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Sondashi Formula attracts praise

Health Sondashi Formula attracts praise

Inventor of the SF2000 Ludwig Sondashi

The Treatment Advocacy and Literacy Campaign (TALC) is happy that the Sondashi formula SF2000 has been proved useful to contain medicinal value for the fight against the HIV/AIDS.

The Sondashi Formula has since been earmarked for phase one of the clinical trials after scientist tasked to examine the potency of the formula to treat HIV/AIDS discovered particles that are useful in the HIV fight.

TALC National Coordinator Felix Mwanza expressed delight at the development saying the country stands to benefit immensely if the cure for HIV/AIDS is discovered by a Zambian.

Mr Mwanza has however cautioned the nation against jumping to conclusions before a re-examination and certification of the safety of the formula was done.
He told ZANIS in an interview in Lusaka today that previous formulas had proved disastrous and maimed volunteers of clinical trials.

Mr Mwanza appealed to government to ensure that the rights of people that will volunteer in the trial are respected and that their interests are taken into consideration.

“As TALC, we welcome the discovery because we believe that is good development. However, our main interest is to ensure that the rights of people involved in the trials are respected as the trials go on”, he said.
He hoped that the volunteers would be taken care of if they developed side effects and that the government will take full responsibility of the outcome of the trials.


  1. This i can tellyou will never happen in our life time or the next….. Think about it.
    If Bill gates with all his billions and practicaly unlimited resources Global has not reached this mile stone so being claimed in zambia .
    what makes you think . we could be the first to find the cure ..imposible .
    This is what will happen , if realy we are at that level of finding the cure and the western world realizes that , they will simply never recognise the results or they would simply buy the formuler improve on it and shut us up as if we never created it .
    if this is indeed true , then belive me they are watching and waiting to see if this works clinicaly and if how many africans die from this experiment first befor they feel its worth taking over.

  2. #1 – You have been diagnosed with negative-imfecomplexia the deadly virus that causes negative thinking and inferiority complex. see a doctor ASAP to contain the symptoms.

  3. #1- you are collect but your negativity to your african achievement will always haunt you to death.
    Havent you seen white people (westerners) attending Pro. Joshua’s cleansing sevices? Ask me, european towerist are getting treated of their ailments right from this village i live..traditional herbs!!
    So, get on the boat and see the lighthouse!

  4. No.1 listen to me,vous êtes très stupide et sourd qui ne croit pas en toi-même. you need brain transplant,if there are other diseases cured by african medicine (Roots) pourquoi ne pas le sida.

  5. #2 Get out of the box your living in and see whats happening in the world at large . whats happening right now in ambia is hype , and soon the bubble will burst .
    Do you even have a clue as to how many ground breaking medicinal discoveries have been discredited by the western world, simply because it was not discoverd or created by them.
    Its not that the western world has the best brains ..far from that, they do however have the money to practicaly do what they please or is correct acording to them .
    i am sure your a smart zambian of some sort , think ouside the box if you dont want to be disapointed .

  6. #3
    My point is not to frown on an african achievment ,we need more of that , sure they are herbs that cure a whole host of sicknes , thats what a lot of asians use , even some parts of animals are said to cure types of illness , how ever we are talking about the cure of AIDS being creatd or discoverd by Sondashi in zambia , and my argument is that these formulers give a fauls sence of hope to our poor zambians suffering from this deadly virus.
    The world governing body that endorses these discoveries would never accept the fact that an african man in africa would discover the cure for aids unless clinical trials are done and cleard by the wostern world .
    many many africand have claimed to cure AIDS but yet we are the worst affected still today by it .. explain to me how thats posible

  7. Mr Mwanza has however cautioned the nation against jumping to conclusions before a re-examination and certification of the safety of the formula was done.
    He told ZANIS in an interview in Lusaka today that previous formulas had proved disastrous and maimed volunteers of clinical trials.
    previous formulas had proved disastrous and maimed volunteers of clinical trials.
    previous formulas had proved disastrous and maimed volunteers of clinical trials.
    previous formulas had proved disastrous and maimed volunteers of clinical trials.
    previous formulas had proved disastrous and maimed volunteers of clinical trials.
    previous formulas had proved disastrous and maimed volunteers of clinical trials.
    previous formulas had proved disastrous and maimed volunteers of clinical trials.
    NAFF said

  8. Since they no cure yet no one knows when?why not painstake this hiv/aids thing as part of the school
    curriculum?in exception of learning R.E which is derisory.Moreover at school pupils go to different kinds
    of churches,so whats the point of learning religious education?this generation of peers should make an informed decision.The earlier the better.

  9. #12
    how does speeking my mind constitute to having a slave mentality ,you just worry about rolling out the replica medication . So u think the cure to AIDS has been found in zambia then u are an *****.i supose then that you being in China will mass produce the discovery by Sondashi and supply the masses in Africa .
    Wake up and smell the NOODLES …..Brethren.

  10. #5,8,10 KABUDULA BAMBA – With such kind of attitude/mentality you will forever be a slave of your own mind and will forever accept midiocrity as the only reward due to you.

  11. praise be to God,we should be hopeful that the cure is almost found,never forget that nearly all resources mushroom from AFRICA. Now why not Zambia finding the cure for hiv/aids?

  12. #15
    I Told you already to think outside the Box do you seriously belive after all the many claims in africa that today from out of the blues Sondashi has found the cure for Aids . Why coz he has concockted something that gets you fat from being bare bones and you think thats the cure ..Ohh while he is at it mybe he will whip out a formula for the various cancers ..mybe next year he wil embark on the cure for M S .
    dont mistake reality for midiocrity ..You my friend are one mulecule short of being a CLOWN.

  13. #16
    SHUT IT !!! This is not a 419 forum..

    I am sure you being in Nigeria understands very well what i mean by 419.

  14. for once lets support mr sondashi as he is on the right track. this medicine reduces the viral load and increases cd4 count. those who are infected or affected please visit sondashi as his meds do work and price affordable. the problem is how to calculate dosage

  15. # 1 what is wrong with a cure being discovered by a Zambian and a formula bought by the western world? I feel it doesn’t matter where the cure will come from what we want is cure for this deadly disease be it from whites, chinese, blacks e.t.c My suggestion is try these medicines on animals unlike rushing to administer them on human beings.

  16. #20
    YOU are about the only one who has made scense so far ….besides me ofcourse..
    True there is nothing wrong with africans finding the cure ..the problem is they tend to be under funded and as result cut a lot of corners hence very little clinical trials are done on other than humans.
    you cant just create a Formula and try it first on humans to see if it works .

    here is a senerio … a poor zambian earning 300 ,000 kwacha per month is condemed to die coz he has aids , and is offerd a mare $1000 to be a human guini pig for clinical trials .
    What do you think he would say?
    Cours he would try it out regardless of the risk coz he feels he is already condemed to die .
    thats why these people can make claims of cures here and there but always short lived ,

  17. The Clinical Analysis Laboratory of the Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Kumasi, Ghana, is reported to have confirmed that a herbal mixture known as ‘koankro’, prepared by a herbalist, Mr. Kamara Agyepong, is capable of curing Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. This is just one of a number of such claims that have been made all over the world, and, although we are anxious to manage the spread of AIDS, such claims must be viewed with caution.

  18. First of all, we don’t want to give sufferers any hopes that may fade too soon. AIDS is a serious disease and, given its capacity to instill the fear of certain death in its victims, we must be careful not to trivialize it. These claims must, therefore, be thoroughly investigated and, if found to be false, quickly dispelled. If they are found to be valid, however, all efforts must be made to make the medicine available in areas where it is needed.

  19. Secondly, since the whole world claims that Africa has the largest population of AIDS patients, it really would be a blessing to have a cure that is readily available and need not be imported into that region. We all know how difficult it would be for African nations to raise the money to import it if it had to come from outside. Furthermore, it wouldn’t give corrupt government officials an opportunity to play games with people’s lives

  20. Many governments in richer countries pump a lot of money into efforts to manage AIDS in Africa. If a cure is found within the region, therefore, these funds could be channeled into the mass production and distribution of the medicine. There is the danger, however, that major manufacturing companies within the highly industrialized nations who produce drugs to manage the disease could lobby their governments to discourage the production of ‘koankro’. If that happens, it would be sad indeed unless ‘koankro’ is found to be less than what it is claimed to be.

  21. For now, the world should insist that the claim is given due attention in order to ensure that it is properly looked into. We cannot rush into accepting just anything but we also must realize that some don’t have the luxury of waiting too long. Until the rotten tooth known as doubt is pulled out, the mouth must chew with caution.

  22. AIDS by nature can not be cured! Even if a person test negative after treatment does not mean the virus has been eliminated from the body as the virus has proved “tricky” and is known to hide even in the brain.THE ONLY HOPE THAT THEY ARE CURRENTLY PERSUING IS GENE THERAPY based on the berlin patient who had the virus eliminated after undergoing gene therapy for the treatment of leukemia as for drugs and medication no chance

  23. 1# – You should probabaly realise that people feel that you harbour negativity and inferiority complex and in someway I also feel the same. You mention Bill Gates failure to find the cure despite his money. That does not mean that people cannot think independent of monetary gains and therefore money should not be used as a premise to succeed. Aids is a social problem and indeed it is possible to find the cure socially. I challenge you to also think outside the box and believe that africans can find the cure, authenticate it and use it indepedently. By the way the president of the most powerful nation on earth is african and not western. How about that. Believe in yourself more and you will achieve more.

  24. This man is a charlatan, a quack. This is not the first time he has made such a claim. I remember in days gone by, he did make the same statement that he had found the cure for HIV/AIDS, but nothing came out of that claim.
    Now he’s wearing a different colour jacket and calls the stuff SF2000 for good measure and he expects us to believe him?
    And who is this TALC trying to fool. They are making dangerous claims without thoroughly reviewing the evidence (if any) given by Mr. Sondashi.
    If I were you, I’d stay far away from this concoction.

  25. I was diagnosed with infertility at a hospital on the copperbelt and told that i will never father children but I should just adopt. I was advised by my uncle to turn to the HERBS. An old man prescribed some muti made out of roots, as i speak i am a proud father of two children! So #1, you are quite wrong, the formula can be an initial phase to a cure./:)/:):)

  26. I understand Bamba as saying by the time Sondashi formular reaches us or goes on the market, onother guy will have hijacked it and claiming it is his formula. Sondashi is equally afraid of this. Most of the people have misunderstood him as saying it is not possible for a black person to find a cure.

  27. Changing the many problems that are facing us on this earth as human beings will not only take Bill gates to donate half his wealth alone, it takes Warren baffet & fellow money stinking tycoons as well as us who are contemplating to reach were they are. If Sondashi discovered the cure-well, that will be good. Our brothers,ourselves & our friends will once more be able to enjoy sex raw, mwamene ufuno invelela! I still fill certain diseases may never be delt with! In our pursiut for a cure, we also discover certain things we may never have known & the world moves on till heaven breakes loose. As side by others, lets not fold our hands & say after all the white man knows it & is the only one filled with intelegentia! Even if it meant white pipo hijacking-let it be-people will be free atleast.

  28. Medical tourists seeking treatment in Asia are bringing home a dangerous type of bacterial infection that’s resistant to nearly all known antibiotics, according to a new report in the journal the Lancet.

    Doctors identified 29 patients in the United Kingdom with the new infections. Most had traveled to India, Pakistan or Bangladesh for medical procedures, including elective cosmetic surgery. Dozens of patients from Asia also got the infections, according to the researchers, from Cardiff University.

  29. I believe we can find the cure for HIV/AIDS.This means that SF2000 could be the one.Hands up to this man called Mr.Sondashi for the efforts and time spent formulating.Imagine how many folks will benefit from this cure if found!Some of you dooming Sondashi,come go to our local hospitals and check out the pain our people are going through.My point ia that if Sondashi delivers cure,it doesnt matter if Bill gates failed or any white guy.This time its got to be Sondashi a black man and not a white guy.Hands up to Sondashi

  30. Questions to think about friends, when was the last time you heard a famous rock star die of HIV? we all know those guys live a life of drugs, alcohol and SEX! from my recollection the last dude to die from the disease was FREDDIE MERCURY who died on 24th november, 1991, for those who dont know him, queen was the group that sang that famous song, WE WILL ROCK U. Magic Johnson of the NBA and los Angeles Lakers is still living with the disease since 1990 and doctors say it has mAgically stopped multiplying, HOW? Dude must be lucky to have an immune system like that. question 2, rape victims can take an hiv preventative antivirol drug to prevent them getting hiv, if such an antivirol exists, has it ever crossed ur minds that the pharmaceutical companies already have a cure but are cashing IN.

  31. i agree with u # 38, a black man can,they hav been hiding the cure for many year.And aso like their method of operating the safe an unborn clild knowing that after 20 yrs she will be infected with this deases.its high time god stop their greediness,i think they are also working hard to produce the cure,and they always say a blackman is a suspect this time will a good work of a blackman,BIG UP TO DR SONDASHI ‘S FORMULA,I pray that it work our brothers and sisters are dying.leaving children to suffer in this cruel world.

  32. Please send me the contact details of Dr. ludwig sondashi inventor of the sondashi herbal drug or the manufucturing phamacy contact details making sondashi herbal drug so i can buy.
    Alternatively, give me contact details of their south african partners dealing with the drug.

    Kind regards,
    Mr. Wendell.

    Zambian in johannesburg south africa.

    Note that name has been disguised for privacy reason and no politics at All.

    Caught hiv from adjusts and contineous assessments of grade twelve school certificates. Thats the reason the examination council of zambia wanted to have a say on me, just partaking a school by adjusts and contineous assessments yet disguised by an Act of Parliament as by someone’s examination sitting is one of the main reasons of 9/11 attacks in New York City.

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  35. Kabudula whatever; Take your rotten mind evidenced by your grammer to your surname. Your thinking does not offer hope or should i say is very hopeless. *****.
    Lets wait for scientific results

  36. You’ll never hear that the number of people dying of HIV/ AIDS in developed countries has increased. These white people are clever. The cure is there and they keep funding African countries for this pandemic. What they don’t want you to discover is that the cure exists. We’ve.been blinded. I believe the Sondashi formul works. Somebody let me know when you hear of a white person dying of AIDS. Let us wake up Africa. If a chicken has that secret cure why can’t Sondashi formulate one……..

  37. Its unfortunate that an african can bring up good things but not appreciated, then if it was a white man the medicine would have been on the Market. Let us try to appreciate our efforts and be proud of who we are.

  38. There are procedures to be followed
    all the time and if we don’t do that and rush into making money, we might endanger people’s health. Any updates on the formula?

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