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Siliya reiterates govt support to Met dept

General News Siliya reiterates govt support to Met dept

Communications and Transport Minister, Dora Siliya, says government is committed to supporting the Zambia Meteorological Department in the provision of accurate weather reports to the nation.

Ms. Siliya said the Meteorological Department plays an important role in helping government make informed decisions concerning the weather pattern in Zambia.
She said the Meteorological Department plays an important role in promoting improved performance of the aviation and agriculture sectors and other development efforts.

Ms. Siliya was speaking in Lusaka todaywhen she officiated at a two week World Metrological Oeganisation workshop whose aim is to enhance climate software capabilities and Meteorological data exchange.
She stressed that government is now instituting measures to mitigate the effects of floods because the meteorological department had forecast floods in most parts of the country in the past rainy season.

Ms Siliya, however, said the department is faced with the challenge of technological advancement in dissemination of information especially in the rural parts of the country.
She said technology plays a very important role in dissemination of information and that is why government will support the Department.

Speaking at the same event, World Meteorological Organisation representative, Omar Baddour, said climate change is a global problem which attracts concern from all countries.

Mr.Baddour said climate change brings about such complications as tropical diseases hence the need for much attention to be given to the issue in order for it to be effectively addressed.



  1. Which planet is this Dora from , she acts as if nothing has happened. She needs to be slapped and stopped in her tracks.

  2. This is what happens when you have people who do not respect the law as custodian of your law. Its like appointing a witch as health minister. This woman is definitely so cold blooded that when she looks in the mirror, the only image of herself she seems is a reptile.

  3. When I saw Ms Dora Siliya’s name on the story title I thought that she was indicating that she will be resigning from the ministerial office, but sadly I found “Communications and Transport Minister, Dora Siliya, says government is committed to supporting the Zambia Meteorological Department in the provision of accurate weather reports to the nation”.

    When shall Zambians learn to resign on National interests and moral grounds?

    Anyway, what accurate weather reports can come out of Global/regional Climate Models? It is important that some of our non-technical ministers get some simple exposure to science and note that we only do interpolation and extrapolation of actual measured data in Meteorology.

  4. Kwena she’s got guts I’ll give her that! She’s even officiating, ka. Where i come from, we say, “Mpofu ikati niku chaye, niyekuti yakanda pa mwala!” (When a blind man says i will beat you, it means he is stepping on a stone!) So there you go, Dora is daring all of you!!

  5. This is a sign that she has worn he case whatever it is… there goes Dora on her normal daily job/business without any form of guilty/remorse……

  6. leave her alone for now to make some allowances from workshops,nchito isila munzanu.yah,vintu vina mwebantu,so kwasila so ba Dora,back bencher yahyah,anyway resign and join cosmo mumba or lukwesa fimofimo.

  7. She will appear in Publicmore frequently/make more PR comments.The idea is to gauge the response and possibly divert attention.

  8. So who says that she’s not supposed to be working anymore? Has the president said anything to this extent?

  9. There is honour in resigning on moral grounds ……wonders never cease in Zambia. Let the powers that be give a final verdict ….patience is a virtue

  10. The person at fault here is the appointing authority and that is why he is shamelessly tight lipped at the moment. He is just bsuy complaining about making difficult decisions and yet he made party cadres to make decisions for him over Shaka and Chibombamiilmo. What a president, kwena! LPM must be turning in his grave. With him, by now Dora would have even collected her dismissal letter.

  11. Stastical data is there to derive meaningful decisions. As regards floods for instance, we know areas which are all the time victim. If these areas are inhabited, the people must be moved from there or alterntively, establish dams and proper drainage canals to control flooding. I keep on saying this over and over again, we have educated people including young ones who can be put to use to look into the problem and come up with a solution. Funding should not be a problem since as perpetual beggars, the cooperating partners are always there to extend a helping hand. Wake-up Zambia. Let’s not act dumb and unintelligent.

  12. 25, wiseman-reborn, UNZA produces hard core metals not those that break anyhow due to failure to do the needful.

  13. Please leave Siliya alone. there are so many men in goverment that have done worse things than Siliya. She is being targeted just because she is a woman, I’m not saying what she did was not wrong, but i smell a rat in the sense that there are men in leadership MMD, PF that have faced corruption charges and are still in leadership. Siliya is still learning and she has to be forgiven. We all learn by making mistakes at times!

  14. #26, Jamaco,
    I wouldnt classify Dora as a woman at the moment… a ‘ female political bully’ maybe..

  15. Wonders never cease in Zambia….. Dora my UNZA sis …….History will speak the true one day ,when we all become old….. …….

  16. Yes her actions were not justifiable and she has done wrong, but she is still unbder authority to perform her duties. Life goes on. It does not mean that she suspends her duties as a minister and hides while she waits for a verdict on the case. There are other aspects of her job that need attention, she only stops her job if she has been suspended or fired. what do you expect her to do? shun away and keep quiet. She’s very brave to officiate such things but life goes on.

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