Luapula Province Permanent Secretary, Jazzman Chikwakwa, has called on government departments and other spending agencies to use public finances prudently.

He warned that imprudent use of public funds would be tantamount to corruption, a vice which government is seriously fighting.

Mr Chikwakwa said yesterday that heads of government departments should ensure that monthly allocations were spent on development related activities that would benefit the people in the province.

He said whoever would be found spending public funds to gain personal wealth would be disciplined. He warned that civil servants should learn a lesson from incarcerated public workers.

He was speaking when he announced that the Ministry of Finance has released funding to government departments in the province.

The Permanent Secretary said Luapula province has been given a total of K1.9 billion for Recurrent Departmental Charges (RDCs) for the month of January.This amount will be shared among 26 spending agencies in the province.

He further said the funds must be properly utilised on developmental activities that benefit the people and not be spent on officers’ allowances.

And Mr Chikwakwa explained that his decision to announce the monthly allocations to various spending agencies in the province in an open meeting was meant to ensure transparency in his administration.

He said although some provincial heads of departments were against the idea of announcing their allocations in an open meeting, this was important for the sake of ensuring checks and balances.

Meanwhile the Ministry of Commerce has summoned Mr. Chikwakwa and District Commissioners for a meeting to discuss the failure by the province to utilise the K10 billion released to the province by the Citizens Economic Empowerment Commission (CEEC) last year.

Mr. Chikwakwa disclosed yesterday during a meeting that the province has only used K1 billion out of the K10 billion allocated to the province.

He said Luapula province had the lowest utilisation of the CEE funds compared to other provinces.

He expressed fear that the province might risk not being considered in future for equal disbursement of developmental funds if such funding was not utilised within the time frame.


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  1. Jazzman is a cadre appointed to that position by the MMD. What we want is not threats or speeches. what we want is action. Jail thieves that steal public money including Chiluba.


  2. What Jazzman as head of government business in Luapula Province is recommendable. In promoting good governance in running government business, this is the right direction. Citizens need to know how much their province, district and ward receive and add a voice to how it should be utilised as planned. For the sake of transparency, accountability and good governance, this is the right direction which all must support. Am surprised that provincial heads were against this move and this is for a simple reason, they are plunderers and not for the interest of the pipo they serve. The civil service is rooten.


  3. i believe that’s theft and not corruption. issuing threats wont solve anything, but penalizing or prosecuting them will



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