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Sampa orders UTH to stop making patients sleep on chairs

Health Sampa orders UTH to stop making patients sleep on chairs

A ward at University Teaching Hopsital (UTH)

Lusaka Province Minister Miles Sampa has ordered health personnel at the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) to stop making patients sleep on chairs and that they should change their mind set and work culture despite the many challenges at the institution.

Speaking after he toured some of the wards at UTH today, Mr. Sampa said he is aware of the problems that health personnel are going through but assured that government is working hard to address the situation.

ZANIS reports that Mr. Sampa stressed the need for health personnel to improve on their etiquette in their operations as it is key to the provision of quality health care.

Mr. Sampa who described the situation at the University Teaching Hospital, Filter Clinic Department as desperate urged health personnel to treat every patient equally and with respect.

Mr. Sampa said it is unfortunate that the current government has inherited the challenges that have been left unchecked by the previous administration.

Mr. Sampa said government was doing everything possible to beef up the numbers of the existing staff in the health sector to enhance health care service delivery.

Mr. Sampa has further urged all medical personnel to make a difference and maintain cleanliness in their wards.

And UTH Customer Relations Officer Mwenya Mulenga told ZANIS in an interview that the institution was doing everything possible to deliver services to the people despite the many difficulties and challenges it was faced with.



  1. #1 the problem is that you never got treatment at UTH or most Zambian healthy cares. 90 % of those workers have no heart at all. They only take care people who are admitted in a suit & tie. Patients from Shiwa Ngandu, Shangumbo, Muyombe, Ngonye Falls will never be given a bed at UTH. Some people is an opportunity of their life, to sleep on a bed.

    • They don`t treat patients but insult them.Politicians all they do is steal money and talk rubbish.And those primitive employees they are very foolish and ignorant.They can only respect you when you have money.They need somebody who can put them in place by filing a law suit andmake them lose there job.

  2. I was at  UTH during th election period, believe me I was happy with the services. It waz my 1st tim. I even paid my bil u’zin my Natwest card. Thanx UTH u’r a great mother  4 Zambia

  3. Provide beds,increase bed capacity, provide the tools that health care personal have to use and improve staffing.Then Mr. Sampa you can go ahead make your orders and make the institutions be accountable to the quality of care.

  4. politicians speak rubbish all the time, provide workers with beds and the patients will sleep. if you do not do that then stop complaining. health workers have gone on strike on behalf of patients so that you can provide funds to improve services, you have failed. Blaming others will not solve any problem, it will make it worse.

  5. # 3 You were treated well because they knew you had money. think about that small guy in the community who has no NATWEST CARD. I have been to UTH i was admitted for 11 Days Boy i know what goes on there and it not pretty.

  6. Why don’t politicans seek medical assistance from UTH. RB good example. its dispeakable i have not yet seen a Leader who has a vision for Zambia. I am yet to see what Sata will do to early to judge.

  7. thanks guys for the comments. its i.diocy of the highest order to expect someone who has say 50 beds at his/her facility and 100 ( an underestimation) people coming for care to be able to provide beds for each one. in your normal senses, do you think this is feasible?

  8. Next time you go there stupid Sampa which should actually been soon, bring with you beds and an increased number of personnel. Rheoteric wont take you/us no where

  9. When saw the heading the first thing that came on my mind was that he has restocked the hospital with new beds and beddings. @ #1 Nubian Princess, that is the best option for medical staffs.

  10. i was admitted at UTH, believe you me, the condition there are so pathetic. imagine a situation where patients are sleeping two on one bed.mr Sampa pliz find solution to this problem and proved beds.

  11. You fool Sampa ,why do the Health minister’s job?That is the problem of having leadres from from the same family you do not even see anything wrong by over stepping.You must be ta lking about your dirty Lusaka and how to clean it ,once the city is clean there will be less desease meaning few people going to UTH with simple desease like diarrhoea and vomiting.Sampa use your political power to encourage people use Lusaka general Hospital thats why it was constructed to decongest UTH.Next time you put your big nose in UTH go with beds and doctoctors,nurses ,too much cheap talk from you Power Failures (PF) time for action is now you not in opposition but government ba fikamba iwe!

  12. zambia is so full of *****s like sampa. Thats the problem of with decades of breeding and enternaining incompetence, even when you WANT to change you CANNOT as a coutry cause of all the s h i t done over decades, that has consequences turning up in the form of people like sampa. Great cry ,little wool, f u c k you zambia! Wont see me on this site ever, cha!

  13. #18,much as i deslike the Pf Government,i think Miles Sampa,as a provincial Minister has everyright to check what is happening in his Province including checking the Hospitals and other public places.The attitude of Health workers leaves much to be desired and if left unchecked,can lead to many loss of lives.The Health Minister should quickly realise that he is in charge and move in to correct this attitude.He should not wait for his President to move in because he may fire all the workforce there.Let him start touring the Health centres and see for himself what needs to be improved instead of just sitting in Lusaka like his Boss.

  14. Just renovate the damn UTH,Build more wards ,increase the bed capacity,Improve the Lusaka General Hospital to a referal Hospital and stop blaming those people at UTH.They have been crying for patients’ satisfaction for years.Kafupi even fired many for the same.Sampa should have specified what he meant by changing ;;;;;

  15. why the ministers always talks about previous Govt,can someone tell me,cant our new Govt just do the work so that we see where we are going please.

  16. You have to be in those workers shoes to understand what they go through everyday.It is not easy working with crowds.The health personnel actually deserve some kudos for the sacrifices they make.So ba Sampa the solution is to find more beds and more space and then the talk can be walked.Not ukulandafye yama “Easily said than done “.

  17. If they were not charging too much at your airport for my cargo i would hav brought bed next year when coming home.have a lot of linen here were you just throw because home we pay more than we pay we pay here.


    • No we are actually happy with the Pf government.It is just too early to pass judgement on this government.What we want is action and no words.

  19. # 29-We are actually happy with the Pf government.It is just too early to pass judgement on this government.What we want is action and no words.

  20. Sampa you are now telling us that you are unfit to be Lusaka province minister. First find out why patients are sleeping on chairs or cardboards. Am sure its either there are no beds or the staff reserve them for fee paying patients, a problem that you should sort out. Whether fee paying or not, a patient must have a bed surely. Don’t just run to the media to impress the appointing authourities that you visited uth. We expect more from you, this is no time for rethoric do the right thing thats why you have been appointed Lusaka minister is to sort out that which is wrong. We expect alot from the new government otherwise you will soon be fired for not listening from the nurses and doctors’ needs. This is PF era and we only want the best.

  21. #34 Kapoma spot on.
    How much does one hospital bed and mattress cost? Mr sampa can go solicit for funds instead.

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