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The general director of SIDA Anders Nordström is fired

General News The general director of SIDA Anders Nordström is fired

The general director of SIDA (Swedish International Development Agency) Anders Nordström is fired and the authority will be re-organized.

The reason is that the government is not happy with the control over money spent on development cooperation. The management of the authority bears the responsibility for the lack of control and for the organisational shortcomings according to the government.

After the revelation last year about development mean for Zambia being used for corruption and embezzlement in the African country, the government realised that something had do be done writes Minister for Development Cooperation Gunilla Carlsson on the debate site Newsmill.

– The control over SIDA must be better and comprehensive changes are necessary to reach the vision about an aid that makes a difference writes Ms Carlsson

Charlotte Petri Gornitzka has been appointed new General Director at SIDA.

Tommie Ullman
[email protected]

[Stockholm News]


  1. Keep cleaning these organizations of corruption. It about time that results of development begin to show.

  2. But you miss the point. The implications are less future aid for Zambia. Almost all European funding agencies are taking stock of their monies, especially the Germans. We really have to seriously make the mones work for Zambia urgently – though we should desist from emebezzling money, imwe ba kabwalala. Masholi.

  3. This is a strong message being sent to the govnt of Zambia that next time SIDA will stop helping Zambia. Please arrest all the thieves.

  4. Kapoko alengesa munzake ankala lova manje! Close monitoring is indeed needed or it will be Dead Aid.Dambisa is really being felt by these people.

  5. This means SIDa will become very strict with how GRZ uses their money. GRZ beware!

    But this is very good for ordinary Zambians whose money hase been eaten by corrupt govt officials. Hopefully in future all the money will reach the intended people. Viva Sweden.

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