matiya mboroma  AKA  jwiseman ,aged 32 , is an upcoming artist based in lusaka .He is currenlty working for zesco ltd under call centre department.

“I started my music career in 2004, when i first did my single  at sound check , i now own a studio called scorpion records based in lilanda west, i basically sing and produce  anything  from kalindula to ragga, raggaetone  , am currently working on  my first album tilted ‘wise people’ it will be a ten track album. my current promo song is called kuwama kwako featuring b1.its on air right now and the video is also out .”

Kapa187:What does the name Jwiseman mean and how did you come up with it.

Jwiseman: thanks , at first i was called scorpion then, people advised  me that it wasn’t a good name, so the  name jwiseman simply means people who are wise and joyful at the same time , i believe  people should be joyful but wise at the  same time

Kapa187: Have you always wanted a career in music ,what made you want to pursue it .

Jwiseman:not really the interest  started  when i reached 17 years  and i want to pursue  a career in music because i have the skill and talent  hence i  can contribute positively to  the music industry

Kapa187:What makes you different from other artists

Jwiseman: not much but i believe am unique because am the only jwiseman in this world

Kapa187:How has having your own studio helped your music career

Jwiseman: it has because i have more time to rehearse  and practice , that’s why am urging young upcoming artists to join me

Kapa187: You do music ranging from kalindula to ragga . What interests you about that style of music and who are some of the artists that you look up to ,both locally and internationally.

Jwiseman: i really look up to  b1, exile ,mark2, Danny and many Zambia artists , i believe the best talent is in Zambia its just that  our music has not be much  exposed

Kapa187: What can your fans expect from your album

Jwiseman: i believe its going to be a great album because am really working hard so that i  give them the best , its going to be a mature  album with something for everyone

Kapa187:Which artists have you worked with and which ones would you like to work with in the future.

Jwiseman: so far i have worked with b1,willy ginx and everfresh and am looking forward to work with pj, exile and the organized family  and many more

Kapa187: What has the best moment of your life and why .

Jwiseman: i think the day i knew who GOD was in my life , because when you know GOD  you are able to understand and direct your life  positively

Kapa187: What would you say to other younger upcoming artists.

Jwiseman :i would urge them to continue working hard, they should never loss hope, let them stay positive the future  belongs to them.

Kapa187: In 10 years i will be ….. 

Jwiseman: i want to be  the best musical/artist  producer in AFRICA  and own my on radio station

Kapa187: Any last words to your fans

Jwiseman: thanks for your support and continue supporting me because without your  support  jwiseman is nothing , i also promise them  more good staff coming from scorpion records ,our motto is together we can do more. I am currently looking for young upcoming artist  that i can work with and probably sign them at my studio,at scorpion records i believe  together we can do more.


By Kapa187

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