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New ACC boss pledges to restore Zambia’s corruption image

General NewsNew ACC boss pledges to restore Zambia’s corruption image

Newly appointed Anti-Corruption Commission Director General Rosewin Mutinta Wandi has pledged to restore Zambia’s good image in as far as corruption is concerned.

Mrs. Wandi says she will make a difference to the Commission by ridding the country of corruption and bringing its perpetrators to book.

She says the Commission will strengthen the corruption fight and follow the stance taken by President Sata on the vice.

Mrs. Wandi was speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Lusaka today shortly after being sworn-in as ACC Director General.

The ACC boss said the Commission will identify loop holes and make recommendations to the Head of State and other relevant law enforcement wings like the Police in its quest to stamp out the vice in both public and private institutions.

She thanked President Michael Sata for his confidence in her to run the Commission.

“I’m humbled by this appointment by His Excellency Mr. Sata. It shows that he has confidence in me and l will work with him in ridding the country of corruption,” Mrs. Wandi said.

And newly appointed Attorney General Mumba Malilia said his appointment demonstrates President Sata’s resolve to strengthen the rule of law in the country.

Mr. Malila, a learned State Counsel pledged to re-new the legacy of the late third republican president Dr. Levy Mwanawasa where laws were enforced and adhered too.

Former immediate past republican president Rupiah Banda prematurely terminated Malila’s contract and replaced him with Abyudi Shonga.

And Foreign Affairs Minister Chishimba Kambwili has said President Sata is on track in following and implementing the law.

Mr. Kambwili said President Sata believes in the rule of law and that at no time did the Head of State breach the Republican Constitution.

Commenting on the appointments of ACC Director General Mrs. Rosewin Wandi and Mumba Malilia as new Attorney General, the Minister said the duo have credible credentials to deliver to the aspirations of the Zambian people.

He accused the former MMD Government of having errorred when president Rupiah Banda fired Mr. Malila because the Attorney General is a legal advisor of the Government.

“The MMD, prior to the September 20 General Elections told the nation lies about President Sata but today, Mr. Sata is proving his critics wrong because he truly believes in the rule of law and he has not abrogated any law,” he said.

The Minister further disclosed that the Patriotic Front Government has confidence in National Assembly Speaker Dr. Patrick Matibini.

Mr. Kambwili said Zambia shall not be run and governed by political cadres because it is endowed with productive human resource.

“The current Speaker is the man but look what the opposition gave us, Kapita a cadre, Zambia will not be run and governed by political cadres,” the Minister said.




  2. How long does it take to assemble a team? one month? two months? or maybe the entire term…. and you lusaka times also, ati ‘….. government of having ERRORED when blah blah blah” what’s that word?

  3. You are on track yes! BUT appintment of criminals is the major set back to your governance, imagine where you appoint ba Chungu, ninshi where are we heading? avoid making similar mistakes which saw the opposition being ousted out unceremoniously.
    Employ those people who fought and voted for you if they have credentials and fit for office.

  4. Congrates to the new ACC chief and the AG. Togather ,we must fight corrupt elements in our country. Criminals, their relatives and friends are these that are opposing every descion pf makes . Evil people that survive on the suffering of others.

  5. PROMISES, PROMISES, WORDS WORDS and more blah blah blah,Easier said than done.For forty years now, i have seen the situation go from bad to worse and now endemic.Makes life for honest and the less priveledged hell.Police, if u dont pay u get locked up in that 4by 4 hell hole.U die.ZRA,ati whats for Lunch,or else not even intrested to attend to u,virtual kings of their domain,,Passport, hold u at ransom if u r flying out, council licence,should i carry on,dont dream , welcome to the real world, MADAM.

  6. Ba LT how do we know Mrs. Rosewin Wandi work experience? try to put a small profile of individuals so we know. and when will the accusations and talk of previous MMD government going to stop? the all 90 days is almost finished with witch hunting etc..corruption my foot. 

  7. This woman is a nobody, How she was appointed on such a prestigious position is simply a disgrace and a foot fall in the quest against corruption

    Some appointments are laughable to say the least, but then again I should have a expected that of a small tiny worthless ridiculed country of late like Zambia. Just when are we going to bring some sanity to these organisation? Someone like Mutembo Nchito would have been the right man to lead this falling institute 


  8. Mushota, I would have thought you could have given a kudos for empowering a fellow lady, now to the opposite your comment does not seem like you are true professional. Are you sure the lady does not have the qualities to head the ACC????. Mushota ever held a challenging and competive post??

  9. Our dear Mrs. Wandi should be timely advised that political appointments are very fragile to sustain. If her appointment to ACC was based on her genuinely obtained professional qualifications, the best our sister can do is resort into a state of queit delivery of her professional duties and STOP the habit of addressing her style of work through the media. The ACC has a fine team of investigative officers she can rely on in the delivery of her national duties. Some Heads of Govt in Africa are impossible to please.

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