ECZ challenges Lubinda to report graft allegations to ACC

ECZ Director Priscilla Isaac
ECZ Director Priscilla Isaac

The Electoral Commission of Zambia has challenged former Kabwata Member of Parliament Given Lubinda to report allegations of corruption against Universal Print Group to the Anti Corruption Commission and the Drug Enforcement Commission if he has evidence as he claims.

Responding to Mr Lubinda’s letter to the Commission in which among other things he questioned why the ECZ has seen it fit to conceal the criminality of its preferred contractor for the printing of ballot papers, ECZ Director Pricilla Isaac in a letter to Mr Lubinda made available to QFM says the Commission has not received any information from either the ACC or DEC on any of its officers on the alleged corruption pertaining to the printing of ballot papers in all instances that the company has been contracted.

Ms Isaac says the Commission is therefore surprised and taken aback that the former Kabwata MP has chosen to so vehemently address the issues of alleged corruption to the Commission instead of the relevant law enforcement agencies.

She says the Commission has nothing to hide and can only conclude that Mr Lubinda’s ranting is mischievous and intended to disrupt the electoral process thus destabilizing the peace that the country has been privileged to enjoy since independence.

Ms Isaac has further challenged the ACC and the DEC to respond to Mr Lubinda’s allegations if the have any information that the contract to print the 2011 elections ballot papers was corruptly awarded to UNIPRINT.

She adds that the Commission does not bow to ultimatums or take instructions or orders from any person or authority, and that by issues ultimatums to the Commission Mr Lubinda is out of order and contrary to the Electoral ACT which states that the Commission shall not be subject to the control or direction of any other person or authority.



  1. He ‘has no evidence’. Like his collegue Mpombo they are under the belief this is how to do politics…..

  2. Madam lsaacs wat r u hiding jst answer to issues raised by Lubinda, we the people will make judgement and not u. Jst know dat theres life outside the gate of ECZ and please do not bury yo head thinking you will be there forever. Clean yo act, Zambia is for all of us and not jst a selected few.

  3. This brings into question whether PF believes in th rule of law. ECZ is not the creation of the executive branch of government only; it was ratified by parliament. Politicians should believe in institutional bodies rather than pandering to the public by issuing dodgy statements against them.

  4. There is a silly and childish game these morons and their sponsors are pushing to make zambia ungovernable before elections. They are hell bent to oust RB from lawful leadership and “instal” their bemba cronie. Are we Zambians going to watch them? How can given address these alleagtions to ECZ? He surely knows better, doesnt he? If he doesnt make the information available, arrest him for alarming the nation, no two ways we shall come in our numbers to denounce him, atase, utuma Tee ukukashika!

  5. Forget about these PF idi0ts they see ghosts and scared of there shadows day in day out.busy looking for something to cry about all the time,they are so boring to be honest.Every elections this is how Sata goes on with the politics of the 60s.He keeps loosing and cannot change the strategy.why pointing fingers all the time even to your own shadow? The man is so out dated,have always failed to understand how some people see a president material in a person like Sata.same old loosing politics,very noise and nothing else. The party cannot se any real issue to bring to the public apart from kaponya stuff. Form 3 school leaver indeed.


  7. Iwe “Engineer(australia), wila bepa, utola ama “dustbin”, ati ni we engineer!!! Fyonse mwa sangula utu ma technical terms, kwati pali efyo muli!! Wila la sebanya pa “Down-under!!”

  8. Where did this ISAAC get her name? Coz she always acts as a FOREIGNER AND MERCENARY!!

    She has no heart for Zambia really!

  9. Lubinda has already gone to the ACC and the DG is adamant to institute investigations. Its amazing how some Zambians especially those in support of MMD are so allergic to legal processes.
    Do you want those who disagree with the way our country is governed right now to take to the streets instead of using lawful institutions?
    What do you MMD chaps want?
    You thought you were smart? You deal with sophisticated kaponyas …They are no push overs..
    Wasn’t the ACC together with judiciary set up to get involved in matters like those being raised by Lubinda?

  10. Lubinda has a point. The ACC has been dragging its feet. We knw these governance institution v been compromised. So Isaccs u r not ben honesty. Cancel the contract for the sake of peace

  11. ba ECZ namufilwafye inchito.anyway after 20th sept pf will clean the system.when they say they will fight corruption we get comforted.

  12. Its corrupt ECZ they will resist anything and wars in this world are started by these bodies like ECZ becoz they don’t think right as long as their pockets are full what a shame

  13. I think i have come to love this Isaac she’s hard and right for the job .I just love her structure of her response to these bus stop graduates Pa Fwaka (PF).Insane chaps.Priscilla you are right for the job.Keep it up.

  14. The article is unclear as to what Mr. Lubinda wrote to the ECZ about. However, it does seem quite extraordinary that he should write to the ECZ rather than the ACC, DEC or the police.

    I am surprised, actually. I rated Given Lubinda and never understood what he was doing with the PF lot. C’est la vie, I guess.

    For those of you who suspect corruption by the ECZ why don’t you report the matter or supply evidence. It seems to me that most Zambians remain poor because of envy. Anyone who has a good job is basically corrupt. The ECZ was created by Parliament, which Lubinda has been a member of. It’s amazing how Lubinda would now wish to distance himself from the ECZ. Indeed if he feels the ECZ needs reforming he could do that through Parliament.

  15. Zambians, we still have a long way to go. We have gone back to the Chiluba days of providing evidence. We should learn never to entrust anything of public interest in doubtful hands. Lastly Priscila should not lie to us that they are not controlled by any one, no, this is not true coz Banda CONTROLLS YOU MAMA ISAACS

  16. Ba PF ikaleni fye. Your leaders are liars twalibeshiba kale. Let me just start with your president. Mu 1990 he came and lied to us in broad day light pa freedom park ku kitwe ati nasha kaunda nefyola pa airport abutuka aleya ku malawi. The other month aile ku chongwe no ku bepa abantu in broad daylight ati chiluba declared zambia as a christian nation. George kunda acicosa! aile ku hight court ati banda’s parents are foreigners. Alusa aisa tubepa ati natucita appeal. ema politics umuntu uwakwata amano engala cita support aya? Mulekwatako insoni bane. These are not the leaders who can rule this country

  17. If ballots are printed at govt printers shushuz will have a field day unless pf wants to use this as an excuse to refuse the results

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