please join your forces. Dont be cheated that singlr handledly you will win these elections. HH mulekele Sata a lele for 3 years then na webo Sata mu 2011 ukamulekele mwaiche HH akateka. Kwamana.

  28. SATA APOLOGISES TO THE POST- Patriotic Front president Micheal Sata yesterday apologised to the post for the unfounded accusation he made against the newspaper a fortinight ago, reads part of the todays post 09.09.08
    Zambians, i have always advised you that CYCLE MATA- is a snake in the grass. And this is the man campaining for the high office. Watch him, alot of dramma is still coming……….

  29. I dont believe and understand the Zambian media!

    You people are supposed to be analyzing the potential presidential candidates, i.e their credentials, their past achievement, their lives, past histories, etc. Give people what they need to know when choosing a rightful candidate. And not this trivial issues that you waste so much time and energy to publish. Guys to something out of the box. Are you not tired of the same old ways PLEASEEEEE

  30. iwe chi # 36 kwata amano. Its only SATA who is fit to go to plot one this time around. People RB is a very weak guy thats why he was voted for by most of the corrupt MMD officials. Remember these MMD officials have been promised a very huge pay rise by RB. Lets jump on the boat for 36 months and see how it will sail.

    Iwe shimapepo ikalafye walikwisa lyonse ili now that a BANBA is in the race wayamba ukusabaila. Just wait and see how your RB will perform.

  31. #3 HK, well put my country person, let me just say this and I do not intend to be tribal or anything but this is a label the Tonga people have been carrying as a label, I had a face-to-face encounter at DHL where I was called a tribalist. Anyhow that is as bad as being called a racist when you are not one. Why were the Tonga’s called tribalists, because they put HH as a replacement of AKM. Now my argument is, what were the people of UPND supposed to do, were they supposed to vote Patrick Chisanga as Presidential Aspirant even when HH was perceived to have better credentials just for expedience not principle? And why is it that when Southern province votes UPND, they are accused of being…

  32. contd 39… tribal even when it is there for all to see that this could actually be a better Presidential candidate. And when Sata gets votes from predominantly bemba groups, he is not perceived as being one? These are questions that need answers before we listen to the man of God who is asking people to vote across tribal lines. Some people like Tetamashimba have come out in the open and made serious references to tribe, the late LPM, when appointing RB made it clear he was doing it because the people from eastern province were complianing of under representation.



  34. #36, ha ha ha ha ha talk of flip-flop, this is Sata for you. And then people think he should have a pact with HH, UPND might as well go it alone and lose than form a pact with Sata and win.

  35. Is it wrong for someone to Apologise, The post needs Sata and Sata needs them too, so its all good. the only bad thing is those personal editorials from post which are so insulting and hurtful to other people

  36. AS i sit in ma culture at my cabin i cry when i think of who the southerners will put there vote on, the northerners too, easterners, westerners and the others. my concern is on the southerners, northerners and the easterners as they have always looked on they soul called sons of the soil not considering wat development isues they will put in place, more waste on the villages who are not well informed en bribed by the ruling party with bags of fertilizers and therefore put their votes on MMD i strongly condemn these acts. fellows zambians as long as northerners and southerners dont come together the tongas will put their vote on their son so will the bembas. ABBASH TRIBALISM

  37. Makes good reading some of the issues that are raised, but osa tukwana. You people abroad need daily updates of happenings back home. Yesterday one honourable member was on tv looking like he had over-eaten and was there campaining for RB to be put in office, obviously worrying about how to keep his pot belly packed in future. Viva Zed

  38. #43, depending on the circumstances of the apology, nobody provoked him to say what he said, so how come he is coming round, he was so emphatic.

  39. Bishop George Lungu you should come in open. You easterners you were the first to say you are supporting RB. Was it on tribal lines or merit? Why did not Easterners support Magade??

    Ba Bishop, Tu mano tutu nono!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Its like the elections attracts every jim and jack for commentary. Now lets focus on the reality of having a good leader. What are the atributes and quarifications of a good leader? Much has been said about the RB and oposition guys. If we look criticary around non of these guys qualifies. RB is an import from UNIP, HH need practicles and PF we don’t need another state funeral. But why should these leader always leave a vacuum in this high office? Can someone tell me the way forward. It hates and very painfull

  41. #46 very stupid and mediocre.Why cant u debate intelligently with other bloggers without bringing in tribal sentiments?U will rot with that attittude in this 21st century!

  42. Fellow zadians!! let’s us be careful, the country needs an economic manager right now to move forward and not the likes of Cycle matter(SATA). I don’t think this man has the right credentials to run this country. Can somebody please post his brief educational background. VIVA HH

  43. Odinary zedians are not tribalists. It’s the politicians that always try to inject this dangerous dose into the population.

  44. Sata is no presidential material.Let him remain in opposition 4 the little time he still has left to provide some semblance of opposition!He is a tribalist and so are most of his supporters.He is just a stinking old gasbag full of nicotine!u want Zed to become a laughing stock due to calibre of prezdo?

  45. It was not only Eastern province MMD that chose Banda. He was selected by practically all provinces. Whether you like him or not, to me it showed that atleast along ethnic lines, the MMD had matured. I had envisaged a scenario in which the different MMD provincial bodies would be backing candidates from their own background. Infact, there was some speculation that the MMD might disintegrate due to infighting but they have held together. In terms of provincial representation in cabinet, I think that should also be a consideration as well as talent. I dont see why certain provinces should be over represented while others are not – isn’t that the only way to live in multi-ethnic society?

  46. Easterners are free to choose anyone including Rupiah.The unfortune thing is that some Rupians had a clearly tribal card with respect to comparisons between RB and Magande.Africa has remained backward due to tribal politics- the enablity to appriciate other people other than those like yourself. What do you think white supremists are getting out of this?

  47. I agree with you # 56. The man may be practical but he is surely not the right person for the top most position in the land. The man promised to forgive plunderers. The man was FTJ’s right hand man. The man left MMD because LPM was anointed by FTJ. The man supported FTJs third term bid to the bitter end where some members left MMD for opposing FTJ. Even his counterparts could not allow him to join FDD because he was described as a man who can’t concentrate for 10 minutes by Edith Nawakwi and the others. Zedians, lets not forget where we are coming from. Vote wisely!!! Let us not take our country backward. Abash the old school. Viva new blood!!! Viva HH

  48. Tribal or no tribal we have to vote for a leader with integrity and of good carible. In this 21st century it will be unfair for Zeds to vote for leaders of UNIP era. The world is going to laugh at us and we will be backwards in development just like Zimbabweans are today. Had Mugabe gave power to MDC things would have changed for better. So please Zeds lets vote wisely. Remember we are in the 21st century

  49. Please tell me – Is it purely coincidental that when you check the main newspapers everyone with an Eastern Province sounding name – Ngondo, Chongwe, Lt Gen Tembo, etc is now supporting RB? In my view, our country is backward because of the frightening levels of tribalism. By the way, Southern Province voted 100% for Chiluba/MMD in 1991 because that was the sensible option then.

  50. Katwishi mwandi pantu bonse fye kwaliba ka triblism involved, Tiza ona, ku mi uza bonse ba supporter muntu wao. But I mean Zambia a tribe is jst a tribe. We jst need to be together. God is for all He does not luk at the tribe He is NKHOSI WAMA NKHOSI

  51. I think this debate should be directed to the political heavy weights. for example i was at a dinner with some tonga big businessmen who are well know and they were like we look after our own even if HH doesnt win we can never support and eastener or bemba. these are the people whop bring our politics backward. But i also balme their leader its what he has been preaching to them that has lead to such nonsense. we need to move zambia forward not backward.lets be open minded and objective as zambians.

  52. HH is triblism and not fit to lead this nation. He is infact a businessman not a politician, Tongas only forced to take that post bcoz they wanted a tonga at any cost after the death of Mazoka (MHSRIP) .

  53. Countrymen – I personally don’t understand people who espouse tribalism. What is in a tribe? With all these inter-marriages and high levels of migration, do you think the tribes of the 17th,18th and 19th century are still the same? Think positively, each time you buy food, do you acre about where the food was grown or which tribe cultivated it? Now, even the Computer you are using for insulting us, is it your tribesman who invented it? You must learn to think like people and like Ostriches. Just vote for the person who has the qualities to do the job of President because that is all that matters okay. Wake up!

  54. No 63 am not sure if Ngondo and Chongwe are from Eastern. One of the interesting thing about Zambia is the fact that we are all bantu speakers. This means that some names can be found amongs many ethnic groups – you cant tell where somebody comes from simply by looking at the name. Infact this also applies internationally – I never knew that you could find a Mutale in Uganda or a Mundiah in Kenya.

  55. Easterners declared from the very beginning that Banda was their man and noone saw that to be tribal but the moment it is in Southern then everyone sees that as Tribal.Double standards in this counrty.Can we be real

  56. No 73 it was not only Eastern mmd people who wanted Banda. Even those from Southern province endorsed as well as Northern, Luapula, North Western, Western, Copperbelt

  57. #73,
    It is not only Eastern that has endorsed RB but all provinces except Western who did not publicly do so.
    So are you telling me that RB belongs to 8 provinces?
    Let us be objective in our contribution, so that others are able to see every reason behind our views.
    If It was only eastern that had been behind RB, your views would not have been difficulty for anybody to understand.

  58. #68 you are a jerk. what makes you think that what you are saying is more of the truth than anyone else in this forum. im just informing you what i heard i was sitting at the same table. wait a minute i dont need to explain myself to a dowsy cow. lets talk real issues here. and lest respect other peoples opinions

  59. 74. First initiated from Eastern and i think you are not reading my line of argument properly. With me i have no problem of whoever it is and which ever province it is but the point is that there is growing tendency now to type any well meaning person from Southern as tribal and that is not true and unfair to say the least to be always demonising these people on the account of this nosense people tribal and yet these people like any other group in this country have been very supportive to the cause of this country in various spheres.

  60. #55, Thats the spirit,lets not look at names people,practically for a country like zambia with more than 70 tribes it can neva be posible for each and every tribe to have a chance to be in power.i believe we are not looking for qualifications alone, yes sata might not be that qualified but even the most qualified have failed us before, qualifications or degrees do not make somebody to have leadership skills automatically, leaders are naturally born to lead. nelson mandela is one of the most outstanding leaders in the world but he is not the most qualified.
    people lets wake up, toking will not do us any good.copper is diminishing. why do you think these foreigners are here?
    lets wake up!!

  61. #65 you are certainly pedalling a lie. Iam not Tonga but I know that there are many principled and nationalistic people from that province. Who was the first emminent person to openly challenge one party state of UNIP- Joshua Lumina. Who was the first DC to challenge Chiluba on the third term bid- Machila in Mazabuka and it earned him an exit.

  62. Though the Bishop may have a good point, I strongly believe that the man of God should focus on prayer and leading his sheep to greener pastures other than talking about politics. These are the likes who pray to God that He should give us a good leader chosen by God Himself and yet they tell God, in their prayers, whom they already have in their minds. Bishop, please stop politics!!!

  63. 77. Yes i want us to discuss real issues and i am grateful that you are have heeded to my appeal of discussing real issues but avoid calling people jerks. There is no need.

  64. #80 get get me right i did not say that all tongas are tribalists read my post again. Its just a few and that few are very close friends to HH and that i know for a fact

  65. #82 if i can refer to the blog you posted about my blog No 65 . Do not bring lies here and we are interested to hear how you were denied food and money at that party…..was that necessary.. i dont think so so please in the future think before you post something dont expect to be sarcarstic to others and expect others to take it lying down. lets be mature as we post or blogs

  66. Does the Zambian constitution even allow RB to stand for presidential elections.
    Why was Kaunda BARED from contesting elections in the not so distant past. Beacause MMD put in place a constitution amendment that disqualifies any presidential candidate who’s parents are not indiginouse zambians .
    Lets ask our selves where was RB born , who is RB’s Farther , who is RB’s mother.
    For one correct me if i am wrong please , RB’s Mother was Zimbabwean , a Ndebele at that.
    Do you think the same law will exempt RB… i dont think so .
    who was the master mind behind that constitution amendment…….FJT .Chiluba and dont you think he knows that all too well , whois camp is he …PF.

  67. Iwe chi #81 Hey, man leave the good Bishop alone he is merely guiding the sheeps that voting on tribal line is bad. How come when it comes to feeding the poverty sicken sheeps you dont tell him to stop feeding bcoz it is politing. HYPOCRITICS!

  68. 78. I see what you mean. Whilst having this debate, it would be interesting to see how many Zambians nowadays are ‘pure’ in that they belong to only on ethnic group (personally dont like the use of the word ‘tribe’ because of it’s implication of primitiveness – especially in the West). I for one am an amalgamation of 6 ethnic groups from Northern, Eastern and Central. In addition to this, I am related to people who have links with every province of Zambia. I dont think my situation is very different from a large percentage of the Zambian population. Surely then, we should be discussing policies of the presidential hopefuls and not where they come from or who is most ‘tribal’ group in Z

  69. ITS for this reason we have courts of law in zambia
    Why do you think no one to date has realy publicly come up in the media to discus this topic of RB’s parents to see if he can stand … because the MMD knows all to well that that is a big hurdle they have to over come if it indeed got airplay , so its in there intrest to keep quiet about it and hope it just blows on by .. but alas the opposition are not stupid iether , infact SATA and MUgabe are good friends i would not be even surprised if 2 weeks befor the election day RB”S zimbabwean copies of birth records become public .. then what what would MMD do field mangande … it will be tooooooo late for them , watch all this play out .

  70. #30,
    I have looked at many views about eastern province starting the support for RB. Some people feel that that was not correct because RB comes from east. Now, are you telling me that if they feel that hi is the right candidate they should not support just because they come from the same place? that would be undemocratic approach, of course. A zambian must be free to support any candidate from anywhere. What is sad is when the only people (or primarily so) who support you are from your place. Not where the whole country declare their support for you, where is tribalism?
    Some say no because eastern started first; don’t tell me that eastern has such strong influence on all provinces.

  71. This problem is so serious that it should be equated to corruption. It is sad for people not to vote for leaders who can change the country just because they are from another tribe. So have prepared to even chose a “Sangoma” as long as he is of there tribe. Tribalism is satanic and barbaric. It is just like the “Samaritans” vs “jews during the time of jesus.

  72. 89. I dont think that at this juncture it would be beneficial for Sata’s alsready shaky international image to be seen to be to be in cahoots with Mugabe. Infact that would scare a lot of Zambians and hamper his chances of winning. The law that barred Kaunda from participating in politics was seen as retrogressive – hopefully as Zambians we are above such cheap politics. In addition, Sata would have to make sure that there are no skeletons in his cupboard regarding the issue – remember how the issue backfired on Chiluba when his father claimed he was born in the Congo?

  73. Wil i be ryt to say that the cumin of UPND into politics brot trabilism into zambian politics,coz thats wen i noticd alot of tongas and lozi’s al suportin UPND..i remember th 2001 elections and hw UPND js embrasd tribalism.and its only them UPND hu cn stop it…im relatd to tongas and i hav to tel u.tribalism is wat thy relish.

  74. #97 i wil nt say my tribe.al i knw im zambian.and tel u the truth i hate tribalism,and whreva it exists i dnt take part nor support it..i hav frnds frm al ova zed,i was born n sourthern province and i speak both languages usd tht syd,plus two otha zed languages-thts y i wil neva be a tribalist..

  75. People in Zambia will vote on tribal lines.With the way things are,my mother being Easterner and my father Northener I think if I was still in Zambia I would go for Sata and not Banda.Mr Banda wouldn’t have my vote,between him and HH I would rather go for HH.MMD must go!!!

  76. All parties which has strong background from the east has closed shop and supported RB. is this a coincidence or what.
    in 1991, The Eastern province did not vote for Chiluba- What was the reasons behind that, kaunda had more than enough of easterneres in higher offices and diplomatic mission- he was one of them through Betty Kaunda.
    In 1996 The eastern again did not vote for Chiluba even after UNIP boycotted.
    In 2001: The eastern Voted for Christon Tembo for FDD What was the reason behind
    In 2006: The eastern Voted for mwanawasa after being promised under the carpet , there own will be appointed VP. The eastern voted for Mwanawasa at Presidential level, differntly at MP level.

  77. this is the problem with us zambians, we like tallking about petty issues, c’mon ladies and gents. we are wasting time talking about tribalism when we shuold be talking about issues cocerning our economy. we need a president and a new cabinet regardless of ones tribe, lets stand up and say no to these recycled leaders who want to mismanage our resources again. abash!!! VJ, abashh tembo and chongwe.
    if r.b is not weorking with these crooks let him come out in the open and tell the public the truth but if he is part of them we are not voting for him! final.

  78. I hate Tribalism with a passion…

    Any Ethnic group will do so long as this country doesn’t go dow the drain in all aspects….!!

  79. Tribal or non-tribal what the zambians need is a leader who can translate those tales about the economy into something beneficial to an ordinary man. a lot are languishing in poverty. so when one says the economy of zambia has improved the people want to come to lusaka thinking that is where the benefit is.

  80. Good analysis 101. Tribalism is alive and kicking in Zambia. This we have to ackowledge if we are to find a cure for this primitive vice.

  81. #101-HK,

    That is the reasoning we want. I totally agree with you for all the points you have put across apart from the last one.
    Of course, if it was because they were promissed, that was sad.
    But how sure are you about that? If it is true they were promissed then your contribution is excellent analysis of issues.
    Though i doubt the VP promiss, I salute the rest of your observation – Excellent.
    I wish everyone would raise up issues and put up rational defence of their views.

  82. Does anyone really believe that MMD will lose tribal politics aside? I dont think that the voting patterns will radically be different from those of 2006. Sadly, I think that the coming elections will actually entrench rather than loosen ethnic politics which does not bode well for the future if we are not careful.

  83. U know? It really breaks my heart to see that certain people on this site have a propensity of arguing along tribal lines,others unashamedly proclaiming thier tribalistic mentalities(#46,u r not civilised u deserve to be taken back to the dinosaur era!).I am a pure breed Bemba but i would rather try HH regardless of where he comes from.RB is too docile to take the helm,plus he z from the old school.SATA is too volatile,unpredictable,temperamental,impulsive and lacks a sense of good judgement.He is a politician not a leader.We need someone who is level headed,and considering what we have on the plate,HH seems a plausible option.

  84. Each tribal unit in Zambia has got its inherent strenghts and weaknesses. A clver politician is the one who harnesses thiese strengths to the country’s advantage.

  85. There’s no tribe that is not proud of themselves. Tribalism I have already observed can only be neutralised or inflamed by the politicians – we all need to be very careful in our utterances to avoid reckindleing what took Kaunda over twenty years to quench.

  86. #101 Advice:
    You can get the campaign extracts from the Post Newspaper concerning the MMD campaigns in Eastern province. The promises given by the MMD through the Chiefs of Eastern Province. The voices of demands for an Easterner to be appointed to influential position reverbarated across the East, from Chiefdowm of Gawa undi to Mupenzeni.

  87. Hei Lt glad you’re back,things were too quiet,anyway did anyone watch the dedebate yesterday on ZNBC,and what are you comments on the caliber of the pipo on the panel.Liato appears as if he is not much educated on the constitution.Just want to hear pipos comments.peace

  88. Maybe the presidents of Zambia should only come from the small tribes like the Mambwes, Bisa, Kunda, Sala, Luchazi or even Lenje??

  89. Please Zedians, never mind tribe. Just dont vote for that mad Zambian mugabe/amin called Sata. If he comes in he will never leave. He has been taking notes from his friend across the Zambezi. That man is a snake in the grassroots….

  90. LT Remind President Sata to keep updating his website we want to know whats happening. I also wish to register my pleasure at the reconciliation between President Sata and the Post, I am stil waiting to hear that he has embraced the MPs.

  91. Let us look beyond tribalism,and behold Zambia as one,watmo ngayakulile nga states,with different states ngatwapela kwi.Luv u all.

  92. i agree with #54, zambians are not generally tribal. perhaps in the past. its the politicians who make people start thinking that way. you can find any member of a tribe marring another or or you can find a member of tribe settled or serving anywhere in the country. other nations this is almost impossible. so analyse persons as they are not because they come from somewhere or they speak something, tingaitaye ka. may God deliver those who are tribal.

  93. #114. HK,

    Sorry, but I dont see credibility in what the POST newspaper reports.
    They are biased and will only speak truth if it adavnces their agenda.
    They are petty and very fake, and normally they fail to draw lines between their personal differences and real issues.
    They have no understanding of democracy, but just want to use their media institution to adavnce their private agendas.
    They take advantage of the lack of understanding by the majority of the electorate, and think they are more clever than all Zambians, a definite lie.
    In short, the POST Newspaper is not a good source of objective information.

  94. Fellow country men and women,its good we are taking time to share our opinoins about issues concerning the future of our nation,however, let us do so costructively.I have read alot of comments about which leader is trabal and who isnt.But right now that doesnt matter as all of them can say anything including tribal remarks if it ‘ll bag them a vote.Instead its about you and me.Forget the rest,the onus is on you and me and everyone else to prove we are not tribalistic when voting.Be objective.Oh! and guys,when u write something the public will read,be sure to check your grammar,i’ve read some rather embassingly bad texts here.Never mind,just a thought.

  95. #121 i will not reduce myself to ur illiterate level can you read? i said not every tonga is tribalist any one can lead as long as he doesnt embrace tribalism. Please lets not talk about brains you cant even spell
    #121 So you thing tongas can no rule?? is that english. please lets respect each other opinions a refrain from being insulting because we all can be mean but what will that turn this forum into? A circus so please stop the sarcasm it is not appreciated.

  96. Careless talk about by tribal just because a party a is being run by a tribes mate will bring Rwanda genocide to zed.stick to the bigger picture of economic prosperity. I sometimes think one party state was better in this respect. Ask ba Kellis!

  97. Firstly, can we define tribalism? According to me tribalism is an incoherent idealogy that promotes cultural and linguistic hegemony and hate based on ethnicity. N

  98. Firstly, can we define tribalism? According to me tribalism is an incoherent idealogy that promotes cultural and linguistic hegemony and hate based on ethnicity. Now we can continue with the rather simplistic accusations of each other as being tribal. Gud dei Sambia.

  99. No.135, I am not Tonga but would vote for HH if I was convinced of his party’s agenda, so please resist from that kind of talk, you are the people you make others perseve HH as a tribalist. In any case I do not see him winning these elections, may be 2011(?).

  100. I think we are loosing the plot here i think this forum was not created so that we can be vulgar and insultive no it was meant so that we can debate and comment on seriuos issues. Issues that affect our lives in a huge way. But no people just keep on being down right dirty. please i believe we are adults let us act like adults. Can you imagine what foreigners who are out side of our country are thinking when they read some of the nonsese that is being posted. Awe bane lets portay a good picture of the calibre of Zambinas we have.

  101. #30 YOU ARE SPOT ON. A few days ago I 4ned up my well learned accountant pal (the chap who got a suspension 4 delaying to pay labourers-I wrote in 1 of the previous blogtopics). We discussed the political situation in Zambia. He indicated that he was going to vote 4 RB. Well, theres nothing wrong with that. But what was wrong was the reasoning. He said, “I will vote 4 RB coz they both come from eastern province.” Truly, I expected him to attribute some economic, political, science and technology (etc), to any of his chosen candidate. But, alas. What makes me regret is that the guy is educated. I wouldnt ve bothered if he were a village bumpkin.

  102. …Most people I ve spoken to along the same issue ve exhibited intellect and wisdom with full economic and technological grasp. Including my aunties and grandmas.

  103. I thought when each province was coming out in support of RB it was members of MMD who did so? Each of the opposition parties can do so and state strongly that they will vote for thier candidate. why do you want people to think that everyone in these provinces stands for MMD and RB? MMD provincial members through there executives have stated their intent. Can we here it from UPND and PF members.

  104. KK tried to remove this sin from our politics but the well educated MMD government brought back this evil, please zambian voters donot allow the tribal card be the decider, otherwise will end up with another insecure president who will be running the country through the police and calling it rule of law.

  105. i didnt vote for HH in 2006, because i didnt trust him then, but now i think no matter what pipo call him im voting for him.
    He presents a better coherent presidency for zambia.

  106. #147 nice data.
    I can safely write that the 2008 NOVEMBER elections this year will be interesting. In the USA, Obama (young and energetic) will be taking on McCain (Old and rigid). In Zambia, Hakainde Hichilema socially known as HH (young, about the age of Obama, brilliant and full of promise towards National economic independence) will be battling it out with Rupiah Banda (Old, about the age of McCain, and showing weakness by delaying to respond to issues).
    Hon. Sata will probably run out of energy as two months of working out his tired body will do him trouble and so he is not a contender at all in this election. Let us wait and see.

  107. John McCain is 72 and the same age as RB. Joe Biden is another senior citizen. When it comes to us in Zambia, we start complaining, when someone who has a clean record. This is what will make us chosse something we don’t know. At least with RB you know his record. Was his name ever embroiled in scandal? Did he watch when things went wrong like Hon. Sata did with FTJ before they fell out? When UNIP deteriorated, RB left because he did not believe that one family should control a party like it was a monarchy, that’s why he left UNIP, not because he had any itentions of standing. History books will tell the period when Levy fell ill and died and of the man that acted as president.

  108. Ba Zambia start proper debates amongst the presidential candidates. Dont allow others to speak for them. We want to see our own live debates in all provinces at the same time. Dont allow individuals to cheat people, let them cheat people together, point fingers at each other and then allow people to think and decide for the first time. Only a party with money (MMD) will manage to move around within this short period. Tantameni ma guys nishani

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