Thursday, July 25, 2024

Hakainde Hichilema, the richest among presidential candidates


UPND President Hakainde Hichilema

United Party for National Development UPND President Hakainde Hichilema is the richest of the presidential candidates in this year’s general elections.

The UPND leader has declared assets worth of K46 billion.

This is according to the declaration of assets he has filed in his Presidential nominations before Chief Justice Ernest Sakala.

Mr Hichilema has declared land and buildings to be worth K 22 billion .

President Rupiah Banda has also declared assets valued at  K5. 8 billion.  President Banda’s assets included personal properties worth K2.8 billion  and K2billion cash at the bank.

Patriotic Front President Michael Sata has declared 7 guns worth K26 million , a Cresida Motor Vehicle valued at K15 million  and 20 000 shares in Chilanga Cement valued at K150 million .This is according to figures obtained by ZNBC News in Lusaka on Friday.

Charles Milupi of the Alliance for Democracy and Development ADD has declared K35 billion worth of assets.  Mr Milupi’s assets include 60 000 shares in CEC valued at K4 billion , 100 000 shares in Lafarge Cement valued at K750 million  and 60 per cent shares in Tiiseza Zambia Limited valued at  K1.8 billion. Mr Milupi’s other assets include Six Motor vehicles, a Tractor, Gun and K3 billion cash at the Bank.

National Movement for Progress Party President Ng’andu Magande has declared assets valued at K6 billion.  Mr Magande’s assets include popota farm in Choma, three motor Vehicles and a short gun.

FDD President Edith Nawakwi is worth K4 billion  after she declared her assets before the Chief Justice.  Ms Nawakwi’s assets include motor vehicles and a farm in Lusaka west.

The Zambia for Empowerment and Development President Dr Frederick Mutesa has declared assets worth more thanK3 billion. Dr Mutesa’s assets include three Motor Vehicles worth K300 million  and a double story house valued at K 3.5 billion.

Heritage Party President Godfrey Miyanda has declared a small holding property estimated at K1 billion and a Four bed roomed house.



  1. Its quite interesting how they report negatively about Sata. While all candidates have declared owning guns, they reported as if its only Sata that have them. Its really a shame indeed. Go Sata – come and redeem us.

    • doesnt he have the MOST guns? Come on now think you are stretching tolerance too far! You have eyes but you do not see?!

    • You are right!!
      If the criteria was who has the most assets, individuals like Nawakwi and Gen. Miyanda where not going to be reported.
      Besides, Sata has never hidden his legally acquired guns.
      Stop this stu,pid fear mongering.

  2. The ton of your reporting ba LT is questionable,on Sata you want to sound negative and then on other candidates either demeaning and in dipspise fashion and yet for HH and RB wow its like you know puts bread and butter on your table.

    • I wonder .. Are hurt with these reports… what negative impact have it got on you. People want to know what their next president has. Sata 7 guns for one person = agitating and betting criminals. Kafue national park poaching and wranggling with a game guard after refusing to have his motor inspected as is per law. Vote for HH who promised to pump all his wage in national development cos himself is self reliance :)

  3. So, if these guys are lying how can we make them account? for example the serpent it appears did not declare the 2 vehicles that DEC momentarily grabbed. He just keeps declaring the same cressida non-runner, what rubbish.

    • Because he wants to and likes to hunt game, where you go with family and friends, and different gun size for many types of game etc etc ,
      damn you people your hatred for this man will give you strokes & heart attacks
      On Saturday it’s sabbath, then you come on this blog to preach hate
      While you are busy insulting Mr Sata and calling bemba,s Kaponyas … It’s RB Nafuti Nafuti 
      One Zambia One nation 

  4. This is the man for state house, already rich and educated, proven success in life. He is young and mature. 

    Zambian wake up.

    • Among the attributes lacking in this guy are the following:
      He must embrace nationalistic values
      He must ditch tribal inclinations.
      Right now he is a very polarizing person
      He must GROW up and become selfless
      Once the above have been attained, then he will be accepted as a national leader who can unite all the people of our great country

    • To the above reply 11.1
      It’s too late the damage is done, people know HH for the reasons you want him to change, he took Hon Mazoka,s good party & turned it into Tonga tribal party. Some tribalists see him as their champion but other Zambians who are the majority will never forgive this under5, he killed his career with his tribal Crap

  5. Good evening

    There’s nothing wrong with being rich, provided one worked hard and honestly to acquire his or her wealth. However, we ought to realise that riches are not forever. One minute you are chugging along quite nicely, sitting on top of the world, the next minute you get busted and crash down low, losing all you had.

    There are more essential qualities than riches for leaders: love, wisdom, respect, self control, genuine care for the poor, integrity, vision, determination and so forth. Is there one presidential candidate in possession of these qualities? He has my vote.


    • You seem to have a very unhealthy obsession with Mr Sata, hope you don’t wish he can do things you because the man prefers women, try HH he might shove it up your bum. Do you wonder y Mutinta is rarely seen in public ? The poor woman is always limping HH the tonga bull targets her wrong hole

      Mean while RB Nafuti Nafuti

  7. Can you imagine, a presidential candidate with all those guns, does he want to recruit malishamen to be terrorising our people the way he did in Chawama. Sata is really a danger to our society, all those guns for what?

  8. We need HH to move our economy, the young man is full of success. For Sata, I cannot even dare to comment, as I have had enough of these dictators here in Uganda. Sata cannot develop love for zambians looking at his life which has been full of violence.

  9. Zambians wake up, please, the corruption we face is because of voting in people who have never done anything for themselves or even to close relative, but want to learn how to care when they are in charge of our tax money. It is impossible to remove corruption in such as they want to amass wealth before their term of office ends. It is impossible to claim to manage to take care of others when you yourself cannot afford to take care of yourself. Guys this is the time when we need HH at all cost to help us move the economy. For me I do not mind about the party, but just the individual HH.

  10. HH made his loot from liqiudating state assets and grant thornton.ln other countries he would be in jail for liqiudating fairmount hotel and ending up as chairman of sun hotels who bought the property as it was clearly conflict of interest.But as usual many on this site are praising him.How sad

    • You f0lish person you wish it was your kaponya president who is the know nothing fold your tail and keep it short forever.

    • You f0lish person you wish it was your kaponya president who is the know nothing fold your tail and keep it short forever and sad forever.

    • so you dont no that he was acting and working under instructions from the head of state up and be real.i no u wished twas yo sat

  11. Point of correction, Hell Hell is the most crooked of them all. Now that we know how rich they are lets increase the nomination fees to at least K200million for future polls. According to the declarations our party President Mr Sata is the poorest and probably thats why hes spent all his life speaking for the poor.

    • He has no brain to make any money period. At that age he is still that poor with a broken cresda shame and he wants to make miracle for us in 90 !

  12. Leadership is not about riches baba. Am sure zambians are not looking for quantity but quality in leadership. Lt poor reporting down grading other candidate within one report wow,your tone on sata sounds unprofession

  13. Do not criticise the people who have declared less. We all know where people like HH got their money from and i know he cannot make a good president because of his lust for money. Tonga’s here have already
    Started thinking he’s the richest Zambian. The old man Sata is also hard but just don’t wanna show like This stubborn boy who ‘ll never be president.

  14. Iwe sata….why all those guns….pls don’t use them when you lose elections. That’s too many guns, nangu ni security, this is not Sudan!

  15. This just requires common sense to know the right candidate, how can one entrust their country and its wealth to people without sound financial sound… people who do not know how to grow money? … what do you expect from them? of course the answer is obvious… HH is the right man, if we want our country to get to greater heights, the man who will teach Zambians how to grow their money.. not promising money in people’s pockets without teaching them how to put it. VIVA fresh blood!! VIVA HH!!!!

  16. 1.
    HH K46 bn (2). Milupi K35bn (3). Magande K6bn (4). RB K5.8bn (5). Nawakwi K4bn (6). Mutesa K3bn (7). Miyanda K1 bn

    (8). Sata K200m.

    Honestly, why should anybody believe Sata with his 90 days miracle; if in his 74 years all that he has ever achieved is K200m. Sata is just a snake oil salesman! A charlatan!

    • The answer is that he has been used by his colleagues all his working life. Kafupi is the last one to use Sata… It is there were he (Sata) found out that it is not the granders that run in good rds, They were just used to build the road, once complete they are forbiden :d

  17. Privatisation. People have suffered and died. Its bloody money thus you shall never .never. Never taste plot one. You cheap bragadacio.

  18. Sata has invested in a family trust for his children.Thats what PF means..Proper FatherMost of HH s assets are in properties and land he converted as liquidator,if you check properly you find that most of the buildings and land belonged to former parastatal or state companies that he swindled,careles criminal HH

  19. Only fool will think Sata has no money.The has so many houses and it is just in a familt fund.Ni kamucheka wa chebe.When DEC move on you my friend all to billions are gone and yet Chi Sata can only lose his tu ma hundrend thousands.Even KK when he came out of office,no house and no car,it was abe Lishomwa Lishomwa Mwa mukolo who give him the house.Ba men.

  20. Gandhi didn’t own a house, a bed, a car, clothes or even a cup but he had the power the wealthiest nation at time Great Britain would dream of ….the power to influence 200+ million Indians. So being rich doesn’t necessarily make you a good leader, please cease this swallow way of thinking!!

  21. Wake up Zambians, all these guys are thieves. This is our money meant for development and it ends up in the pockets of these politicians. Where did Rupiah Banda , Sata, HH, Milupi and Magande get all this money it’s all stolen money from Us. This is money from our resources, taxes, money from privatized companies, money from donor countries etc, all ends up in their bank accounts that’s why we can’t develop as a country. You want to become rich in Zambia join politics soon you will be a billion. You can’t get this rich in an impoverished country like Zambia. No way this is stolen money.

    • Zambia is not a poor country. It has all the resources available to make it’s citizens rich. The problem is that the rich nations continue to frustrate poor countries developmental plans.

  22. Its CLEAR THEN who the most likely candidate going into the PRESIDENTIAL RACE to plunder is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. I hope many Zambians were able to see pictures of Hosni Mubarak on a hospital bed in a cage. He was the most powerful, rich man in Egypt , untouchable next to the Pharaohs. God just called him the rich fool…. It is not about declaring how much assets one has, but how did they acquire them. If they were ill obtained, then they are nothing!!!!

  24. I wonder why people always accuse HH of stealing when they have no proof whatsoever. The man has explained so many times how he got the wealth BUT some of you wont accept that he is more successful than you. TAKE HIM TO PRISON IF YOU HAVE PROOF.

  25. Having seven guns in Zambia,what for?This tells you the state of mind of this individual. Unstable,unpredictable and a lunatic.This guy is a broke loose cannon. He accused Panji Kaunda of amassing an arsenal of weapons at his Sindamisale farm when he himself already had one. For someone with 50 years at the top of politics and a self-declared successful businessman to only have K150m scares the hell out me.In some countries Sata would not qualify for candidature.Zambia watch out, If you have not witnessed real plunder before,it is coming on your door step. Don’t be fooled by the serpent’s silver tongue,he is simply eyeing for a final pension and decent resting place at Embassy square.Where has this desire to alleviate poverty in 90 days come from when it failed to manifest in 50 years?.

  26. Some people wouldn’t understand,wealth can sometimes be measured by different standards and  even in some cultures owning cattle or horses or owning guns or a plane or even being a polygamist with a lot of children can be a SYMBOL of wealth or richness.Some people want to own stolen property as a symbol of their wealth others want to own guns obtained legally as a symbol of heritage to their kith and kin.Any Zambian is free to own as many hunting guns as they prefer

  27. I hear by declare my assets: council house valued at £100,000 in Peckham
    2.Two pairs of shoes valued at £80 from Aldo.
    3.Motorola flip phone valued at £20.00
    4.jackets and suits valued at £30.00
    5.Fridge freezer with Stella valued at £10 ie 6 for a fiver.
    6.radiogram and black and white Tv valued at £30.
    7.Bed and wardrope valued at £120.00

    i m actually richier than all these people showing off thier to mu Billions in kwachas.

    • Forget about the house you nigger it’s only yours while you are there so you do not pay rent buy one in are worth £200 which is k 1.5m. Wake up and build pa zed . I hope you are not one of the f00lish chaps who say “I’m here to stay”.

  28. Sata has cash,the LT and ZNBC just want to portray a bad pic about him.HH has no conformed political experience period!Abena General they just come out during election,like ubowa during rain season,that’s why hes has failed to sell himself.We want consistent leader.
    Tu Nawakwi and etc i can’t even comment.Lets go for people that are brave,that can speak for poor,that stand on the side of the local people and understand the suffering of the people.

  29. Just one house for SATA in omelo Mumba road, Rhodespark where he stays is worth 2.2 billion. His wealth is in the family trust and not in his name

  30. Bloggers, i hope we can take a leaf and invest in family trusts. its pointless to be a billionaire and having all the money in your name. some men are very stingy to the point that their wives are not even enjoying the resources. big up to those with billions.

  31. Sata has declared his assets! Stop the speculation about so called family trusts! This is why the guy has always been in politics! It is his daily bread! The serpent is simply fighting for its livelihood!

  32. Guys lets learn to research, Sata could be on the same level as HH only that he has does the right thing put most of your money in a trust. We do not want to hear that his children have gone to court. hence he only declares what is his. And having money or no money does not say much about how good someone will be as a Leader, coz we do not know how that money was made.

  33. rupiah,

    you forgot your accounts based in Tax Heaven…!

    we know foreign mining companies love you, specially Glencore and its subsidiary Mopani

    you sly little devil, you ! but you will be accountable :-))

    • Sorry for your poor old man,he has no plans and will neve-form 3 are not educated enough to comisarations.

  34. #22, Al, HH’s money is clean, I hope you are big enough to know that any stolen money does not stay but vanishes. Ben Mwila was suppose to be the richest zambian because he bought many mines when they were privatised , than one HH whose company was just given a job to evaluate the assets of certain mines. Money earned through hard work usually stays and grows.

  35. Sata Has no brain to make any money period. At that age he is still that poor with a broken cresda shame and he wants to make miracle for us in 90 !:)

  36. 90 days ? He cannot buy himself a good car in 74years God blessed him with and you think he can develop Zambia in 90 days ? Forget not even 90 years Sata is can only make a better bus driver.


    • You are the biggest swine if we are swines mate,Sata is a call boy he cannot be rich,he can not even know how to manage a k2b.sad old man just accept facts of life you support a second best.

    • Oxmos, Are you Sata’s accountant? Plse if not keep quiet!! This K200m was given under oath and in 74yrs your man has failed to to put more money into his own pockets. Continue to dream on that such a failure can give you more money into your pockets in 90days!!

  38. #3 learn from clever me you are retarded,fo0lish people cannot make those billions,you sound to fo0lish yourself. I know you are not this dull you just have no better way of showing your hate of HH.commiserations you poor man and congratulations HH for your hard work.

  39. Sata qualifies to be a terrorist,surely 7 guns for what?if we were in Somalia or Afganistan l would have understood but not in Zed.

  40. #61, take it the way you want, but the fact is that HH is clean, as you have failed to report anything you have against him to ACC since 2006 when he came on the political scene, your allegations just appear when it is time for elections and believed to be a very good competitor. To make the matter worse, privatisation was taking place in 1994, from this year to 2006 we never heard of him untill when he joined politics, hence whatever allegations you have we cannot believe you at all. We gave you 6 solid years since 2006 to date for you to report HH to ACC, and whatever you can bring now will be taken as political gimmick. We reserved HH for 2011, and nothing at this time would hold us back as we are tired of these recycled who do not mean well for us youths, only violence, e.g Chawama.


  42. Hate HH, but the fact is that we are voting for him on 20th december as our love for him is growing. There is no way you can learn how to develop when it is on tax payers money. Development and success start with you at an individual first, thats when it can be extended to others. In Lozi we say, you cannot sweep your friend’s house when yours is in a total mess, it is just not real. HH will make a better zambia as he has been involved in charity work even before becoming president of our nation. You cannot learn giving only when it is tax payers money, because that is our money meant to develop our areas, as you are just doing what we diserve, though at time no priorities as you lack agenda. Viva HH you are the best.

  43. Oh good debate. I am sure Sata is very rich. He has more thn what he really declared except that he has hidden his loots through hs family and children . I guess and know that HH has some of his liquidity in family trusts too! I know some rich Zambian who is worthy of ZMK100billion! few Zambians know about such because these men, like HH before 2006 work behind scenes and make money for themselves. Thumbs up. Zambians deserve to be rich

  44. What ordinary people don’t understand is that it’s not smart to put everything in your name. Only a fool puts every asset from their hard earned money in their name like brother HH there… try to find out how much Donald Trump is worth or what assets he has, and you won’t get anywhere…what makes you think it’s in his name? Haven’t you heard of Corporations and Family trusts? When you pass or your company goes under if everything that is in your name will go to the debt collectors and your family will be left with nothing.

  45. Oh,
    I guess HH’s wealth is not entirely in his name and simple assets. From my little knowledge of the man, he owns shares in ZB, BBZ, Zambeef and whatever pensions etc. I doubt if he is too dull as to have all in his name. This guy is richer than the declarations he has made. That i can assure you! I am sure Sata and all the others are also richer than what they have declared. I m outside Zambia. I urge those in the country to do me justice, get a credible person not a riffraff for president for us.

    • Show maturity.. Trading insults won’t help you even though you are just jealous of him. He used his brain to ddvelop his own life.. Once voted to state house, he promised to give all his salary for national development cos he is self sufficient. Whom among these 10 candidates want to do this???? Grow up mwaiche. Don’t let grass grow around you.

  46. Why is everyone worried about guns for Sata? Have you asked yourselves what type of guns they are? Limbi nifi mututila, air guns, toy guns etc.

  47. So HH is worth $9 million, while RB is worth about $1.2 million. I fail to believe that RB is only worth about $1M. i think this chap is hidding some of his assets!

    • RB is not do you honestly think he is going to have assets in his name after what his pal Chiluba went through in court, remember that these chaps have access to the best financial advisers and Accountants in the World!!

  48. You ZNBC and LusakaTimes you are not telling Zambians the TRUTH by not declaring the PREVIOUS assets for President Banda he DECLARED in 2008 before being President of Zambia.

    Has President Banda acquired wealth through money LAUNDERING, SALARY or KICKBACKS from foreign INVESTORS?

    The above questions needs to be answered.

  49. I think I’ll put a firearm on my shopping list, its a must-have accessory…at least now thieves will think twice about breaking into Mr. Sata’s residence!!

  50. a car can only be classified as an asset if its current value is greater than what you owe on it (car loan). The other reason a car can be classified as an asset is that anything you own that can be sold for cash counts as an asset. However it is a depreciating asset, in that the car loses value the moment you drive it off the lot (up to 20%). So every time you calculate your net worth, the contribution your car value makes will go down.

    • First sentence, .. I strongly disagree with you. You must know the meaning of the word asset. In your last paragraph you are total right in the eyes of an accountant like me BUT you should know what asset means, It can not be overlooked/seperated from the owner cos of depreciation. Final thanks for your contribution :)

  51. Are these politicians using their wealthy merely as a status symbol and a passport to join the race for plot one or are they seriously in the race to win? In politics, money is power. The fact that these candidates have the money should translate into their being able to put-up vigorous campaigns and not the traditional “salt” “sugar” and “chitenge” campaigns and cry the loudest when they lose the election. A candidate with a winning strategy should be able to bit all odds, including the stupid story of rigging that is always the achilles’s heel of the Zambian politician. It should not be the same old story this time around, otherwise, forget about your money, step aside and give more serious contenters a chance.

  52. HH worth than what he has reviewed, just his wife is worth 15 billion or more as some of the assets are in her name. She left the Bank where she was working just to work with the husband.

  53. Sata has improved a lot, in 2008 he was worth K500 Million including guns and money in court cases, such as Miyanda whom he sued for defamation and others. This is the only way Sata can make money as divorcing and marrying women finished all his money. Remember every woman leaves with a junk of money as they leave the matrimonial home.

  54. I don’t know what the fuss is all about? HH’s networth works out to just under $5Mio! That’s peanuts if you consider that Alicko Dangote’s networth is over a billion USD. I also doubt if some of the candidates have declared their actual real assets as doing so would expose them to unnecessary scrutiny (wink wink).

  55. Rb is richest second is Sata then HH and Milupi. HH and Milupi are under 5 s who think can impress zambia by declearin even UNDERWARES.

  56. One Day people will account on how they got those riches -remember it is happening already in Egypt. Whether, we like it or not , that day is coming me.

  57. if sound leadership and richness are positively related UPND would be a highly organised party.HH is bearly strugglingto lead at party level then his assets dont mean much to zambia.

  58. THEY should declare wives as well……HELLO HELLO, HONK HONK, HELLO HELLO, HONK HONK….Fellow supporters of HH the time to answer every phone call with a double-hello has come. LET THE WORLD KNOW WE are behind HH as we saturate the airwaves with HELLO HELLO and the streets with double-honks. THOSE CALLING RADIO SHOWS OR TV SHOWS PLEASE PLEASE remember to greet the listeners or viewers with a HELLO HELLO… HELLO HELLO, HELLO HELLO, HONK HONK, PEEP PEEP….VIVA HH, VIVA UPND

  59. “This is according to figures obtained by ZNBC News in Lusaka on Friday.” seriously can you rely on such …………..honestly

  60. It’s a pity in Zambia we accept to be hoodwinked and taken for a ride. Sata has been declaring the same non runner Toyota cressida since he started standing for presidential elections. He has plenty of houses in Avondale, which he acquired through his government positions. This is a well known fact. Now I wonder why should a person who wants to be a leader hide what he owns. There is a time in life when people should wake up and see things when they are set before your eyes. For me HH shows posesses serious financial and wealth creation skills. He declared K42 billion in the last elections so whilst we have been insulting him he has made K4 billion more.

  61. HH is rich but can he account for how he got that wealth should we send him the ACC?
    In any case what for if he cannot use it to help suffering masses? I know he helps in a mean way and there is no impact in the nation of that help.

  62. #89 Cont’d. Milupu has done well for himself as well. For me any candidate who is financially stable goes to my list of short listed candidates. Running a country is no easy task. Problem in Zambia is that there is too much laziness and a cover to our laziness is to brand anyone who is succesiful as being a crook. Ba LT what of Chipimo’s declaration. I know he ran a very succesiful corporate law firm. Sata is a very good man and man of action but is not a sincere person. Iam still shocked he still declares that Cressida, for goodness sake, WHY?

  63. ..#.. Milupi is not a young man. I think he is close to 60 and above now because his classmate, he is my grandfather working in Botswana. It is like some of you the under 5 which was the insult by rotten Teeth SATA to HH has gone into your head for ever. Milupi is not a young man if you have not seen him. Ofcourse he is not in the same age age as SATA or RB but much older than HH. People are talking of HH because of his age not his threatening wealth because other people thinks to be rich you have to steal like the late Bemba thief Chiluba. Now, you want zambia to vote for this thug. called SATA with rotten teeth. my choice for president is HH,,,second, Milupi, third is Chipoipo, fourth is Magande, RB last with no vote is SATA in that order. viva 20HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

    • Iwe Why are you always spewing tribal vomit debate within reason are you educated by the way?if so up to what level you don’t strike me as the sharpest knife in the drawer GROW UP

  64. Ba Sata is not being sincere why under declare his property, this already is being economical with the truth.It is bad for leader aspiring for plot one to do that.

  65. Its not being down to earth ba SATA, he can`t just measure up to the morden era,there is nothing sinister about declaring what you have.abena netanyahu bonse balupiya,ifina zuma fyandalama but 5 elections you always declare one cressida.and you low soul take it as a sign of being down to earth. iyo mwandi.

  66. #90 why do you think he cant account for his wealth. Is it because you think it’s impossible for a Zambian at that age to have such wealth. Or is it because you don’t like him?

  67. The Best President we can ever have is one with a decent following, because from that following will come his advisors. However, if that Aspirant is constantly mislead and makes wrong moves when necessary action has to be taken the he has no leadership (Political) qualities. A leader should be firm but not emmotional! Who among the is the ACTION man? I m not interested in their wealth. IM SELF MADE! My life time, i will never beg from these hopefulls, but they will be compelled to give what is mine! NO FAVOURS! Development is a right in whatever sense you look at it! We need ACTION+ACTION =PRESIDENT….

  68. # 51 you know how to aticulate issues,its true that Sata could be at the same level with the other candidates only that his wealth is in the family trusts and from the little education i have on trusts ,you avoid scandles like what happend to Maureen, Regina and their step children.Am approaching my lawyers on monday for the similar arrangement after role we work for our children.No propery grabbing for my little assets when i die.

  69. Sata has been declaring the same assets since 2001.Only foolish people can believe his nonsense.He wants to appear poor so that gullible people are decieved.What a snake he is.

  70. Bane ukulandafye ichishinka bonse balebepa pama assets yabo!for the obvious reason ZRA,Dec,Acc etc bachabe!nombafye napapa sana atleast abena hh Rb yakwela nomba abena sata nika Cressida fye nenfuti lyonse awe bane Nangu kubepa niso!!!!!

  71. Fellaz and haters its is simple to account for HH’s wealth. Let us look st the value of a Kabulonga house at minimum K3billion times X houses equals K3Xbillion. A goog cow is minimum K2.5million x y cows he owns = K2.5y million. Rumours are that y = 75,000 (was 69,000 in 2006). As for X, minimum , Xmin = 10. He also has trusts like the serpent claims. His trusts are even bigger!! As for you who say millions should be in dollars that is not neccessary, can be in Kwacha provided the numbers are huge. Now shut up haters and let us campaign in peace. Sata will never lick the presidency. The year is 20HH.


    Praise the Lord you are all voting

    The wise will vote as the Spirit guides them because we walk not by sight

    I have seen comments of people saying: do not drug the name of the Lord in this. Brethren if we leave Him out, we are lost.

    Proverbs 16:3 Commit thy works unto the LORD, and thy thoughts shall be established.

    Psalm 37:5 Commit thy way unto the LORD; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass.

    In all matters, we should seek God first, through our Lord Jesus Christ

    Many do not understand the spiritual connotation of our nation being Christian nation

    But, to tell you the truth, it is not about the righteousness of the person that declared it;

  73. It is about a nation calling on the name of the Lord into its matters, lest we perish, because when he declared it, we as a nation declared it unto the Lord our God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ

    Please, westernization is not development. Westernization is the devil’s propaganda that seeks to ‘separate the church and the state’ when in the actual fact, we are simply promoting sin (homosexuality, child unruliness etc) and turning God’s face away from our nation

  74. Please, development is not in the politicians, it is in God who can use anybody or anything to bring about development. If we look into the ability of men, we are lost. But, if we look to God, He will guide us which one to vote for whether he be the most learned or not, the richest or not, the most vocal or not, the most righteous or not; whichever the case, the Lord will guide us to vote for one He wants to use

    Please, as a nation, let us not put our trust in men, but in Christ Jesus our risen Lord!

    2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

  75. The way of putting our trust in politicians is the way the western world has taken all along. There no God in their midst now. They believe they do NOT need Him. A mention of the name of Jesus in public leads you to court. Being seen holding a Bible in public makes you an outcast.

  76. Alas, look at what they are beginning to reap. A morally rotten society that knows no family values. Almost all children are brought up by single parents. Boys and girls can marry and remarry at will in marriage contracts. Children growing up never knowing what a rod is, hence having no fear or respect of authority. Smoking, drinking, and promiscuity are the order of the day. The people that wrote down wonderful hymns such as Amazing Grace can no longer worship their God but worship Pop Idols and wicked Rap Stars. Their children walking the streets in 90% nudity has become their culture.

  77. Please, fellow country men and women, taking up this culture is NOT development; its called “Drifting Away from the Face of God”

    The Word of God has stated it clearly: BLESSED are they that RECEIVE Him, and CURSED are they that DENY Him!

    So, as a nation, its either we are BLESSED or ACCURSED!

  78. Let Zambia remain a Christian nation!

    Let Zambia be led by God and NOT the politicians!

    The biggest vote that one can make is to vote in the spirit!

    Fellow prayer warriors, please, let us vote in a president whom the Lord Himself will use to develop our nation.

    Psalm 115:1 NOT TO US, BUT TO HIS NAME BE THE GLORY!!!! Amen!!!

  79. HH is young, handsome, intelligent, wise, humble, honest, hardworking, healthy…what else do you Zambians need for a president? Don’t just hate him because of his tribe, the colour(tribe) of a cat does not matter as long as it can catch mice!

  80. Amen Bo solomon cudnt b said any better!lesa alamona bane elyo kaili ewusala nokusala so Nangu tutukana tulandelande alisala kale!!!definitely 

  81. All voters must elect the richest presidential candidate who does not need money while at state house. Not some we do not want to mention because the kaponyas will descend on me..!! How do you want us to have a leader with black teeth..!! zambians wake up,, do not vote this thug. We want smart and educated man, so that when Obama says good morning sir, it reflects, not this he will end up saying natole fye…!! He will steal a spoon at the white house and get rocked by FBI if you are playing..kaponyas….!!

  82. This has made my day.

    Why would anyone in Zambia keep 7 guns?

    Come on Mr. Sata you could just have left that out. I couln’t care less.

  83. So, HH is only worth $10m. mmmmmmmmm, not that much to warrant all the hallucinations on this blog.

    Don’t get me wrong, it is a lot of money for a Zambian.

    One cannotnot rule out conflict of interest issues during the privatisation on HH’s part. That said HH is a shrewd and brilliant businessman. All the best to him.

  84. Am back! I would rather vote for a rich person than poor person cos richness goes with hard working, brilliance, accountability, discipline, and vision. To me HH is a hard working and visionary leader who should be given a chance to lead this country. Any way i will vote for HH, come 20 September. Am gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. Awe sure abanthu kwena balikwata impiya. Nomba ifwe nga wakwatako ka 10 million ku Bank ukula yumfwa sana!!!! Ati nali kwata indalama!!!

  86. I work and and live in southern province towns,for the past 6 years now,every Zambian is in these towns,i think southern province is the second most tribally mixed province next to lusaka,what i have noticed everyone are themselves i.e in speaking their tribes practicing the cultures and they are not harassed by Tongas,in fact Tongas even practice self denial,talking in broken chewa or Bemba to communicate to all non-Tongas.But you here cries of tongas being tribal;please substantiate this accusation.Going by most contributions by bloggers on LT,most people just hate Tongas with reasons best known to themselves.Leave humble,hardworking and intelligent HH alone.

  87. My friend invited me to get on the boat because their list of MPs is not what people thought it would look like. He says the list has no kaponyas and all the kaponyas were dropped. With such declaration of 7 guns I guess my friend is still missing something. The biggest kaponya is the boat captain himself satan. I guess he even lends those guns at night. I’ll go there and get one so that I use it against him. Zambia is a peaciful country, we don’t want war minded characters like sata. He has already lived his years and is now ready to die but old man we still want to enjoy. Viva HH this year!

  88. wht about the old old goods train driver sata only 7 guns sure at tht 75 yrs.nichimbwi no plan to the younger man HHHHHHHHHHHHH all the way vry strong.

  89. SATA IS A LIAR SATA HAS LIED ON OATH. CHILENJE, MERZAF and the GX what has happened to those????? i cant trust this man with my money he is too conniving and elusive, you cant have such a leader and expect to have peace no no way

  90. Patriotic Front President Michael Sata has declared 7 guns worth K26 million , a Cresida Motor Vehicle valued at K15 million  and 20 000 shares in Chilanga Cement valued at K150 million .

    This is Ba Sata for you country men and women. How do we trust such a leader with the presidency of our country if he fail or refuses to tell us the truth. This man is a lier and too dangerous to be given power. Is that all he has acquired through out his 74 years?

    Some of you are insulting HH that he stole. HH stole nothing. Its leaders like Ba Sata who stole hence them hiding what they have. HH works hard for his riches. He also plans and invest well. Many Zambians spend the wealth on women a thing which HH does not do. VIVA HH.

    • so you mean you only want rich people in governance or what? because the poor feel for other poor people! a rich person will always aim to get more richer.

  91. Please haters just work hard. HH has worked for his money. Sata is just vying for plot1 because he wants to loot the little resources RB is going to leave in the coffers if there will be any. Let him go to chitulika village and use his 7 guns to hunt. Utupombo natu fyala sana uno umwaka.

  92. For the US the more molla you have the less tempted you are to steal ….. this year ni HH bane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. Sata never ceases to amaze me. lyonse fye tufuti na cressida. cressida eyo tendela namo. These are fake declarations. But why? E! milupi nao mwaume sana? K35B?

  94. Iwe ka kumawa what do you mean? You mean EZN will perform better that HH? it will be a shuffle. RB will lead them. sata nga ashuka will come second, HH ngatabombele bwino will come third!

  95. Further to my comment above, on reflection, perhaps Sata’s properties in a legal sense are not actually in his name but in the name of family members or trusts, which he controls. If this is the case, then the disclosure rules ought to be amended to compel candidates to disclose assets that they CONTROL as well, in addition to those that they own.

    • So you want rules amended just for Sata to declare everything, 
      You guys seem to have a very unhealthy obsession with Mr Sata you hatred for him is blinding to the fact your Tonga tribal party will struggle even to win southern. 
      There are only 2 people in this race RB & SATA 
      RB Nafuti Nafuti

  96. sata is a liar..he has money and alot of guns for what..?HH are the man for the job!hardwork…

  97. The problem with you people who support HH are just too learned just like your HH to go and queue up on the election day.
    Sata has all the Kaponya who have all the time to themselves to queue up on the actual day of election. Get on the boat

  98. Hi there, You have done an incredible job. I will definitely digg it and individually recommend to my friends. I’m sure they’ll be benefited from this web site.

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