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Abandoned Mazabuka boy still unidentified, public asked to help trace relatives

General News Abandoned Mazabuka boy still unidentified, public asked to help trace relatives

A Teenager who was abandoned in the bush and tied to a tree in Mazabuka on Wednesday by suspected relatives
A Teenager who was abandoned in the bush and tied to a tree in Mazabuka by suspected relatives

A TEENAGER in Mazabuka who was last week found abandoned in the bush where he was tied to a tree, has not been identified and is currently in the care of district Social Welfare Department.

The 14 years-old boy, who was mentally ill, was alleged to have been taken into the bush by suspected relatives on Wednesday morning and tied him to a tree along Magoye stream in Tandabale area.

He was discovered in the bush by a passerby, Holy Kalonga around 11:00 hours with his both hands tied with a blue piece of Chitenge material and left him for dead.

In an interview yesterday, District Commissioner Eugene Munyama said the boy, who was unable to speak due to his condition, was being looked after by Social Welfare Department.

“We have not yet traced his relatives, this boy is still currently being looked after by our district social welfare department while we continue to look for the relatives,” he said.

Mr Munyama said that efforts by the Social Welfare Department to interview the boy had proved futile because of his alleged mental status.

He, however, said police in collaboration with Social Welfare Department officers were still in search of the teenager’s relatives particularly in Magoye area where the incident occurred.

He appealed to members of the public with information pertaining to the boy to help police in tracing his relatives.

Efforts to get a comment from Southern Province Police chief Mary Chikwanda, proved futile by press time.

Meanwhile, a choma villager has allegedly beaten his 10-year-old son to death and dumped his body in a nearby dam.

Morrison Lubemba, of Sibululi Village in Chief Mapanza’s area, allegedly beat his son, Moses, to death in an attempt to discipline the boy.

Lubemba beat his son at home and witnesses claimed he died there before the father dumped the body in the dam to cover up his actions.

Southern Province Police Commissioner, Mary Chikwanda said the incident happened on Sunday.

A relative, Febian Simambo, reported the matter to police and Lubemba was swiftly apprehended.

Ms Chikwanda said the body was retrieved from the dam and was taken to Macha Mission Hospital in Mapanza, awaiting post-mortem and burial.

In a related incident, police in Kalomo have retrieved the body of a 49-year-old man identified as Steve Matongo, who was found floating in the Kalomo stream.

Ms Chikwanda said Mr Matongo, a resident of of Mawaya Township, was discovered floating in the stream around 10:00 hours on Monday.

She said the body was taken to Kalomo General Hospital mortuary andpolice did not suspect any foul play.


    • This child is just playing to get sympathy.
      He looks like he is smiling inside.

      He knows where his parents are. Maybe torture him so that he reveals ?

      I think he is playing a game.


    • Mushota

      For you everything is a game…you probably jerk off on hunting others. As much as l know you always seek attention in your comments; your behavior will hurt you-you have no idea how the subcon works!

    • “…Eugene Munyama said the boy, who was unable to speak due to his condition, was being looked after by Social Welfare Department…” How did you know his age since he couldn’t speak and there are no relatives to say on his behalf? Please stop this nonsense NOW. You wasted my time reading an unverified story!

    • @Mushota: Get serious, there are things to Joke about than being so Naive. You should be ashamed of yourself to write such nonsense. Even if you are an attention seeker that’s not the way to go. Keep your Irish Rubbish, We will sympathize for our people.

    • @Prince and the Prince

      Stop mistaking me for someone who cares.

      I speak nothing but the truth , I don’t need you to agree with me, just ignore me
      if you don’t agree or like me.

      Do not think I take advice on what to say and not what to stay, you don’t need me and i I don’t need you. Ignore me honey.

      By the way my comment on this child still stands, he is gone dumb all of a sudden but he was able to say his age?

      He is playing a game, he has all of you fooled, not me. I am smart and seeing through him.


    • Comments are not about agreeing in one direction.

      Mushota although a pain at times is entitled to her comments or else it becomes boring and predictable

    • Poverty in Zambia and on earth.
      Sata should chess his MPs and ministers from Lusaka to go to rural areas and visit such poor people like that boy.

  1. I have tears in my eyes, how can humanity treat its own like this? Even animals don’t do this. You don’t abandon a nice and innocent boy like this just because of mental illness. What has happened to our cummunities? What happened to the expression It takes a Village to raise a child. Surely somebody in the village somehwere should know this boy.

  2. I cant imagine someone with five senses and someone who fears GOD could do such a thing to his or her son, surely someone in this village should know this child sure. am so much attached, Please GOD have show your everlasting mercy to the innocent child.

  3. Father may you heal this Boy in the mighty name of Jesus,I declare healing now so that the Best tht you have planted in him can be seen by those who have neglected him.

    • In the Name of Jesus Christ I rebuke the spirit of insanity in that young boy to leave him. I command breaking of the chains of Satan that demonizes him in Jesus Christ Name. I also pray for whoever parents/Relatives to the boy to be touched by the Power and influence of the Holy Spirit to have their hearts changed and be able to embrace the boy and return him to their care.

  4. Mushito please they are times to joke and times to focus, your mouth will curse you a humanbeing without compassion for you alone all I say God bless you.

  5. Ba LT, Please note for your own credibility as an online publication. Comments on blogs that mock vulnerable people without just cause, such as this physically and mentally disabled boy, must be deleted and if the sender persists, simply remove him altogether. This guy by the persona of MUSHOTA, who I know has many other pseudo names on LT, is degrading all your well intended efforts.

  6. What sad reading indeed.No one chooses to fall sick or be born in a certain family.Surely the power of the extended family should have helped if at all the family was overwhelmed.

    I think we should focus on what the boy needs to live rather than looking for parents at this stage. Access to proper medical care that will deal with the possible reason for which he was abandoned.Thank God he was found alive and is in the hands of capable people. The boy belongs to a bigger family and that family is Zambia. We call upon the social welfare to ensure the boy has access to proper medical care first.

  7. Where is Billionare HH to spend some of his wealth to take care of this poor boy??? He adopted one baby in Zambezi during campaign for bye-elections and i am informed he has never sent anything for the baby after his guy lost that election.

  8. @ Chintumfwa, who told you that everybody in Southern province is a Tonga. You can travel to all Southern province towns and if you find street kids ask their names and you will know that your tribe is leading in abandoning their offspring!

  9. @8.1 Wanzelu, you reckon I am offside? Tell me, which company worth its salt would find it enriching to advertise their business on a blog that encourages mocking physically and mentally disabled children purely for the fun of it? Catch my drift? Or are you not aware that, done right, ‘free’ online publications’ like LT get their revenues from advertisements sponsored by companies? ‘Wanzelu’ is supposed to mean ‘person with wisdon’. Now I am beginning to have serious doubts about your level of wisdom and comprehension how it works. If you advertise on a site that attracts trash, you will get trash revenue. Period. Ati am I new? New to what? Mocking a vulnerable child?

  10. But, should social services and the police not take him for psychiatric evaluation in the mean time? He is now under their care at least until the said parents or relatives are found. I would recommend sending him for psychiatric treatment and then sending him to an orphanage to learn some skills if he recovers. This way, whether the relatives are found or not, society gives the boy a chance at a new start.

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