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Western Province endorses a breakaway from Zambia

Rural News Western Province endorses a breakaway from Zambia

Traditional leaders from Western and Southern Provinces following the proceedings of the Barotse National Council meeting in Limulunga Royal Village in Mongu today.

All the seven districts in Western province have endorsed a breakaway of the region from Zambia.

The districts have submitted their resolutions to the Barotse National Council demanding that Western Province breaks away citing alleged abrogation of the Barotse Agreement of 1964.

The districts that have submitted their resolutions are Mongu, Senanga Sesheke, Kaoma, Kalabo, Lukulu and shangombo.

The resolutions were presented at the on going Barotse National Council at st Lawrence parish limulunga royal village in Mongu.

Delegates from Sesheke have called for the UN’s intervention in their quest for Barotseland independence.

They have also called for the committee running the affairs of the region before first post independence polls are held.

And resolutions from Kalabo include calls for the resignation of members of parliament from Western province so that they help push for Barotse independence.


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  1. After the meeting you jump in your car and hide in Lusaka. Giving people false hope like the other guys. Breaking away is not as easy as that.

  2. Zambian Army has been asked to leave Western province. This is getting more interesting now. Ukwa is busy getting investors for Northern Rhodesia.

    • My friend, hand over your Zambian passport, hand over the land you own, your house and get work permits. Go to Barotse. We will sell power to you at premiums, we will sell mealie meal to you at premiums, we will add premiums to your water supply. Many Lozis actually want to be Zambians, usually leaders do not represent the views of the people. From what I see, Barotse is similar to Swaziland. We are tired of making news out of your stupidity. The next time the army will come to Barotse will be to import your citizens. However this will turn out, BRE’s nonsense will make Lozis second class citizens in Zambia.

  3. I’m just amazed at how Sata can go touring India when he has such an issue at home. Maybe these people were right when they said he told them to go and decide what they want and tell him if they want to separate.

  4. Where is the president? ‘HE IS RELAXING IN INDIA”… at a time when he is suppose to provide guidance and leadership to the country. By the time he comes back Western province will no longer be part is Zambian

  5. I think the Litunga Should not say anything until KK opens up and tells the Zambia pipo why we are now in the mess….
    Secondly if The Barotse Pipo have a good cause for their cry, let the go in peace, but please which map are u going to use?

    All the best in yo quest fellas….and please no life should be lost especially for the youths….

    • Helo Tiny, am afraid most of da youths wil be thirsty of holding weapons. Let them start the bush fire of which I think is gonna take ages to put out. WHY CAN’T WE GET EXAMPLES FROM THE ALREADY DIVIDED SOUTH AND NORTH SUDAN-only those that learn from others’ mistakes tend to acquire more knowledge than those who learn from their own mistakes.:-w

  6. I would love to know the method they used when selecting individuals to represent the districts who have endorsed the breakaway! is it people who are in support of the BRE or both parties? . because its sad to say that all districts have endorsed when even most people in these districts are not in support of the movement  and to say the least they don’t stand on their behalf. wake up people a Lazy man will always find someone to blame for his failures


    • When your hero was lying through his rotten teeth that he will restore the BRA and derogating Mwanawasa and Mazoka’s illnesses did you think it was a joke? You bastard!

  8. ****yyaaawwwwwn!!!**** these guys should just quickly say if they want jobs, the earlier the better, coz they are jockerz!


  10. @ Litunga,

    Don’t get your knickers in a knot. You are getting punch drunk with politics and excitement. This will all come to pass and it will remain One Zambia, One Nation

  11. Who cares? western province is a useless place thats why i ran away from that province. let them go and we will make sure they are no lozis in zambia. let them bunch together in that very sand and rot. Continue Mr. President in India.

  12. hahahaha I can only say Retards have really made my day,eish who they do think they are..? breakaway my foot…its not that easy and u know what,zambia is better off without these greedy chaps….really think about it guys….i will never lose sleep over this Barotse thing they can hang let work even harder so that I can make my zambia better….

  13. How do we evem allow such statements in Unitary State? Isnt this Treason? Where is this country’s leadership? Surround those guys and send them to Chimbwakaela and start court proceedings, find them guilt and then let them rot in Prison.

  14. For the last 50 years during campaigns we were hearing messages of DO NOT VOTE FOR THIS ONE OR THAT ONE, HE WILL BRING WAR!……… now Judge for yourself. It was never a gimmick after all.

  15. Ukwa, Ukwa, where art thou? You promised the westerners that you’d restore BA64! Time to pay up bwana; while you’re at it, pls share the Mongu COI report with us, just like you did with Zamtel & ZRA reports. I fail to understand how ba kateka can continue with his ‘holiday’ in India? Pls come back home Mr Cobby, the nation is in total chaos.

  16. Let us hope this matter will not lead us to the kind situation Nigeria was in during the Biafra era.

  17. The lozis are going nowhere. First they say the resolution will only be copied to government so HE should not respond to it. Secondly all those who want to secede are leaving in Lusaka. So to show how serious the are can they please start packing and trek back to sandy beachs of the Zambezi

  18. no wonder SATAN took away the power sources from southern province, ithezi thezi and chirundu will be listed in history books as the cause of the separation of southern and western province, let the tongas and lozis create our own country… tired of this rubbish

  19. # 18 Its Friday – I think you are the one getting drunk. Its Tuesday for heaven’s sake and you think its friday. The week has just started. I am hearing, seeing, feeling it. KI NAKO.

  20. Sata dont bother yourself with trivial issues… The BRA has committed treason… they need to be locked up for advocating for secession….

  21. Lekeni bamunyinane batampeko, baikalile….Western province has greedy people who do not look beyond themselves! They can use SAND to keep themselves alive economically! GREEDY PEOPLE ARE A PROBLEM. GO, PRESIDENT SATA PLEASE LET THESE GUYS GO GO GO WE ARE TIRED OF THEM…GO LOZIS GO LEAVE GO

  22. Techi kopala nabalozi tetchi! umuntu kulwa.. these barotse chaps should find another hobby and am sure this character called HH is somewhat involved..
    kopola swag patali mudala

  23. This breakaway will not work.Does it mean that all the Lozi people who are in government or working elsewhere should resign and go back to Barotseland?What about the children born from Lozi mothers or fathers with the other parent coming from other tribes?


  25. This is treason and an abrogation of our sovereignty, The problem of having a president that talks too much is the will utter nonsense that another fool will use as fodder. The UN has no jurisdiction here, Zambia shall remain intach; lets send prayers to our Lord and saviour Jesus that these greedy people are stopped now.

  26. I’m not surprised, some of our friends from western province don’t think straight …good luck dreamers lol

  27. The president does not need to panick on such nonsense.Let him concentrate on efforts that will develop Zambia.Do the Lozis realise that seperating will put them in real problems?All the buses that go to Mongu are owned by non-Lozis,they will need passports to go anywhere,there is no infrastructure.They have no army,no police,no nothing!The people who are pushing this are failures who think this is the only chance they have to get rich.I dont think MPs will accept to leave the confort in Lusaka and go and live in the middle of nowhere.Lets get real.

  28. I need to catch a flight from Kalabo International Airport for Abu Dabi.I gonna meet Shaik Abdalah Ahmed for the remainder of the payment for the previous supply of blue diamonds.I wonder how Northern Rhodesia is doing 6 decades after going separate ways with Barotseland.Could they still be stealing public resources among themselves?Anyways,none of my business.


  30. Sounds like another venture similar to More Money in your pocket:

    Basically go round villages and get some unemployed youths and villages who have no understanding and starved of the so called jobs and development, gather them in a tent, brain wash them that their suffering is a result of breaching of BA, then line their so called district reps and ask them to make some silly declaration that they want to separate from Zambia and run headlines with that .

    Do these people even understand the implications of what what they are calling for.

    Anyway, Western Province giving Sata his own medicine. Good luck

  31. I thought the BRA boundaries extend to North Western, Southern and parts of CB. So your endorsement is futile stupid Lozi

    • Only as “Fa” as the Litunga could point! This should make interesting boundaries of Barotse Land! In fact if they are not careful, they could be heading for the sands of Botswana!!!

  32. Just like the US kept the South, we shall Keep Western province. Lozis are not the only people in the west and for once i shall say this too, you shall never leave Zambia period. A looming economic crisis world over, the UN is busy trying to help avoid financial meltdowns.

  33. “And resolutions from Kalabo call for… the resignation of members of parliament from Western Province….”. Then all people from Western Province working in other parts of Zambia should resign and go and help with the “independence” of Barotseland. The Lozis should not be excited about this development which may lead to a civil war. Biafra thought that it could stand against the mighty of the Nigerian Army. Alas it was crushed. Western Province should not try to breakaway by force otherwise the consequences will be too ghastly to contemplate.

    • i 100% agree wen people die the ngambela will sober up and say u killed our people, ***** we are coming for your arse the ngambela.

  34. interesting times….if they want to go let them gbut they should leave us alone. We will reposess our passports and they should apply for work permits to work in Zambia failure to which they will be deported…and no begging for food, maize etc they must be prepared to import at the prices we give them….all this for what?


    • Like how the North in America crushed the southern states, the saw egypt, libya and Tunisia who are now regretting the noise the cause last year. Oh! ask libyans now how the are doing without Ghadaffis help and his resolute develop Libya plans?

    • @Turubme you are very right, but get bothered by pipo who want to talk bulls**t on such serious matters  when they dont even seem to know what time it is.

  36. @ 48 MMD chief Bootlicker, why did Zambia ever not vote for Miyanda. He wouldhave employed non corrupt and intellectual leaders. He keeps things simple, runs and orphanage ad has a beautiful wife. Your words are indeed on point, this mess has to be delt with now; hungry chiefs with no direction causing turmoil.

  37. Even someone who has not done PHILOSOPHY OF THE LANGUAGE would not accept the authenticity of the proposal for the following reasons
    1. the provinces cannot indorse the break away (Just say Mr./ Mrs,,,, representing somebody or personal interest), has indorsed…..
    2. INFLUENCE  coming from greedy, power hungry persons who are enjoying life outside western province, and you think the other provinces are better than western. 1 Zed 1 nation!!!

  38. This indeed is a true test of Zambias resolve and unitary might. SATA and Kaundas words and signature shall have to apply now, cause if the west was to break away; trust me the south would be next, why do you think Tonga chiefs are there, end this now; lets enjoy the Kuomboka and move on.

  39. i can’t believe the lozi want to become foreigners and possible illegals from barotseland in all parts of zambia…? Ok!..or is it just the usual story of a few greedy men and women trying to form a govt…hoping to enrich themselves on foreign aid because they are not good enough to compete in the main stream of zambian politics..? WHY NOW??..

  40. Their relatives in Caprivi Strip tried to breakaway from Namibia and the Namibian Army smashed them within a week. Muyongo, the leader of that attempted breakaway, fled to Europe. These are some of the lessons that the led in the Barotseland crusade should learn from other countries instead of following blindly.

  41. let the military go collect or gun down the ngambela and all so called the indas or indunas. i like the way kk treated them, let them make stupid decisions but zambia continues to be one nation. i like malema, get the gun and kill the boar so get a gun and kill the lozi, if they want independence let them go were they came from before they crossed our zambezi.

  42. Blue Blood above that is very true, according to the barotse agreement, western province is a part of Zambia and shall continue that way until the earth is cleansed by the fire of GOD. The Army, national service, police, Airforce were trained for such a time. To fight terrorists foreign and domestic. Intelligence services in Zambia do what you were trained and hired for with tax payers money. We are watching and expect this noise to return to a wisper as before; this noise has reached irritating mosque levels.

  43. So, if the issue is the seven districts, then please by all means give them. They have more to loose than other citizens. Afterall they never allowed other people to invest in Western Province. But they will have allot to loose to relocate their investment in the remaining Zambia. Good Luck.

  44. I wonder what ZNBC will report today, or what Guy will say, or what the Acting president will say.

    We need someone with balls to come resolve this!

  45. Give them western province and start the deportation of all the lozi people from zambia.
    the should all apply for work permits effective now.
    One Zambia One nation (deport a lozi)

  46. #39 Mwanawakwitu.
    There is no WHITE MAN behind this. Only ONE old CASTRATED tribalist who is insensitive, self-centered, myopic, stubborn, clueless and incompetent. Surrounded by a bunch of equally corrupt, clueless and incompetent YESSIRS and bootlickers who do not have any self dignity

  47. Such statements and actions brings blood shed. I hope the pipo of western province are ready to sacrifice their children.

  48. I see south sudan and North sudan in Zambia.These chiefs are opportunistics who want to undermine our unitarly soverienty we enjoy in Zambia,they are just selfish individuals who dont even represent the interests of the majority over BLA, Hence they just need to be ignored.Anyway if you dating a lozi and wana marry please think twice before you do it or else you will cry fool having selfish people around you as part of your family.

  49. I know why these guys are behaving like this my countrymen and ladies. Its because they are all Gays and they are scared!!!!! hahahahahahah. Seriously these punks need to be sorted out. Enough with the goody goody atittude towards them. If they want their sandy place, let them have it. They should realize that they have Mugabe and the other Angolan man to deal with, not just the King Cobra. and then the have Zambians and Bembas to deal. We will )&(^&$^#% them up!!!!

  50. Revoke their PhDs, fire them from Zambian companies and ask them to produce new passports, we are tired of this stupidity. And here I was accusing Tongas of being tribal when Lozis are the worst, they do not even easily intermarry!

  51. So all the citizenship is nullified and equally all the qualifications obtained under the pretense of being Zambian citizen should be disqualified. Could they also vacate our cities and make sure their bank accounts are frozen for money laundering since it has all been a lie. Wow…including marriages should nullified immediately!!! Do they even understand the implication of the stance they’re taking??? In this situation, there is a thine line between learned and stupidity/ignorant!!! 

  52. let Ukwa come back and address this problem he created..iyeee..the oil will never belog to Zambia and Uranium..Western province will be the richest now..!kolwestans mwapya..

  53. Am beginning to enjoy this. The fight right now is between Lozis and Bembas. No one is bigger than BRE. No more singing of the Zambian National anthem in Barotse. U can hate or love it but this is the biginning.

  54. was there a referendum when this happened? who was representing those districts and who said that they can speak for everyone. this issue must not be imposed on people by greedy power hungry and selfish pigs.   

  55. Yeah Yeah. Down with you all. I know there are some Good Lozis out there. But heh.. Mostly women i suppose. No more business for all those young ladies on the streets of Mongu(Moto moto, Oasis, Brixton). The loaded guys will no longer feature. You will be doomed!!!!

    Down with the BRE!!!!!!!

  56. People of Zambia lets learn from what has transpired in the other African states. Sudan for example would you say people are happier? hell no! this mentality the lozi are exhibiting is the same mentality that got Africa colonized and enslaved.
    if you have to fight for anything fight for better infrastructure, education and these should be for the whole Zambia.

  57. Time wasters they are! Sinyinda what ever they call U. Foolish man why didnt U advocate for the seccesion when u were a minister in RB’s Govt. So fya chinja shani? ONE ZED! ONE NATION uwakana ponona!

  58. What is in Western Province except sand. If they get oil maybe they will be a rich nation. Fish exports to Zambia and Angola wont sustain them. They will be the poorest nation on earth. My Lozi friend does not want to break away from Zambia. Please hear his voice. We understand underdevelopment, but this is in all of Zambia except Lusaka. We are all under developed. So what are you complaning about. Dont be used by people who just want to be President of Barotseland. KK one Zambia one Nation dream is gone. Bon Voyage kwahae.

  59. Malozi don’t start the revolution without your Tonga Brothers. Kolwestans have enslaved us for too long. Kolwestans have destroyed Zambia with their long fingers and corrupt ways. The Easterners have really been a shame. They are just following Kolwestans blindly. If we could have easterners unite with Tonga’s, North westerners and Lozi’s, we can Isolate these Kolwestans and push them back to Katanga Province were they come from. Masipa!!!

  60. The blame game is on. That is the freedom of assembly they wanted. PF has given them, and they just blow it up. Is that why Kaunda, Chiluba, Mwanawasa never allowed them to speak. Sata has given them a rope and now they are hanging themselves. Now I believe, Sata is smarter than many people think.

  61. Now Sata knows why politicking on serious issues is not wise. He released criminals and dissenters in the Mongu riots, whose cases where before the courts of law. That gesture gave impetus to this kind of behavior. Certain things must never be left to negotiations. I hope these people can be arrested and charged with rebellion and attempting to overthrow the government. They need to be quashed with the greatest force they have ever known. 

  62. Aba Lozi mulibapuba sana, just fighting for a Litunga who will never defend your interests but enjoy lyf as usual wit his family

  63. You Lozis go back to south africa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you ran away from Shaka, Shaka kale afwa so go back you *****s!

  64. Honestly how do the president take a private visit when there is break-away meeting being planned in western province. do the PF really reason well?

  65. Hahahahahahahahaha. I thought the Angola and Zambia Armies are in western province. Why are Bembas quite about this? Do they want the Lozis to leave Zambia?

    • Hahahaha, nice one. I think I will not refer to BRE as Lozis as they have not taken account of individual thoughts. But the BRE are stubborn and arrogant. Banda used force on them, Sata tried dialogue, but all they want is a breakaway. I heard that Fitch sad that a breakaway will improve economic statistics. Hahaha!

  66. You ka number 79 at Bricklayer, uli fontini fye..! Ine am a Lozi but i dont like what my stupid brothers are pushing for. Nifi kamushi fye, atase.. We cant even allow our “kolwestans” to build stores in Mongu. Look at where you have located the chain-store out of selfishness.., ku mpanga! Masipa yenu imwe fi opani.., ifyabupuba.

  67. Ine kulibe,we tod you that sum issues are sensitive but you went ahead to pronounce them…face the consquences and realities now…


  69. UKWA is mad. No normal person holding the prsidency can be out at this crucial moment. Anyway am sure he is still pleading with Kaseba not to leave him considering that he is now castrated.

  70. Let the Lozis go to hell with their maligned thought of succession. What is so special about a break away. The undercover thought is all about power hungry rogues lozi elites.

  71. Westerners and Southerners are proud of their homelands,no wonder they come out like that, but for kolwesterners, not proud of their homeland.

  72. The Barotse people were now saying ‘here we stand, we can do no other’.

    “Things will never be the same again after this watershed BNC. We have been insulted enough, ridiculed enough, teased enough, mocked enough, sidelined enough, victimised enough, neglected enough, tossed back and forth enough, subjugated enough, segregated enough, mistreated enough, and we must put an end to it,”

  73. This is good opportunity to put the BRA in the dustbin once and for ever. Lozis are very myopic. How power angry can one be such that this stupid litunga wants to be a president of a province,,… Mwana litunga u re a king of big boat… thats why will NEVER HAVE a LOZI president coz Lozis are full of shiit…..

  74. So where are the soldiers who were deployed there? I guess PF has been donchi kubebad, in anticipation of riots they sent in large contingents of police and soldiers. Only to find that these armed forces are useless against a peaceful challenge to authority. I mean which soldier will carry out a command to shoot a peaceful brother? Hey boss come back home, your comrades are at a loss as to how to handle this, your political charm may come in handy at this critical time.

  75. Iwe comrade donchi, don’t you know that the boss took a ten day private visit to the hospital in India just to avoid this, to blame somebody for mishandling it when he gets back home?

  76. R.u.bb.ish, and this is treason. MC is just giving them enough rope to hang themselves. Lozis should know that they are dealing with very smart politician, the only class room he has attended is “Life of being a politician”, so they need to be very carefull. Personally am disappointed, I was expecting their resolution to demand for education, health, road and other development, not these nonsense.  

  77. Sata is a real democrat,the only president to allow people speak their minds and expose their greed,foolishness and pettiness.A look at the profile of those in the forefront of this will tell you that they are all social failures with a huge inferiority complex who have failed to live like good neighbours.What drives them is ethnic and tribal prejudice,they are all victims of their own hatred.Leave Zambia alone if you have failed to stand up and be counted.

  78. Let them gone.Who do they think they are. Everyday we are talking about baroseland. We need to talk about other developmental issues not everyday Lozis.Give those fools what they want.After one year they will be regretting. Look at Swaziland.

  79. We will not allow any Lozi person working in our new country all of you MUST GO TO BAROTSELAND AND WE SHALL BE TOUGH ON YOU NOW. If you are a Lozi in any Government start packing your bags. We will mistreat you in places of work even at the markets we will tell our call boys to harass you with you leaders.

  80. hahaha i thought lozis have a bit of brains, they have proved to be the dullest of all tribes in Zambia, anyway give them their  sand western province, nothing more, copper belt, north-western and southern were part of northern Rhodesia they now belong to zambia.

  81. Read the barotse agreement everyone. It says one Zambia one nation; anyone calling for anything else is tipping towards treason.

  82. Why are you people rushing to talk about blood, war, violence and fighting? In a democratic era, there is no need for violence, only dialogue must be promoted.

    If the 7 districts of Western Zambia have decided to separate, let them now present their quest to the Zambian Government and Parliament, and thereafter register themselves to the United Nations for recognition as a sovereign state.

    This might create more jobs for Zambians after subjects of Barotseland have repatriated to the to be born/reborn country.

    Note also that there was no need for President Sata to be in Zambia while this convention was going on, to do what? Northern Island has discussed their issues both when the PM was in London, and when he was away. 

  83. My only concern is that some overzealous and ill-informed Zambians might not allow Lozis who want to remain Zambian citizens to stay in the Republic.

  84. it time to pray not to comment as is a joke this bloodshed on the way. soon lozi will start killing non lozi from Western province. as according to law the action is treasonable so my brother and sisters pray for mother zambia.

  85. I think greediness is playing a major role here. What is going to happen to all the Lozis scattered throughout Zambia? Are we going to pack them back to Western province and revoke all their Zambian rights? The People who are busy advocating and supporting this nonsense are living in Lusaka or CB and the Villagers are just following them without considering the repercussions if Western province was to secede from the rest of Zambia. The lozis are not the only tribe in western province and the agreement says nothing about formation of another country.   

  86. the time for dividing africa ended a long time its now history! so loziz work up and work hard to develop the country not to be self-centered you selfish pipo its one zambia one nation..:”>:”>

    • Not really, we just witnesses the division of Sudan, even though it was very ugly because of the affront by the North.

      Zambia can shine again by doing this in a civil way, with peace.

  87. I hope the so called ‘Ukwa’ will be decisive, and end this threat once and for all. Even if it means a civil war ….

    • Why should there be a civil? Why should people be so proud to fight people who have rensolved peacefully and have even called for peace. Does it make sense? Leave us alone. You failed to solve this problem for over 40 years. We have just reverted to our former status. Lozis who live in zambia at the moment AND carry zed nrc are free to remain so if they want.. You people are witches. Maloi. Why do you want to ree war on unarmed people. The bnc was held in peace. Now violent zambins are the ones whoq want to cause problems.
      Ha mina batu. Haiba musali kapa muna ukuhanile, yobata yomunwi. King kuluhanelea cwanadecla

  88. If I was the President, I would call for a referendum of people in the whole province,and am sure this would flop

  89. maybe a zambia without western province will be more managable……i wonder what they are going to call their “country”. So they will need a visa to come to Lusaka? hum! lol!

  90. In 1991 during MMD campaigns, he lied that Kaunda was “ready to run away and that they was a white plane docked at the old airport to take him away” we believed him and enmasse voted MMD! HE PEDDLES NOTHING BUT LIES.He lied to Lozis that he will restore BA64 made RB LOOK HE WAS A BAD man. he exploited them using the people who were killed during the riot.People believed him…sad.how manipulative this man can be.Now he has created a monster.but i still trust him.Zambians should not even worry. he will spiral out of it.he will sweet talk everyone.Donchi ukubeba….

  91. Zambia has no future. There is so much crime and institutional theft in Zambia. I very much understand the frustrations of the lozis.


    • LOL, So you think all the educated Lozi’s living in places like Lusaka will go back to the village and work in that 15th century palace?. Those elders in Lozi Land are delusional.

    • iwe shut up you are a hopless tribe full or retards. thats why no onme likes you. you can break away for all i care. in my opinion good riddence to good rubbish if you ask me!

  93. for this i am joining the army, and will come to western province with guns and real bullets for fire training

  94. This is a joke..how do u call for separation when other tirbes share same same region..where do they expect the Luvales, Nkoyas and Chokwe to go? This puts all Lozi’s in other regions at risk of being linched if nonsense goes unattended to.

  95. When mmd arrested the activists, you complained. What do u people want kanshi? For those who are saying they should break away, do u know how big barotse land is and what will happen to those that are lozis and half lozis based in Northen Rhodesia? To hell with Barotse agreement! The people are being used by selfish people that want to make a fortune out of all this.

  96. let me pipo does the BRE say that the lozi sholud breakup after years or what?i dont really get it i thought they agreed to come together and form one zambia one nation so nichani chayipa mbuya naimwe.once you separate dont come to chongwe all the lozis in so called sambia should live let go and live kuka western kao osabwelako kulusaka.you selfish pipo.

  97. There is no wisdom in what the Loxis are doing very foolish people God will not allow this wicked thing to happen wd are on our praying watch out the evil.We have laws in Zambia and the police should not wait for instructions.Move and arrest the trouble makers.Not all Westernerd are in support if this nonsense.

  98. We as Zambians have also resolved that a lozi should apply for a visa to enter Zambia. All lozi’z should return to their sand province and those in Zambia and currently working should lose their job until they apply and get a work permit. Zambia shall not export any food, goods and services to the lozi nation. I am sick and tired of these lozi *****s, let them go and rott in their sand. Zambia is for Zambians, only Zambians shall live in Zambia and if your tribe does not want to be part of it, you better pack ALL your people out of Zambia. The tribe of western province should start also resolve on relocating all their tribes men and women living in Zambia to their tribe province. One Zambia, One Nation.

  99. This is how civil wars and genocides start, one selfish tribe wanting to break away because they think they are better than anyone else or deserve more. All the lozi that will remain in Zambia will be mistreated and hated. I am starting to hate them already. blood will be shed whether the like it or not. people really need an education mostly the ones in western province. this is 2012 for the devils sake and not 1600. Even the queen of England does not have power over this matter, neither does the UN. This is Western Province against Zambia. Some is gonna get hurt.

  100. Sata created this messy he should have been honest to zambians during campaigns,barotse agreement,chase the chinese,windfall tax,more money in the pockets(better salaries 4% increment),fight corruption(single sourcing state house renovations and his son buying cars worth 2 billion within 2 weeks of being president),appointing of cadres to senior civil servants jobs,vendors allowed to put more dirty in the city,un lawlesness and lies

  101. Let them go to Barotse and start applying for work permits in order to come back and work in Zambia. After they apply for permits don’t give them. Simple.

  102. I dont see why govt cant arrest these guys quickly and try them for treason. Im planning to buy large tracts of land in western province and explore for oil and diamonds, these tribespeople have to get out and move to namibia or something. There is going to be bloodshed and violence if these guys are not stoppped. And dont make mistake of thinking they will be satisfied with just western province, its an evil expansionist ideology, they wont rest till the whole of zambia is under their rule and all of you are second class citizens to lozi. So this is not time for jokes, be strong, prepare yourselves.

  103. “Western Province breaks away citing alleged abrogation of the Barotse Agreement of 1964”
    Question: How can one abrogate a non-existant BA64. I thought the Zambian people had a referendum to do away this this crap. Way back in the 70s and this is when the Lozi’s realise what the referendum was all about. It will take another 30 years for them to realise that the so called Barotseland is actually only Mongu and that the other lands were just claimed but not possessed.

  104. All in all this freak circus will be interesting to watch, I think they chose the wrong president under which to attempt this nonsense. Im NEVER going to accept my relatives back home be some second class citizens under lozi rule, weather it means joining army or financing one to fight these troublemakers. Ngati mufuna Nkhondo mukambe chabe, youll get one you just wont believe.

  105. Simple questions: Who stopped a Lozi person from standing for presidency in Zambia? Is there anywhere in the constitution of Zambia where it states that Lozi’s cannot be president of Zambia? If they fail to produce a presidential material and cannot compete at a national level, whose fault is it? Zambia has so far been rulled by a Malawan (KK), Congolese (FTJ), minority tribe Lenje (Levy), Chewa/Ngoni (RB), and now minority tribe Bisa (MCS). If the Lozi’s want to rule the nation, no one is stopping them. First they need to put their trible jacket off, show some charisma of fore front leadership and not their customary background force nonsense they usually portray.

  106. Teach them a lesson: Cut electricity and power supply. They do not have hydro power stations. Cut the supply of fuel from Indeni. Cut all social services and deploy the military around the boarders of WP. Let the BRE supply goods and services for a month. Let the BRE pay salaries for all employees in WP for a month. Let every Government ministry (except the ministry of health) withdraw its support for a month just to see how the so called BNC will provide for the people. Cut all telecommunication services. Introduce pass or permits for all Lozi’s in the country. Let the ordinary people have a say on their future prospects that a bunch of few selfish people dictating the circumstances just because they want to be appointed Ministers (title crazy) in the so called Barotse Government.

    • Gentleman, you are spot on. Am sure Lozis have now to decide whether individually, they wanna be Zambians or Barotseans! We need to sell them power at premiums, we need to make an example of them. We will grab all land they acquired whilst in Zambia. Am sure only the villagers will agree to this nonsense!

  107. Let western province go yabah poverty levels will go down in zambia probably make zambia a second world country since western province is the least developed province in the country

  108. Hey there I am so thrilled I found your website, I really found you by error, while I was looking on Yahoo for something else, Anyhow I am here now and would just like to say thanks for a incredible post and a all round thrilling blog (I also love the theme/design), I don’t have time to browse it all at the moment but I have saved it and also added your RSS feeds, so when I have time I will be back to read a great deal more, Please do keep up the superb work.

  109. so we should now make a pipe to drain water from kalene hills and pour it in luangwa river. lets see how the kuomboka will take place

  110. Comedy. Please gents, bring over our Zambian passports, give us back land and houses you own in Zambia, leave Zambian companies unless you have a work permit. Hahaha, that’s right, this is gonna be harder for you than you thought. And all along we were accusing HH and Tongas of being tribalist, now you’ve seen who the real tribalists are. But it is good to mention that the people of western province may not share their leaders’ views.

  111. Please, teach these short sighted people a lesson. If you support BRE, please start off and leave our country, bring back our passports, get work permits, hand over land acquired in Zambia since we are handing your land back free of charge, leave Zambian companies since you have no permits, I know very few will do that, they wanna be Zambian. From hence fourth, western province leaders will lose the respect they enjoyed. I have to praise Sata, he asked for dialogue but it is clear from the start that you wanted your way or the highway. Stupid!

  112. Barotse Anthem- Anthem for homosexuals, go and want the Litunga till he jerks off! Yes, tell him The Character Assassin told him that the next time we deport you to Barotse. Stupid! If you wanna argue with me come- That’s why am here, I am here to assassinate stupid characters!

  113. I pity Charles Milupi, there will be no elections in Barotse. What the BRE has done now is that they will make Lozis second class citizens from hence forth.

  114. Someone is responsible for this mess.Sata,Mmembe,Fatherless Bwalya,Catholic Church,NGOs,and all those who pushed for Sata’s ascention without paying attention to “propagandist” Chanda Chimba III(Apparently the Heroe) ‘s concerns

  115. Devil is doin wat he knows best….Confusion!ths is jst the bigning of worst thngs to com.pray without cease.one zambia one nation in jesus’ name.

  116. Letting them free from Zambia is not that easy. But otherwise it would be interesting to see how it goes when they are set free. Its like a child that wants to leave the fathers house. Let them loose to see for themselves.

  117. People don’t be fooled Western Province can survive on its own…..there is diamonds huge quantity and gas discovered, and they have the Zambezi river and are not far from the ocean(Angola), natural game reserves, so they can develop WP…. having said that personally the real tension is what everyone is not seeing…..TRIBALISM…bloggers you have been also contributed on the issue of the TONGAs, LOZIs versus BEMBAs, its something we even talk about in bars, its there… fight for unity for “One Zambia One nation” this I believe will go away…God help us…”small drops of water makes an ocean’

Comments are closed.

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